T-Mobile Insurance Claim (How To Make a Claim + Other Common FAQs)

One of the many services and products offered to T-Mobile customers is insurance, but do you know how to make a T-Mobile insurance claim?

Well, we have been looking into this topic and have found how to make a claim for T-Mobile insurance, so keep reading below to learn about the process!

T-Mobile Insurance Claim In 2024

If you have Protection 360, it’s easy to make a T-Mobile insurance claim which Assurant handles by visiting mytmoclaim.com and beginning the process or by calling 1-866-866-6285 in 2024. Additionally, even if you don’t have Protection 360, you can still take your eligible device to a T-Mobile Device Service location to get repaired quickly.

Are you looking for more information about the T-Mobile insurance claim process or want to know whether you’ll have a deductible? If so, keep reading to learn all about the claims process!

How Do I File A T-Mobile Insurance Claim?

You can file a T-Mobile insurance claim if you’re the primary account holder easily by logging in to your T-Mobile account and following the steps below:

  • Select “Phone”
  • Choose which number and name you want to file a claim for if more than one phone is on your account
  • Select the option that fits your insurance claim, such as “File a claim” or “Report lost or stolen,” or select “File damage claim”
  • A window will show you the next steps to make
  • Confirm the choices you’ve made, and the website will redirect you to the Assurant claims website
  • Confirm the number is associated with the device you’re making a claim for
  • The Assurant website will guide you through the process of filing the claim

Also, before you begin the insurance claim process, you’re going to want to have specific information ready before you begin, such as:

  • The mobile phone number for the phone you’re making a claim for
  • Make and model of the phone
  • Information such as when you last used the device and the date that the incident happened you’re filing a claim for
  • Proof of ownership of the device may be required, or you may need to provide a government-issued ID
  • A police report number is required if you’re reporting the device as stolen

How Long Does It Take For A Claim To Process With T-Mobile?

A T-Mobile insurance claim can take anywhere from a few seconds to be processed, or it could take a week or longer to process since multiple factors can alter the timing.

For example, certain claims may take an additional couple of days for verification, or documentation was not submitted properly, which could add time and delay the claim.

On top of that, holidays and weekends can affect the processing time for claims, so it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re submitting a claim to Assurant.

What Is The T-Mobile Insurance Claim Deductible?

What Is The T-Mobile Insurance Claim Deductible?

The T-Mobile insurance claim deductible will vary depending on which tier of insurance you have and the make and model of your device.

However, you can look at some of the most common T-Mobile phone deductibles and see that it ranges from $20 to $275 in most cases.

How Do I Track My T-Mobile Insurance Claim?

 It’s easy to track your T-Mobile insurance claim by visiting Mytmoclaim.com and then selecting “Start” to enter your phone number or serial number.

Furthermore, you’ll need to go through a security check, select “Submit,” and then choose “Track My Claim” when it pops up on your screen.

Additionally, you need to enter your zip code, select “Submit,” and then the information will appear, showing you the details.

What Is The T-Mobile Insurance Number?

The T-Mobile insurance number is 1-866-866-6285, which is Assurant, and they handle the insurance claims for T-Mobile.

Additionally, if you call this number, you can track your insurance claim or get help filling out the insurance claim document.

How Many Insurance Claims Can I Make With T-Mobile?

The number of insurance claims you can make with T-Mobile depends on your insurance coverage and what kind of claim you’re making.

For example, with Basic Device Protection, you can have two claims within 12 months if it’s loss, theft, or accidental damage.

However, Protection 360 allows you to make up to five claims within a rolling 12-month period, based on the date of your first claim.

How Much Does It Cost For T-Mobile To Fix A Cracked Screen?

It costs $29 for screen repair if you use an Assurant-authorized repair location, which includes the T-Mobile service centers.

Will T-Mobile Give Me A Replacement Phone?

T-Mobile could choose to give you a replacement phone if the damage is more severe than can be fixed by technicians, and basic diagnostics and troubleshooting will determine the outcome.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not T-Mobile insurance covers cracked screens, T-Mobile credit check, and T-Mobile Protect.


It’s easy to begin making a T-Mobile insurance claim since you just need to log in to your T-Mobile account, choose the phone number, and begin the “File a Claim” process.

However, Assurant handles most of the T-Mobile insurance claims, so you’ll be redirected to Assurant. It could take minutes to several days for your insurance claim to be approved.

Furthermore, a deductible for the insurance claim can range between $20 and $275 depending on the make and model of your device and the tier of insurance you have.

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