Target Bullseye Playground (Complete Guide + FAQs)

Target is known for enhancing the shopping experience of its customers by designating special areas inside its stores that stock heavily discounted items from a range of categories.

So if you’ve shopped at a Target store, you might have heard of an area called the Bullseye Playground and wondered about the kind of deals and items you’ll find there. Read on to find out everything I’ve discovered about Target’s Bullseye Playground!

Target Bullseye Playground

Target’s Bullseye Playground is a dollar spot located near the front of most stores or at, with prices ranging between $1 and $15. It is stocked with party supplies, home decor, fitness products, toys, seasonal assets, arts, and crafts, with merchandise returnable for one year after purchase.

If you’d like to know more about what you’ll find at Target Bullseye Playground, when its stock is replenished, and whether you can apply additional discounts to its items, keep on reading!

What Is The Target Bullseye Playground?

Introduced in 2015, Target’s Bullseye Playground is a dollar spot stocked with a selection of family-friendly merchandise.

In this section, you’ll find products that sell for incredibly affordable prices ranging between $1 and $15, and that are influenced by seasonal twists, holidays, and kids’ themes.

Bullseye, Target’s iconic white bull terrier mascot, is the collection’s face and has represented the brand since 1999.

Which Items Are Available In The Target Bullseye Playground?

The product selection at Target’s Bullseye Playground varies between stores, however, it generally conforms to similar categories.

Here is a list of all the items you can expect to find in Target Bullseye Playground:

  • Novelty products that relate to the current seasonal period such as seasonally patterned caps, accessories, and decor
  • Decoration and party supplies perfect for an outdoor event such as stockings, flags, candles, mini synthetic trees, greetings cards, gift boxes, and plastic champagne flutes
  • Candles, flags, water bottles, and candles representing the LGBTQ+ community that are decorated with the Pride, Genderqueer, Transgender, Asexual, Pansexual, or Bisexual rainbow colors
  • Action figures and fun toys to dive into alongside arts and crafts equipment and activity packages for kids
  • School supplies for both teachers and pupils
  • Trendy home decor from cushions and rattan baskets to planters and LED strip lights for adults looking to spruce up their homes
  • An array of fitness products for those who would prefer to work on improving their health

Can You Shop At Target Bullseye Playground Online?

Customers may find that stores near city centers do not have a substantial Bullseye Playground section. Fortunately, many Bullseye Playground items can now be found online at

Target tends to list the most popular items from Bullseye Playground online rather than the newest items, with stock rotating regularly (just like in stores).

Additionally, you can refine your search to only view specific products or deals when shopping online. offers you the option to choose in-store pickup, same-day delivery (depending on your location), and home shipping, with automatic free delivery if you purchase $35 worth of goods.

Can You Return Products Purchased From Target Bullseye Playground?

Products from the Bullseye Playground are covered by Target’s one-year satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll have 365-366 days from the in-store purchase, ship date, or online order pickup to register a return.

Receive a full refund when you provide valid proof of purchase such as a receipt, packing slip, or return barcode generated through the online return process.

Note that all products are returnable at the Guest Services counter in-store and online orders can also be sent via free UPS mail.

Since these items are from Target-owned brands, customers can return used, opened, and sometimes even damaged goods.

When Does Target Restock Bullseye Playground?

When Does Target Restock Bullseye Playground?

Target employees aim to keep the Bullseye Playground fully stocked at all times, meaning the stock is in constant rotation.

Each store typically receives new products and shipments every few days (some even every day) of the week except Sunday (specific days vary between stores).

Bullseye Playground, both online and in-store, is promptly stocked with seasonal goods relating to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, summer favorites, 4th of July, Easter, Mother’s, and Father’s Day.

Where Can You Find Target’s Bullseye Playground?

Like most dollar spots, Target’s Bullseye Playground is located near the front of most Target stores.

Strategic placement entices customers to make additional purchases, contributing to the “Target Effect” that makes customers say that “you can’t go in and just buy one thing!”

Can You Apply Discounts To Target Bullseye Playground Products?

You can apply various types of discounts to Bullseye Playground merchandise.

For example, Target offers a 15% discount for teachers preparing for the return to school throughout certain times of the year which can be applied to Bullseye Playground items.

Similarly, students can receive a 15% discount on most Bullseye Playground products when they provide the correct verification.

Target Circle members can also obtain exclusive deals and offers through the app for Bullseye Playground goods.

Is Target Bullseye Playground Good?

Over the years, Target customers have expressed their satisfaction with purchases made from the Bullseye Playground section.

With the tagline “Expect More Pay Less” in mind, customers are thrilled with the level of quality put into products at an affordable price.

Additionally, Bullseye Playground provides a great space to find temporary decorations for seasonal periods without spending too much.

How Can You Become A Target Bullseye Insider?

Target fans have the opportunity to join its consumer panel and test up-and-coming products from their homes for free.

If you become a Bullseye Insider, you’ll need to provide your honest opinion on Target products and other fields of market research to help Target curate excellent products.

Keep an eye on application websites or Target’s leading site for an opportunity to sign up. Active members will be invited to join the Hey Bullseye group where you’ll receive even more free products.

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Target Bullseye Playground is stocked with home decor, kid’s toys, fitness products, seasonal goods (i.e., Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th July), party supplies, accessories, classroom goods, arts, and crafts. Bullseye Playground merchandise is available online and near the front of most stores, and products are returnable for 1 year after purchase.

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