Target Complaints (Contact Details, How To Make a Complaint, Are They Taken Seriously + More)

If you have ever had an issue with a product from Target, you may be curious how the process of complaining would go. Or, you may be a store employee who wants to report an issue to your manager or someone higher up.

Whatever your reason, you may have questions about how to make a complaint about something at Target, how Target handles it, and more. Here is what I found out about this important topic!

How Do I File a Complaint at Target In 2024?

To file a complaint, customers or employees can call Target at 1-800-440-0680 in 2024. Another method of contacting Target is to visit the contact page: Target also has an email address for the specific purpose of reporting security concerns: Also, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) files complaints about almost any business, including Target.

If you still have other questions about the process of filing complaints about Target, keep reading for more information!

How Do I Contact Target to Complain?

There are multiple ways to contact Target to file a complaint or make a suggestion. The following is a list of how to reach Target, using various forms of communication:

  • Call Customer Care on 1.800.440.0680
  • Email Customer Care on
  • Use the Customer Care Contact Form
  • Call Headquarters on 1-612-304-6073
  • Send a Tweet to Target
  • Follow Target on Facebook
  • Follow and watch Target on YouTube

Are Complaints Taken Seriously at Target?

It does seem that Target takes customer and employee complaints seriously, as there seems to be an effort to communicate with those with problems and clear things up.

However, on the Better Business Bureau’s web page for Target, there are hundreds of complaints listed that appear to be unresolved to the customers’ satisfaction.

It appears that, while Target does have generally good customer service, there are some instances when the company has disappointed customers very badly.

So, in a sense, Target’s record is mixed when it comes to how it handles complaints.

What Are the Most Common Complaints That People Make About Target?

Target customers overall enjoy their shopping experience at Target. Yet, for some, there are problems.

Some common complaints from Target customers include the following:

  • Issues with advertising or sales: these complaints could include real or perceived “false” advertising, not being given a discount on items on sale, and more
  • Disrespectful or unhelpful staff or managers: while many people are genuinely happy with Target store employees overall, there have been reported complaints about rude employees.
  • High prices or low-quality products

In addition, store employees have complained about the following types of things about working at Target:

  • The workload: some have mentioned that they are asked to do multiple tasks at once.
  • Rude customers: while this may not directly be Target’s fault, staff training on how to deal with rude customers must be tweaked, perhaps to address these concerns.
  • Pressure to sell Redcards: some store workers have complained that they are expected to meet a store quota of these store discount cards to customers, which can be stressful.
  • Issues with management: some have stated it can be difficult to work for certain managers.

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Target?

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Target?

Just like the methods of complaining about a store issue specifically, anyone who needs to complain about a manager or management team can contact Target’s corporate office at 1-800-440-0680.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the BBB can be a good place to file a complaint about a manager if they were rude or unhelpful in some way.

It can be scary as an employee to complain about a higher-up, but thankfully, workers can bypass their manager if needed to complain at the net level at the contact info given above.

What About Complaints Regarding the Pharmacy at Target?

Some may not know this, but CVS bought Target’s pharmacies and therefore, any complaints against Target pharmacies must go through CVS.

As might be expected with such a change, there may have been and still may be a few issues to iron out, especially when it comes to customers’ expectations.

However, hopefully, it is a positive transition for everyone.

Complaints about target/CVS pharmacies may be communicated via CVS’s customer relation’s phone number: 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287).

Keep in mind that the above phone number is only available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am-7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

How Do I Complain About the Food Area at Target?

Many Target stores offer a food court area, also called the Target cafe, and still, other Targets may have a Starbucks inside or another food area.

To make a complaint about a worker or an experience in one of these food areas at Target, the place to start would be the store manager.

If, however, the manager is not available, ask for contact information.

Alternatively, one can call Target’s 1-800 number listed above to explain the issue and get suggestions about how to handle the issue.

Can I Sue Target?

While litigation likely won’t be the first step in a complaint about Target, for some people, it may be beneficial to know the option exists if they need to pursue this path.

Reasons to sue might include the following:

  • Injury while on the job or while shopping at Target
  • Discriminatory words or actions on the part of management or staff
  • Any type of threats or violence perpetrated by a store worker or manager

To know more about Target, you can also read our posts on the biggest Target competitors, if Target is an ethical company, and why is Target so expensive.


For anyone wondering where to start when it comes to complaints against Target, the options listed in this article will hopefully be of assistance.

Target is a widely popular store chain with thousands of stores across the country, and it has fairly good systems in place for handling customer or employee complaints. Anyone with an issue should reach out and get the complaints resolved.

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  1. If I ask a manager at target who is being very rude, dismissive, and mocking me and me and my complaint,Not taking me serious at all, For his name and or his Work id number so that i can report an issue on him and one of his employees,Is he obligated to give that information?

  2. Today I was in the Gastonia Target with my child and husband.I walked over to boy/girls department to look at clearance. Faced with 2 young Girls between the hours of 12:30 and 1:30. One was talking about me loud enough to hear- so I looked at her, she responded and laughter came out of her mouth. Her teammate responded I feel sorry for her child. If you roll back cameras you will see me in a toboggan due to my cancer and having no hair. The taller girl walked away saying she needed to do a hut tell after singing a song. I feel very sad to be discriminated like this in a store I have shopped in for so long. I hope these girls will be talked to!

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