Tractor Supply Dead Chick Policy (All You Need to Know)

If a chick gets sick or dies just a day or two after it arrives at your home or farm, it may be due to a problem at the store or hatchery where the chicks were born.

In that case, it helps to know Tractor Supply’s dead chick policy and if the company will replace a dead or sick chick. We looked it up, and here’s what we found!

What Is Tractor Supply’s Dead Chick Policy In 2024?

Tractor Supply will replace a dead or sick chick or issue a refund, at the discretion of the store manager in 2024. Usually, you must call the store and let them know about the problem within 48 hours. You can do a return with or without a receipt, and it is not necessary to return the chick to the store.

To find out more about the chick return policy at Tractor Supply, keep on reading. You’ll find lots of useful information here!

Can You Return Dead Chicks to Tractor Supply?

When you get a new batch of chicks, it may happen that one or two are sickly or even die shortly after you bring them home.

In that case, it helps to know Tractor Supply’s policy regarding dead chicks and if the chicks can be replaced or returned.

The best thing is to call the store and let an employee know what has happened.

The decision on returning or replacing dead or sick chicks at Tractor Supply is at the discretion of the store manager.

If the store manager agrees, the dead or sick chick can be replaced with a live, healthy one, or you can get a refund.

Usually, if you call within 48 hours of receiving delivery, you should get a refund or replacement.

As with any other returns, a receipt is necessary for a refund but not for a replacement.

You don’t need to bring the chick back to the store. Further, even if you don’t want a return or replacement, it’s a good idea to call the store and let an employee know.

If other customers are having the same problem, it may be an indication of some kind of illness, and the store and hatcheries should address the problem.

If you need more help, you can call Tractor Supply Customer Solutions at 1-877-718-6750.

What Is the Live Chick Guarantee?

What Is the Live Chick Guarantee? Tractor Supply

Live chicks are not shipped directly from Tractor Supply but from the hatcheries where the chicks are born.

However, both Tractor Supply and the hatcheries have a live chick guarantee, which means that the company guarantees that any chicks it ships will reach the customer alive.

It may happen that some batches may have a number of chicks die during shipment. This may be due to the time of year when they were shipped, or due to shipping delays.

Live chicks are shipped with heat sources in the packaging, but in cold weather, these may not be sufficient, especially if the package is delayed.

Whatever the reason, customers can get in touch with the hatcheries for a refund.

What Does Tractor Supply Do With Unsold Chicks?

Chicks sold at Tractor Supply are one day old when they arrive at the store and they grow very fast.

Stores receive new shipments of chicks every week from the hatcheries and usually, they tend to sell very quickly.

But sometimes there are a few chicks left over when the next batch arrives, and there may not be enough room in the store brooder for all of them.

To make room for the next batch, the stores will mark down chicks to sell them quickly. The older the chicks get, the bigger the markdowns will be.

Chicks are sold at around $2.99 and will be marked down first to $2.25 and then lower. The prices can go as low as 25 to 50 cents for a chick.

If stores end up with more chicks than they can care for, they will give the older ones to local farms, feed stores, poultry keepers, and 4H.

Sometimes employees will take the chicks home.

Luckily in rural areas, there’s no shortage of chicken lovers to take the unsold chicks and look after them.

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Tractor Supply will usually give you a refund or replacement for a sick or dead chick. It’s not necessary to bring the chick back to the store. You’re able to do a return with or without a receipt.

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