Tarantula PetSmart (Do They Sell Them, Price, Types, How Old + More)

Tarantulas are great, affordable, and an easy to own and maintain, even for an inexperienced pet owner.

If you want to know whether you can buy tarantulas from PetSmart, how much they will cost you, and much more, read on to see what I discovered!

Does PetSmart Sell Tarantulas In [currentyear]?

PetSmart sells tarantulas in its stores and online platforms in [currentyear]. A tarantula costs between $27 and $70, and you may have to pay more for accessories and supplies, especially as a new owner. Customers have varieties of the species to pick from, and most may live up to 10 years if well taken care of.

Keep on reading to know more about the tarantulas sold at PetSmart, how much they cost, how to buy them, the PetSmart tarantula return policy, and much more!

Can I Buy a Tarantula at PetSmart?

Unless they are out of stock, you can buy a tarantula from select PetSmart stores.

You can also buy them online, and request for delivery, or pick them up from your local PetSmart store.

That’s not all- you can also adopt a tarantula that’s been returned to PetSmart and needs a new home.

What Types of Tarantulas Can I Buy From PetSmart?

PetSmart stocks three major varieties of tarantulas: the American Curly Haired tarantula, the Mexican Red Knee, and the Pink Toe tarantulas.

It’s important to note that the availability of your favorite variety may be subject to seasonal fluctuations.

How Much Do Tarantulas Cost at PetSmart?

The amount you spend when purchasing a tarantula at PetSmart will depend on the variety available. The following are typical prices as per different types of tarantulas.

  • American Curly Haired Tarantula – $39.99.
  • Pink Toe Tarantula – $29.99
  • Mexican Red Knee Tarantula – $69.99.

Besides what you spend on buying your tarantula, you will have to spend on other accessories and supplies.

What Tarantula Accessories Can I Buy From PetSmart?

You can get most of what you need for your Tarantula from PetSmart. The pet shop has relatively lean tarantula-specific supplies.

However, the good news is there is an overlap of use among pet insects for most of these supplies, so you’re unlikely to miss what you seek for your Tarantula.

Here are the items you need for your pet tarantula:

  • An enclosure
  • Substrate
  • Décor
  • Food and water bowls
  • Feeding tongs
  • Heaters and thermometer
  • Tarantula plants

Does PetSmart Sell Tarantula Foods?

Does PetSmart Sell Tarantula Foods?

PetSmart doesn’t list tarantula food on its website, so you may have to check in your local PetSmart store.

But tarantulas subsist mainly on live insects like crickets, beetles, other tiny spiders, and even small lizards. Also, they feed very infrequently.

Feeding your Tarantula may be a great way to control pesky bugs in your home.

How Do I Buy Tarantulas From PetSmart?

You can buy your Tarantula in-store or online at PetSmart in the ordinary way you purchase other pets and supplies.

You can find out from the PetSmart website if your local PetSmart stocks tarantulas. Alternatively, you can inquire in-store and make your purchase.

The process for buying your Tarantula online is straightforward. You simply go the the specific page and browse the specimen you want.

Once you click on it, you will be redirected to another page, where you will have the option to select “Buy” and “Pickup.”

It’s important to note that some specimens, such as the American curly-haired tarantula, are available in-store only.

Follow the prompts to find a pickup location near you, and further to pay for your item and receive instructions on how to pick it up.

Can I Return My Tarantula to PetSmart?

If you want to return a live animal to PetSmart, you must do it within 14 days and to the store where you purchased it.

Please bring along a receipt and some identification with you, as well as the animal itself.

PetSmart will only refund using the mechanism that you used to purchase the pet.

Additionally, PetSmart may also decide to give you a reward card redeemable by purchases in stores. You may also be offered a replacement tarantula.

What Are the Characteristics of PetSmart Tarantulas?

Here are some of the characteristics of the tarantulas found at PetSmart that will help you care for them:

Tarantula         Av. Life Span Av. Adult Size Min. Habitat Size Diet
American Curly Haired 4-20 years


4-6 inches long including leg span 5-10 gallons Insects and tiny invertebrates
Mexican Red Knee 4-20 years


4-6 inches including leg span 5-10 gallons Insects and Tiny invertebrates
Pink Toe 4-20 years 4-6 inches

Including leg span

5-10 gallons Insects and Tiny Invertebrates

Tarantulas are nocturnal animals, and should be fed at dusk when they are most active.

Do I Have to Be 18 to Buy a Tarantula?

Pet-Smart will not sell you a tarantula, or any pet for that matter, if you are below 18 years old and unaccompanied by an adult.

It’s assumed that persons under 18 years may not be able to take care of a pet adequately without the guidance of an adult.

Where Else Can I Buy a Tarantula?

Most pet shops sell tarantulas, especially PetSmart’s significant rivals, some of whom have more comprehensive selections of the pet.

You can also buy from breeders near you.

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Tarantulas are ideal for a first owner’s pet, since keeping them is easy, hassle-free, and affordable. Those who would like to try them out can buy them from PetSmart, which stocks the spiders, accessories, and supplies.

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