TJ Maxx Vs. Marshalls (Which Is Cheaper, What’s the Difference, Products + More)

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are the perfect places to go shopping if you want high-end, name-brand clothes at a fraction of the price. At both stores, you can find shirts, shoes, accessories, and even home-goods less expensive than in most stores.

But if you’re not familiar with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, you might be asking, what are the differences between the two stores? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

TJ Maxx vs. Marshalls In [currentyear]

Although TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent company, the product selection varies slightly in [currentyear]. Marshalls offers a more extensive men’s department, while TJ Maxx sells more accessories. In terms of product pricing, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are very comparable, and both offer savings up to 60% off retail prices.

If you want to learn more about TJ Maxx and Marshalls, the differences between the stores, when TJ Maxx acquired Marshalls, and much more, keep on reading!

What Are the Differences Between TJ Maxx and Marshalls?

There are several differences between TJ Maxx and Marshalls, including the products each store sells and which departments are most popular.

Shoe Selection

Usually, Marshalls has a more extensive shoe selection than TJ Maxx, especially regarding designer shoes.

Additionally, TJ Maxx only has women’s shoes available for sale, while Marshalls offers men’s shoes. So, if you are looking for men’s sneakers or dress shoes, Marshalls is the place to go.

The Men’s Department

In terms of men’s clothing selection, Marshalls has a more extensive selection than TJ Maxx. For example, Marshalls sells men’s suits and sportcoats, sportswear, and jeans.

In comparison, TJ Maxx sells more women’s clothes, like jeans, dresses, blouses, and t-shirts.

The Cube

One department that’s only featured at Marshalls is a junior’s department called The Cube.

The Cube is like a boutique within the store, selling trendy and sophisticated styles for juniors. Additionally, this section arranges clothes by style rather than size.

Accessory Selection

At TJ Maxx, there is a broader jewelry and accessory selection.

For example, some of the accessories TJ Maxx sells include gold, silver, precious stones, sunglasses, watches, and much more.

Moreover, TJ Maxx sells designer accessories from brands like Gucci, Coach, and more. Still, Marshalls does sell some accessories, but the product selection is broader at TJ Maxx.

Are TJ Maxx and Marshalls the Same Company?

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are not the same company. However, both clothing stores are owned by the same parent company, TJX.

TJX acquired Marshalls in 1995. Still, the product selection at TJ Maxx and Marshalls is different.

Is TJ Maxx or Marshalls Cheaper?

Is TJ Maxx or Marshalls Cheaper?

In terms of pricing, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are almost identical. That said, both stores pass on savings to customers and constantly provide lower prices.

Of course, there may be circumstances where you can find a shirt a few dollars cheaper at one store. However, the savings would be pretty minimal.

Additionally, TJ Maxx and Marshalls both sell products between 20% and 60% below the regular prices.

As previously mentioned, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are owned by the same parent company, so the prices are comparable.

How Many TJ Maxx Stores Are There?

Currently, there are about 1,200 TJ Maxx stores split between four main segments, which are Marmaxx, HomeGoods, TJ in Canada, and TJ International.

How Many Marshalls Stores Are There?

Currently, there are a little over 1,000 Marshalls locations spread throughout the United States. Therefore, there is likely a Marshalls store close to you!

Where Does Marshalls Get Its Products?

At Marshalls, there is a special team dedicated to searching out vendors for the company to buy clothes from.

With that, Marshalls claims that it buys products from big brands to boutique designers.

Also, the store’s buyers purchase products when a company overproduces a particular item or when a store cannot sell an item.

After negotiating the lowest possible price, Marshalls passes those savings onto you as a customer.

As you can see, this is why the product selection at Marshalls constantly varies, because the company buys from different vendors throughout the year.

Where Does TJ Maxx Get Its Products?

The products TJ Maxx gets for its stores come to the store similar to Marshalls.

TJ Maxx takes advantage of several opportunities to purchase clothing, like department store cancellations or a closeout deal at a department store.

Essentially, TJ Maxx buys all of the products that couldn’t sell elsewhere and sells them at a lower price.

For this reason, you can save a ton of money at TJ Maxx because the store buys products at a discounted price.

Additionally, TJ Maxx designs and manufactures some of the available products.

Which Store Is Better- TJ Maxx or Marshalls?

In terms of which store is better, it really depends on personal preference.

Also, the product selection and savings available at each store vary slightly because the parent company wants you to visit both stores and shop.

Overall, you can find unique products at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, so it’s worth shopping at each store.

Remember, Marshalls sells some products, like men’s shoes, that TJ Maxx doesn’t.

However, if you are looking for accessories like watches and sunglasses, TJ Maxx offers a bigger selection.

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TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent company, but the stores vary in terms of product selection. That said, Marshalls offers more men’s products like sports coats and sneakers.

However, TJ Maxx has a more extensive accessory section, offering designer brands like Gucci and Coach. Also, TJ Maxx and Marshalls sell clothing, shoes, and accessories at similar prices, which can be up to 60% off retail prices.

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