Who Makes Subway Cookies? (+ Other Common FAQs)

While many people equate Subway with sub sandwiches, it’s hard to deny that Subway’s cookies are also very popular. With a variety of delicious varieties to choose from, they’re hard to resist.

So, you may be wondering, where does Subway get its delicious cookies? I’ve been curious about the same thing, so here’s all I discovered about Subway’s cookies!

Who Makes Subway Cookies?

The cookies at Subway are supplied by Otis Spunkmeyer. Otis Spunkmeyer has supplied Subway’s cookies for several years, and they’re one of the most popular menu items. The cookies arrive at Subway restaurants as frozen dough, which the workers then bake. Although technically, they’re not homemade cookies, Subway employees bake them each day, so they’re fresh.

For more interesting facts about Subway’s cookies, like if you can buy the same cookies that Subway sells at other stores, keep reading!

What Is the Story Behind Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies?

The founder of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies is Ken Rawlings, who opened his first store in the mid-1970s.

Over the decades, he and his company have rapidly expanded throughout the US and internationally.

Moreover, Subway began selling Otis Spunkmeyer cookies many years ago and has never looked back.

Can You Buy Subway Cookies Frozen?

Subway itself does not sell its premade Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough directly from store locations.

So, while it’s not possible to purchase frozen cookie dough directly at Subway, it’s possible to buy Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough in retail stores and on the Otis Spunkmeyer website.

Furthermore, Kroger is one grocery store that carries Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough.

Additionally, Kroger appears to carry the cookie dough in bulk which might be helpful for special events like bake sales.

Moreover, the cookie flavors listed on the Otis Spunkmeyer website include:

  • Chocolate chunk cookies
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Double chocolate cookies

What Is Subway’s Most Popular Cookie?

The answer to this question varies depending on who you consult.

For example, many people prefer the double chocolate cookie, while others claim the best white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.

Still, other people crave Subway’s chocolate chip, raspberry cheesecake, or oatmeal raisin cookies.

Essentially, all flavors are good, and it’s difficult to know precisely which type of cookie is the most popular.

One writer claimed that the double chocolate cookie is the most popular, but Subway’s cookie sales were difficult to obtain.

However, with its over-the-top chocolate flavor and white chocolate chips, the double chocolate chip cookie could likely be the most popular cookie for many stores.

How Does Subway Keep Its Cookies Soft?

How Does Subway Keep Its Cookies Soft?

Subway (and Otis Spunkmeyer) is known for its gooey, soft cookies.

That said, Subway can keep the cookies soft because of a few factors, including the right combination of ingredients and the baking and cooling time.

Also, cornstarch is an ingredient found in the cookie dough, and it contributes to the softness of cookies.

In addition, slightly under-baking Subway cookies may help give them that signature soft, gooey, yet perfectly chewy texture.

What Kind Of Cookies Does Subway Have Right Now?

The types of available cookies at Subway are difficult to pinpoint as they can vary depending on the season. For instance, in the Fall, special flavors may be available such as caramel apple.

However, the cookies typically available at Subway include:

  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chunk
  • Double Chocolate
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Also, it’s worth noting that these flavors may change depending on location and other factors.

For example, the cookie flavors available in the UK may be slightly different than the varieties in the US.

So, if you’re curious whether your local Subway carries a particular variety, you can always contact the store directly.

Also, even if the Subway you call does carry a particular type of cookie, the time of day may affect availability.

What Are the Seasonal Cookie Flavors at Subway?

While certain cookie varieties are available yearlong, other flavors of cookies are still only available during specific seasons of the year.

For example, some of the cookies Subway sells in Spring include the carrot cake cookie.

As the name sounds, carrot cake cookies are inspired by carrot cake filled with the same spices and raisins and finished with cream cheese icing.

For Summer, Subway sometimes offers a s’mores cookie, which embodies the spirit of camping and bonfires with friends.

That said, s’mores cookies are basically chocolate chip cookies with marshmallows added.

As for Fall, as previously mentioned, Subway has a seasonal caramel apple cookie. With that, this cookie features granny smith apple chunks in buttery cookie dough drizzled with caramel.

Last but not least, in the Winter/Holiday season, Subway has offered cookies like dark chocolate cherry, chocolate mint, and gingerbread cookies.

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