Subway Cookie Flavors + Other Common FAQs

While Subway is traditionally known for its namesake, the submarine sandwich, the fresh, fast food retailer, also offers a range of other menu items. One of the most popular Subway items is the cookies, which make a great dessert.

Fans of Subway may be wondering what cookie flavors Subway has, if Subway has new cookie flavors, and if cookie flavors at Subway are seasonal. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve found out about Subway cookie flavors!

Subway Cookie Flavors

Subway sells a range of cookie flavors in its stores, including chocolate chunks, white macadamia, and rainbow candy chips. Also, Subway sells its cookies, supplied by Otis Spunkmeyer, individually or in packs. Subway regularly introduces new flavors of cookies seasonally and occasionally offers free cookies on certain days.

For more information about Subway cookie flavors, which flavor is the best, and where Subway gets its cookies from, just keep reading!

What Cookie Flavors Does Subway Have?

Subway offers a range of cookie flavors. That said, each Subway franchise can select the cookie flavors it would like to offer in stores, meaning there’s variety between locations.

For example, some of Subway’s cookie flavors include:

  • Double chocolate chip
  • Chocolate chip
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Rainbow gem
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • Sugar
  • Peanut butter

Moreover, Subway regularly introduces new flavors of cookies throughout the year, including seasonal events such as Christmas.

Does Subway Have a New Cookie?

Subway regularly introduces new cookies to its menu.

For example, one of the latest cookies introduced to Subway is the Caramel Brownie cookie, introduced in December 2020.

That said, the Caramel Brownie cookie at Subway is made using brownie-flavored dough and contains chocolate and caramel chunks, with a drizzle of caramel icing on top.

Also, Subway will often announce when it’s introducing new cookies to ensure customers do not miss out on the chance to try them.

How Much Are Cookies at Subway?

How Much Are Cookies At Subway?

At Subway, you can buy cookies individually or as a pack. Regardless of the type, cookies at Subway are the same price.

On average, the price of an individual Subway cookie is around $0.59. For a pack of 12 Subway cookies, the price is approximately $6.

As Subway is a franchise, the prices of cookies may vary from location to location.

What Is the Best Subway Cookie?

Online customers highly regard Subway cookies.

For example, Sweetyhigh named the three best Subway cookie flavors: double chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie, and rainbow gem cookie.

However, the most popular cookie in the United States is the chocolate chip cookie, and Subway offers several varieties of this flavor, including vegan options.

Does Subway Give Away Free Cookies?

Yes, Subway will give away free cookies on certain days or during promotions for either a special cookie flavor or a cookie flavor of your choice.

However, be aware that free cookie days at Subway may vary from franchise to franchise.

Can You Get a Free Cookie From Subway On Your Birthday?

If you are a member of the Subway Loyalty Program, you can receive a free cookie on your birthday at participating Subway locations.

To receive a free cookie from Subway on your birthday, sign up for the Loyalty Program, and your rewards will be loaded directly onto your account.

When it is your birthday, Subway will give you a free cookie reward, which is valid for two weeks.

With that, you can redeem your birthday gift of a free cookie when ordering at Subway.

However, you can only claim your free cookie from Subway on your birthday while dining in and at select Subway locations participating in the offer.

So, contact your local Subway to inquire if it’s participating in the Subway Loyalty Program.

Where Does Subway Get Its Cookies?

Subway cookies are sourced from Otis Spunkmeyer, who has been the sole supplier for several years.

Also, Otis Spunkmeyer supplies cookies for other businesses, such as Burger King.

Does Subway Do Seasonal Cookies?

As well as introducing new cookie flavors, Subway will also introduce seasonal and limited-edition cookie flavors to entice customers.

As well as the Caramel Brownie Cookie offered at Subway, the fast-food restaurant has previously introduced a limited-edition Mint Chocolate Chip cookie.

In the past, Subway has released Reese’s Pieces flavor cookie, which was available within participating franchises.

Finally, Subway has introduced Christmas-flavored cookies, including Mince Pie and Chocolate Orange.  

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