Target’s Target Market (Age, Salary, Gender + More)

Target is one of the leading retail stores in the United States, best known for its up-scale product line, especially regarding clothing.  

But, you may be curious about the specific customer Target markets to and what kind of shopper is attracted to Target’s prices and products.  

Here is everything about Target’s target market I have discovered through my research on the topic!  

Target’s Target Market

Target’s primary customer base is women between the ages of 18 and 44 who earn around $65,000 in annual income. Although most of Target’s customer base is white or caucasian, the retail store has noticed a continuous rise in Hispanic customers over the past few years.  

If you still want to learn more about Target’s customer base and how Target customers differ from their competitors, continue reading!  

Which Gender Shops At Target More Often?

Regarding which gender frequents Target more often, female consumers make up a large portion of Target’s customers.

For example, female shoppers comprise between 60 and 64% of Target’s customer base.  

Additionally, Target attracts more younger female customers than the retail store’s competitors, like Kohl’s and Walmart.  

What Is The Annual Income Of The Average Target Consumer?

One of Target’s biggest competitors is Walmart. But Target targets a slightly different consumer than Walmart does regarding the average customer’s annual income.  

For example, the average customer at Target earns about $65,000 per year, which is $12,000 more than the average customer at Walmart.  

Additionally, 25% of Target customers earn over $100,000, and 60% of Target customers make over $50,000 annually.  

So, Target generally markets to more affluent customers than Walmart because its products generally cost a little more than they do at Walmart.  

What Age Consumer Does Target Cater To?

What Age Consumer Does Target Cater To?

Target focuses its marketing strategies primarily on younger customers, specifically people between 18 and 44.  

This age bracket makes up about 60% of Target’s shoppers, so the retail store focuses on selling items that draw this age group into the store.

However, Target’s customer base is not exclusively made up of the younger generation.  

About 12% of Target shoppers are 65 years old or older. Compared to similar stores, Target attracts a larger portion of younger customers.  

For example, 48% of Walmart’s customers fall into the younger generation, and 44% of Kohl’s shoppers are younger.  

Part of what draws more younger people to Target is the stores’ modern clothing and a wide array of the newest tech gear.  

What Racial Demographics Do Target Stores Target?

As for Target shoppers’ racial backgrounds, the retail store reports over 60% of their customers as white or caucasian.

However, the store has seen significant growth in its Hispanic customers.  

For example, in 2012, about 10% of Target shoppers were Latino or Hispanic. As of 2016, the store saw about 20% of its customer base in the racial demographic.  

Target also expects its Hispanic customer base to grow as they diversify its inventory and include more items to cater to various customers.  

What Kind Of Customer Shops At Target?

Because a large percentage of Target’s customer base earns over $50,000 in annual income, people who shop at Target are okay with paying a little more for items if they are of higher quality.  

With that, Target customers know what they want and look to buy higher-end products, especially clothing.

The downside to Target’s customer demographic is the fact that it is very similar to Amazon’s target market 

To compete with Amazon, Target offers online shopping, convenient delivery and curbside pick-up options, and quality, modern clothing products.  

Amazon’s advantage over Target is its extensive selection of products and significant internet presence.  

How Often Do Target Customers Shop?

How Often Do Target Customers Shop?

Target shoppers visit the store pretty regularly to buy a variety of items.

For example, the average purchase cycle of Target customers is 47.7 days. Additionally, each day of the week sees a very similar number of customers.  

However, the most popular day for customers to visit Target is Saturday, accounting for 19% of the customer base.

The weekends are the most popular shopping days for many stores because most people do not have to work.  

How Much Do Customers Spend At Target?

Target customers spend around $47 per trip at the retail store. Additionally, Target customers pick up between 11 and 20 items on the average trip. This average spending is a little more than other stores.  

Target customers usually pick up fewer items per trip because pieces at Target are a little more expensive than Target’s competitors.  

Are Target Customers Loyal To The Retail Store?

Target offers a variety of services in an attempt to earn and maintain customer loyalty.

For example, most Target locations have drive-up services and in-store pick-up to help customers avoid checkout lines.  

With the Target mobile app, you can shop from home, and a Target employee will bring your order directly to your car.  

Target offers curbside pick-up for same-day orders, so you do not have to wait a long time to pick up the items you need. Another service Target offers is the delivery of certain products.  

However, not every item available online is available in-store.

Additionally, Target and Starbucks became partners in 1999, so there are Starbucks located inside several Target stores.  

Target also includes Starbucks (and sometimes Pizza Hut) in the store to offer shoppers a chance to grab some food or a coffee after shopping.  

How Many Target Locations Are There?

How Many Target Locations Are There?

Several Target stores are located in the United States, and the franchise continues to grow. With that, there are about 1,900 Target stores in the United States alone.  

The state that is home to the most Target stores is California, with over 300 stores!

Also, the city in the United States with the most Target stores is Chicago, with a count of 21 locations.  

Target has stores open in every state within the United States, with most of the locations focused in the country’s northeast region.  

Is Target A Global Company?

Although Target does not have stores in countries outside of the United States or U.S. territories, Target is still considered a global company because they have distribution centers and headquarters located around the globe.  

For example, Target has more than 3,000 employees in Bangalore, India, which extends its headquarters to Minneapolis.  

Target also has some worldwide employees that serve as the company’s global sourcing team who work with vendors to create a more streamlined supply chain.  

The global sourcing team also works on making Target a more sustainable company. Some of the areas with Target employees include: 

  • Bangkok, Thailand 
  • Delhi, India 
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala 
  • Hanoi, Vietnam  
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 
  • Hong Kong  
  • Jakarta, Indonesia 
  • Karachi, Pakistan  
  • Moradabad, India  
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia  
  • Shanghai, China  
  • Shenzhen, China  

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Female customers between the ages of 18 and 44 make up the largest percentage of Target’s customer base. Additionally, this group of customers earns an average of $65,000 in annual income.  

Because Target’s customers earn a little more money than other stores’ customer base, shoppers are willing to spend a little bit more on higher quality products and in-demand clothing and shoes.  

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