Tractor Supply Vs. Rural King (Price, Locations, Return Policy, Products + More)

Tractor Supply and Rural King have so many of the same products and services that customers sometimes confuse the two or believe that they belong to the same company.

If you have both stores in your area, you might be interested in a Tractor Supply vs. Rural King comparison to determine which one is better for your needs.

Luckily, you don’t have to do all the research yourself because I’ve looked into everything.  Carry on reading to find out all you need to know about Tractor Supply and Rural King!

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Tractor Supply and Rural King stores sell many similar products, but there are also some differences as of [currentyear]s. Tractor Supply is a much larger chain with over 2,000 stores in 49 states, while Rural King has 120 stores in 13 states. Rural King stores may have a more extensive variety of products, and it sells tractors.

Read on to find out more about the similarities and differences between Tractor Supply and Rural King. You’ll find all the details here!

Are Tractor Supply And Rural King The Same?

Tractor Supply and Rural King stores are very similar, but not the same. First off, Tractor Supply Co. (TSC) was started way back in 1938 and is based in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Currently, there are 2,003 Tractor Supply stores in 49 states that sell supplies for a rural lifestyle, and product categories include livestock, equine, pets, tools, hardware, towing, and truck and tractor parts.

Rural King, by comparison, is a smaller chain with 120 stores in 13 states in the South and Midwest. That said, the chain was founded in 1960 in Illinois and sells farm supplies, tools, and houseware.

Moreover, Tractor Supply caters to a rural lifestyle, which includes smaller farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners.

Typically, these are categories that tend to get left out of consideration by large rural supply stores.

What’s The Difference: Tractor Supply Vs. Rural King?

Tractor Supply and Rural King are similar in so many respects that they are each other’s major competitors. But what about the customers’ point of view?

Is there a difference between Tractor Supply and Rural King? And which store better meets your needs?  To answer that question, we decided to compare the two chains on several points, including:

  • Prices
  • Locations
  • Products
  • Return policy
  • Customer service

So, let’s see how they stack up. But, keep in mind that while some types of comparisons can be made objectively, others are very much a matter of opinion.


Prices at both stores tend to vary by location, and there’s no clear pattern to which has better prices overall.

However, shoppers have noticed that prices at both stores tend to be lower when they are located near each other.

Moreover, Rural King does have reasonable sale prices on products that you actually want and need.


Locations Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply is by far the larger chain and has over 2,000 stores in 49 states. Rural King, by contrast, has just 120 stores in 13 states.

In addition, Tractor Supply has 177 Petsense stores in 23 states and operates Dell’s Feed and Farm stores.

Due to the larger number of stores, Tractor Supply is more likely to have a convenient location near most rural dwellers.


In terms of product selection, one big difference is that Rural King sells its own brand of tractors. Tractor Supply, despite its name, does not sell tractors.

Still, the range of products in both stores tends to vary by location, but customers feel that Rural King has a broader range and better availability.

Additionally, here are some of the popular products at Tractor Supply and Rural King:

  • Feed: both stores typically have higher prices than local feed and farm supply stores
  • Chickens: prices are comparable, but Rural King may have a larger variety of breeds
  • Hardware: Rural King has one of the best hardware sections among rural supply and hardware stores
  • Tractor parts and tires: Rural King has a better inventory for farm and agricultural tractors, while Tractor Supply is more oriented to small mowers and ATVs

Return Policy

While the overall return policy at Tractor Supply and Rural King is very similar, Rural King does very well with hassle-free returns.

Customer Service

Neither Tractor Supply nor Rural King scores very high in terms of customer service based on online reviews. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that such reviews are based on very subjective experiences.

Also, in both stores, there are always friendly and helpful employees who will go the extra mile to make sure customers find everything they need.

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Tractor Supply and Rural King have many similarities but also some significant differences. With that, Tractor Supply is more oriented to a rural lifestyle that considers the needs of smaller farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners.

In comparison, Rural King stores have a larger variety of products and sell its own tractor brand. Still, prices are comparable and typically lower in areas where the store has some competition.

So, in the end, the decision about where to shop depends on your location and the particular merchandise you need.

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