T-Mobile Privacy Policy (All You Need to Know)

Opening an account with a large company can be daunting, especially when it comes to your privacy. For instance, if you sign up for T-Mobile, does the company keep your personal information private?

Do you want to know if your information is being shared? If so, keep reading as I dive into the T-Mobile privacy policy and tell you all you need to know!

What Is T-Mobile’s Privacy Policy?

The T-Mobile Privacy Policy goes into extensive detail about the information T-Mobile collects from you, how that information is collected, and how T-Mobile shares and uses that information. All recent changes to the privacy policy are at the top of the page, and how you can opt out of some data collection in 2024.

Do you want to learn more about the T-Mobile privacy policy, like if T-Mobile sells your data? Well, don’t stop reading because I’ll get into other details below!

What Is T-Mobile’s Privacy Policy?

T-Mobile’s privacy policy states how it will collect personal data from you, which will occur in four different ways, including:

  • Directly when you create an account
  • Automatically when you use T-Mobile products and services
  • From other sources such as credit agencies and financial institutions
  • Inferring things about you through the apps you use on your device.

What Information Does T-Mobile Collect?

T-Mobile collects a lot of information from you as a consumer and includes information that you’ve given to T-Mobile voluntarily, such as the following:

  • Contact information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, and household information
  • Demographic information, including gender, age, date of birth, and veteran status
  • Security information such as security codes, government identification, Social Security Number
  • Payment information such as your bank account number, credit card numbers, and debit card numbers
  • Account information, including username and password
  • Preference information that is given during advertising, marketing, and promotional campaigns

In addition, there’s some information that T-Mobile collects automatically, which includes the following:

  • Commercial information like purchases and records of your purchases with T-Mobile
  • CPNI (Consumer Proprietary Network Information)
  • Device performance and diagnostic details, such as speeds, dropped calls, dropped signals, signal strength, app performance, data failures, and battery strength
  • Information while using T-Mobile’s network, products, and services, like data usage, mobile apps you’ve installed, videos watched through T-Mobile streaming services, IP address, URLs you visited, and more
  • Unique identifiers that include mobile advertising IDs, IP addresses, device IDs, cookie IDs, MAC addresses, and more
  • Audio information such as voice commands
  • Geolocation information such as the location of your device
  • Biometric data such as biometric signatures
  • Video data including recording people within T-Mobile stores

Also, T-Mobile collects information about you from other sources, such as information from USPS, credit agencies, financial institutions, social media, and more.

As well, T-Mobile will infer information about you based on data collected, such as using your IP to guess where you’re located or using your browsing history to see if you need a new device.

Does T-Mobile Sell Your Data?

Does T-Mobile Sell Your Data?

According to T-Mobile’s Privacy Policy, the company does sell your data when you broadly define “sell” and it’s used oftentimes for advertising purposes.

However, you can contact T-Mobile whether you live in California or another state and request that the company keep your data and personal information private from third parties or others.

How Do I Stop T-Mobile From Selling My Data?

To stop T-Mobile from selling your data, you will need to submit a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” request.

How Do I Opt Out of T-Mobile’s New Privacy Policy?

If you don’t want to be a part of the ad-targeting policy, then you need to perform the following actions below to opt out:

  1. Go to the T-Mobile website
  2. Select “Update Your Settings”
  3. Choose which service you have
  4. Log in to your T-Mobile account
  5. Look for “Use My Data for Analytics and Reporting” and toggle it off
  6. Find “Use My Data to Make Ads More Relevant to Me” and toggle that off

Does T-Mobile Collect Information About Kids?

T-Mobile does collect information about kids, but the company claims they don’t knowingly collect this information without the consent of the parent.

However, if you let your child use a device from T-Mobile, then there is data automatically collected from someone using that device, or using a product or service offered.

For example, T-Mobile will treat the data collected while they’re using a device you let them use as your data.

Additionally, some information is collected directly when you’ve signed up for a service or product, but the data collected depends on the product or service that was being used.

Does T-Mobile Honor “Do Not Track” Privacy Settings?

T-Mobile does not honor the Do Not Track settings that you may place on your browser because there is no universal standard for Do Not Track or how to apply it.

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The T-Mobile Privacy Policy tells you the newest changes to the policy at the top of the website, and gives you in-depth information on what information T-Mobile collects.

Also, T-Mobile does go into detail about how information is collected, such as automatically, voluntarily, and inferred, and will tell you what information is being shared with others. However, you can choose to submit a request for T-Mobile to not sell your information.

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