T-Mobile Rehire Policy (All You Need to Know)

If you recently quit T-Mobile but are considering reapplying in the future, you may want to know what T-Mobile’s policy is regarding rehiring former employees.

If so, continue reading as I dive into the T-Mobile rehire policy, and tell you everything I’ve learned while researching this topic!

What Is T-Mobile’s Rehire Policy?

T-Mobile’s does rehire former employees, although it will depend on the exit circumstances in 2024. For example, if the former employee just quit and didn’t have any misconduct on their record, then they would be eligible for rehire. However, if the employee was fired for any reason, odds are they won’t be eligible.

Would you like to know more about the T-Mobile rehire policy, such as how long you need to wait before reapplying? Well, don’t stop reading because I’ll tell you all you need to know below!

Will T-Mobile Rehire Employees Who Quit Without Notice?

If you were employed by T-Mobile and quit without notice, T-Mobile may not rehire you because you didn’t give formal notice that you were leaving.

Furthermore, quitting without a formal notice can go as a strike on your record, so the manager would be well within their rights to opt to not rehire you as an employee.

That being said, if there were extenuating circumstances to you quitting without notice, such as a medical emergency or family issue, you could be rehired, but it’s up to management.

Does T-Mobile Rehire Fired Employees?

If an employee was fired from T-Mobile and reapplies for a job, it’s up to T-Mobile whether to rehire that employee depending on the circumstances of them being fired.

For example, if the employee was a whistleblower and was fired, a precedent has been set by the courts that those employees who were fired as a result should be rehired by T-Mobile.

In contrast, if the employee was fired from T-Mobile for stealing money or company time, then they won’t be rehired.

Therefore, it all depends on the circumstances of why the employee was fired, and the history the employee had with the company before being fired.

Does T-Mobile Rehire Employees That Took Severance Pay?

In most cases, if the employee chose to take severance pay, this will prevent them from being rehired by T-Mobile in the future, which is standard at most companies.

However, if the employee was fired and not offered any severance package or opted not to take severance, then they are eligible to be rehired by T-Mobile in some situations.

How Long Do Employees Have to Wait to Reapply at T-Mobile?

If an employee wants to reapply for a job at T-Mobile, the amount of time to wait between leaving and reapplying for a job depends on whether the person was fired or left willingly.

For example, if you left willingly and want to come back, you could reapply for a job within 90 days, and you may be rehired by T-Mobile, but it’s up to the hiring manager.

Being terminated, on the other hand, could mean you’d have to wait 6 months to a year before reapplying for a job and potentially being rehired, depending on the circumstances of the firing.

Do T-Mobile Rehires Keep Their Benefits?

When you look at the T-Mobile Employee Benefit Plan, you can see that rehired T-Mobile employees don’t keep their benefits, unless the rehire is within 30 days.

Furthermore, you are required to keep your original benefit plan whether you were fired or quit if you are rehired within that 30-day window, but otherwise, you won’t keep your benefits.

Therefore, if you’d like to keep your health insurance and other T-Mobile benefits, the entire rehire process would have to be completed within 30 days or you have to start over.

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T-Mobile’s rehire policy is that, under certain circumstances, former employees can be rehired by the company. However, it depends on whether you were fired or you willingly quit. For example, if you were fired for theft or some other similar reason, you likely won’t be rehired.

In contrast, if you quit because of school, then you may be rehired by T-Mobile. In addition, if you quit without giving formal notice, then you may not be rehired by T-Mobile, though the rehire policy depends on the circumstances in which you left the company.

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