T-Mobile ESPN (How It Works + Other Common FAQs)

Do you have T-Mobile or are thinking of switching to T-Mobile and have questions about perks, such as T-Mobile ESPN? Do you want to know whether there is a T-Mobile ESPN offer?

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T-Mobile ESPN In [currentyear]

T-Mobile offers ESPN as part of its Binge On program, allowing you to watch and stream three times the movies and videos for the same amount of data in [currentyear]. You can watch ESPN on your smartphone, tablet, or another device as long as you’re connected to the T-Mobile network and have Binge On enabled.

Do you want to know more about T-Mobile ESPN, such as what plans qualify for this offer? If so, don’t stop reading, as we have even more to share with you below!

Is ESPN Free With T-Mobile?

ESPN is included in the T-Mobile Binge On program app list, which means you can watch ESPN from your mobile device and get three times the video streaming on the same amount of data.

Additionally, watching ESPN through Binge On is unlimited if you have a plan with higher than three GB of data! 

Does T-Mobile Offer Other ESPN Channels?

As part of Binge On, you will have access to the regular ESPN channel but not any additional content offered by ESPN, such as ESPN College Extra.

Who Is Eligible For T-Mobile ESPN?

To watch ESPN on T-Mobile through the Binge On program, you need to be on a Simple Choice plan with more than three GB of data.

What Streaming Services Are Free With T-Mobile?

What Streaming Services Are Free With T-Mobile?

While T-Mobile only offers ESPN as part of Binge On, there are several streaming services that T-Mobile offers customers depending on which plan you have, including the following:


T-Mobile customers with a Magenta or Magenta Max plan can get a Netflix subscription for free, such as Netflix Basic, if you’re on a Magenta plan.

Further, customers on Magenta Max will have a Netflix standard account if they have more than two lines, but Max customers with one line only will have a Netflix Basic subscription.

However, this Netflix offer is valid for any Magenta or Max plans, including First Responder, Military, and 55+.

Apple TV+

If you have Magenta or Magenta Max, you can get Apple TV+ free for one year with T-Mobile, including those on the First Responder, Military, and 55+ Magenta and Max plans!


If you have a postpaid smartphone plan and T-Mobile home Internet, you can get a free year of Paramount+, although this offer is only for a limited time.

Is Hulu Free For T-Mobile?

Hulu is not part of any T-Mobile offer, so you cannot enjoy Hulu for free regardless of what plan you’re on, and T-Mobile discontinued the Hulu offer for Sprint customers.

How Else Can I Watch T-Mobile ESPN?

T-Mobile offers a deal where you can save $10 and get YouTube TV for only $54.99 per month for a year if you have both wireless and home Internet service.

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T-Mobile doesn’t offer a special deal on ESPN, but ESPN is one of the included channels if you have T-Mobile Binge On, which allows you to stream three times the content for the same data.

In addition, T-Mobile offers a promotion where you can get a year of YouTube TV for only $54.99 per month, including ESPN.

However, T-Mobile offers customers free streaming services on certain plans, including Paramount+, Apple TV+, and Netflix.

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