T-Mobile Spam Text (What Are They, Reporting + Other Common FAQs)

Do you have T-Mobile and have been wondering about T-Mobile spam text, such as what they are and the reporting process?

Well, we have been researching this topic and have found a lot of information we wanted to share, so read on to learn about T-Mobile spam text!

T-Mobile Spam Text In [currentyear]

T-Mobile spam texts are often unblockable phishing and scam messages that will either thank you for paying your T-Mobile bill or say you’ve received a gift from T-Mobile, like an iPad, in [currentyear]. These messages are not coming from T-Mobile but scammers trying to get you to enter your personal information so they can use it.

Are you looking for even more details about T-Mobile spam texts, such as what kinds of texts you can or should report? If so, keep reading to find out even more facts!

How Do I Report T-Mobile Spam Text?

If you receive any T-Mobile spam text messages, there are steps you should take to report the spam to T-Mobile, including:

  • Selecting the text message
  • Copying the text of the message
  • Creating a new message and pasting the contents into your new text
  • Send the new text to 7726, which is SPAM
  • T-Mobile sends a confirmation text that the spam was sent to its Security Center

Also, you can forward the text message to 7726 if you don’t want to create a new message, and it’ll still get passed on to the Security Center.

Does T-Mobile Have A Spam Blocker?

Does T-Mobile Have A Spam Blocker?

Yes, T-Mobile has a spam blocker for text messages called Message Blocking, but it doesn’t work for all text messages, which means some spam texts can still get through.

However, you can still use Message Blocking to block a majority of spam texts, including:

  • Picture messages which are incoming and outgoing MMS messages that are chargeable
  • Text messages that are chargeable, both incoming and outgoing
  • You can block instant messages that are sent using SMS that is chargeable

That said, there are several types of messages that Message Blocking does not filter and block, such as:

  • Service notification messages
  • Notifications for voicemail
  • Third-party texts about the content you’ve purchased
  • Shortcode standard-rate messages
  • Wireless Emergency alert messages
  • Incoming and outgoing emails from your T-Mobile .net address
  • BlackBerry or Windows Mobile instant messages and emails

What Happens When You Forward Text To 7726?

When you forward the message to the SPAM line 7726, T-Mobile will ask you what number the spam text was sent from, so you’ll want to send T-Mobile that phone number.

For example, the phone number it was sent from can be a short code containing a few digits or a normal-looking ten-digit number.

Further, once you’ve sent the number to T-Mobile, the Security Center will begin an investigation into that number and, if it’s spam, will try to stop it from being sent to customers.

How Do I Protect Myself From T-Mobile Spam Texts?

There are several steps you should take if you’d like to protect yourself from T-Mobile spam text messages, such as:

  • Forward or create a new message for any suspected spam texts to 7726 so T-Mobile can investigate it
  • Never click on any links from a suspicious message
  • Never give your personal information to a phone number you don’t know
  • Be cautious of any texts offering prizes or gifts, even if it’s claimed to be from T-Mobile, and only respond if you know for sure you’ve entered a contest
  • Change your passwords immediately if you have clicked on any links from a text message you don’t recognize

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T-Mobile spam texts are on the rise and include spam messages claiming you’ve won a free iPad or qualify for a free device and other messages that thank you for paying your bill.

However, these texts are not from T-Mobile and are scammers trying to get you to enter your personal information, including your name and address.

Therefore, you need to avoid clicking on them and report any suspicious text message to T-Mobile by forwarding or copying the message and sending it to 7726 for review.

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