USPS 1583 Form (What Is It, Filling It Out + More)

There are many reasons why an individual or a business chooses to use a third-party mail receiving service. Maybe they want to maintain privacy, maybe they travel a lot, or maybe they don’t want to deal with junk mail.

Well, if you’re interested in signing up for one, then you’ll need to complete USPS Form 1583, so read our guide to find out more about this form!

What Is USPS’ 1583 Form In 2024?

PS Form 1583, also known as Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, must be completed by any person or company who rents a PO Box, or has mail sent to an approved third-party business location in 2024. USPS uses this form to keep track of mail receivers in the event that an address is used for illegal purposes.

If you have questions about where to get form 1583, how to complete it, and what to do after you submit it, then you’re in the right place, so keep reading for more facts!

What Is USPS’ Form 1583?

PS Form 1583 (also called Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent) is a form that must be completed by an individual or a business in order to do the following:

  • Rent a PO Box
  • Use a virtual mailbox
  • Have mail sent somewhere besides their residence.

Essentially, this form authorizes third parties (e.g. package centers, coworking spaces, or virtual mailbox companies) to accept mail on behalf of another individual or business.

Why Do I Need to Complete Form 1583 at USPS?

USPS requires customers to complete Form 1583 to make sure that no one signs up for a mail reception service as a way to steal someone else’s mail.

Completing this form and getting it notarized mean that only certified companies are allowed to handle other people’s mail.

In addition, this form allows USPS to keep a record of which mail is getting delivered where.

If USPS later finds out that an address was being used for illegal or malicious practices, they can refer to Form 1583 as part of the investigation.

Where Do I Get USPS’ Form 1583?

You can download PS Form 1583 directly from USPS’ website, or pick up a copy the next time you’re at the Post Office.

If you’re working with a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA), they may have PS Form 1583 on hand with their information already filled out.

How Do I Fill Out USPS’ Form 1583?

How Do I Fill Out USPS’ Form 1583? USPS

In this section, we’ll tell you exactly what information you need to provide for each part of Form 1583.

Box 1: Enter the date you’re completing the form

Box 2: Enter the name the mail will be sent to. Complete a separate form for each applicant. Spouses may complete and sign one form if they share the same last name.

If the address is for a business, fill in your “doing business as” (DBA) name.

Box 3: Use the exact mailing address given to you when you signed up for a PO Box, virtual mailbox, or other commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA).

Box 4: Enter the CMRA’s name and mailing address. 

Box 5: Sign this box if you would like your chosen CMRA to receive mail on your behalf.

Box 6: Enter the name exactly the same as the person or business name who will be receiving mail. If completing for yourself, this will be the same name as box 2. If completing on behalf of a company, this will be the name of the person completing the form.

Box 7: Write your exact home or business address.

Box 8: Provide 2 forms of identification. One must be a picture ID. See below for a list of acceptable forms of ID.

Box 9: Enter the name of the firm or corporation the mail is being sent to (if applicable).

Box 10: This box is optional, but you should fill it in if your business or home address is different and is tied to this mailbox.  

Box 11: Write what your business does (i.e. what type of product or service you provide/sell). 

Box 12: Complete this section if your mailbox is used by multiple people at your company. ID verification is required for each person listed.

This is also where to list minors receiving mail (if applicable).

Box 13: Only complete if a corporation is receiving mail. Names and addresses of officers must be provided. 

Box 14: If your business name is registered, provide the country, state, and date of registration.

Box 15: This box must be completed by a notary or authorized agent. Do not fill it out yourself.

Box 16: Have the applicant sign the form in the presence of a notary or other authorized agent. If the applicant is a corporation or firm, only an officer can sign.

Acceptable forms of ID include one of the following:

  • A state ID card, such as a driver’s license
  • Passport or Passport card
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Armed Forces card
  • S. university ID card
  • Tribal identification card

A second form of ID can come from this list:

  • Utility bill
  • Voter registration card
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Vehicle or home insurance policy
  • Lease
  • Mortgage
  • Deed of Trust

Does USPS Form 1583 Have to Be Notarized?

USPS requires PS Form 1583 to be notarized. A notary’s seal proves that you’re the person authorizing your CMRA to receive mail on your behalf.

You can get the form notarized online or in person. Either way, you’ll need to provide 2 forms of ID, one of which must be a photo ID.

There are several options for in-person notary services. For example, courthouses, banks, or printing centers usually have an in-house notary.

Depending on your CMRA, you may also be able to take a selfie of yourself holding your photo IDs, and submit it with Form 1583 and a copy of the IDs. 

Additionally, if you sign the form in person with your CMRA, you may be able to bypass the need for a notary.

What Do I Do After I Complete USPS Form 1583?

Once you complete and submit form 1583, you still need to change your address with USPS, banks, and other entities that send you mail.

That’s because Form 1583 is simply an authorization to accept mail in your name. It’s not a change-of-address form.   

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Mail receiving services can really come in handy, especially if you travel a lot or are worried about privacy.  

To set one up, you’ll first need to complete PS Form 1583. After, you should change your address with the postal service so your mail gets sent to your new address.

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