Tim Hortons Reusable Cup (Do They Have Them, Size, Cost + More)

If you’re looking to get a drink at Tim Hortons and want to get the best deal possible, you might want to know: does Tim Hortons have reusable cups?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and whether the company has reusable cups! 

Does Tim Hortons Offer Reusable Cups In [currentyear]?

Tim Hortons does offer reusable cups in-store in [currentyear]. These cups cost just a few dollars and can even save you some money on your cup of coffee at Tim Hortons. Although the savings is a minimal 10 cents, you will be doing your part to help the environment and reduce waste.

Do you want to know more about whether Tim Hortons offers a reusable cup and if you can get free refills with it? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

Does Tim Hortons Still Have Reusable Cups?

Tim Hortons still has reusable cups and even introduced a new reusable cup for cold beverages.

What Are Tim Hortons Reusable Cups?

Tim Hortons reusable cups are an environmentally friendly alternative to getting a new cup every time you get a coffee at Tim Hortons.

What Can You Get with a Tim Hortons Reusable Cup?

Tim Hortons hot and cold reusable cups can be used for hot or cold drinks.

Most beverages are included, such as cold brew, cappuccinos, tea, and regular coffee.

Do You Get Free Refills with the Tim Hortons Reusable Cup?

You do not get free refills with a Tim Hortons reusable cup. However, upon purchase, you get a discount of 10 cents off the drink you’re purchasing with the cup.

How Much Are Refills with the Tim Hortons Reusable Cup?

Refills with the Tim Hortons reusable cup only have a 10-cent discount on the menu price of the drink. So, a $3 cup of coffee will still cost $2.90

How Big Is the Tim Hortons Reusable Cup?

How Big Is the Tim Hortons Reusable Cup?

The most common Tim Hortons reusable cup, which looks like the regular Tim Hortons coffee cup, is 16 ounces, large enough to fit a medium drink.

How Much Are the Tim Hortons Reusable Cups?

Tim Hortons hot beverage reusable cup is $1.99, while the reusable cold beverage cup is $2.99.

Is Tim Hortons Reusable Cup a Good Value?

Tim Hortons’ reusable cup is not a good monetary value unless you buy Tim Hortons’ coffee regularly. This is because you will only save 10 cents per refill when using a reusable cup.

Although Tim Hortons’ reusable cup may not be the best monetary value, it is a good environmental value as you will not be wasting a cup and lid every time you visit the cafe.

Are Tim Hortons Reusable Cups at all Locations?

Tim Hortons reusable cups are accepted at all restaurant locations in Canada and should be accepted at most locations in the United States.

Can You Use Tim Hortons Reusable Cups Anywhere Else? 

Tim Hortons’ reusable cup is not accepted anywhere besides Tim Hortons. However, you can still use the cup as much as you wish.

Do Tim Hortons Reusable Cups Have Lids?

Tim Hortons hot and cold reusable cups both come with reusable lids. The reusable cup for cold beverages also includes a straw.

Can You Use Your Own Reusable Cup at Tim Hortons? 

One thing you may not realize is that you don’t need to buy a Tim Hortons reusable cup; instead, you can bring your own reusable cup from home and still receive the 10-cent discount.

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Tim Hortons offers several reusable cups for customers to choose from, which they can use on their subsequent visits to the restaurant. The purpose of the reusable cup is primarily an environmentally friendly initiative to reduce the waste of cups.

Reusable cups at Tim Hortons will only get a modest discount of 10 cents per cup, but you can use these cups for hot and cold beverages such as cold brew, lattes, and regular coffee.

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