Verizon All Circuits Are Busy (Why, What It Means + Potential Fixes)

Have you just encountered the error “Verizon all circuits are busy” and wondered what it means and how you can fix it?

Well, I’ve been researching this topic and have found out a lot of information, including what it means, why it happens, and some fixes, so keep reading to learn more!

Why Are All Verizon Circuits Busy In 2024?

The “all circuits are busy” message is an error that happens when the outgoing connection to the network and the towers are available. It means that there could be an issue with the service provider of the particular phone number you’re trying to call or if it’s all numbers, it could be an issue with Verizon’s Network in 2024.

Are you looking for fixes for the “all circuits are busy” message from Verizon or have other questions about this topic? If so, continue reading below to find out what else I’ve discovered!

How Do I Fix My Verizon Circuit Connection?

1. Try to Dial Another Number

You can try dialing another number to see if the problem is with the Verizon network or the service provider of the phone number you’re trying to dial.

For example, if you’re getting the message with all phone calls, then it’s with Verizon, and you’ll just have to wait and try your call again a little later.

However, if the problem is only with one specific number, then you know it’s the provider of that number that’s the issue, and you will just need to keep trying to hope the issue gets fixed.

2. Dial *611 for Verizon Customer Service

If you’ve been experiencing the error message regardless of which number you’re trying to call, you can dial *611 from your Verizon phone for further assistance.

3. Check Your Coverage & Move Locations

The “all circuits are busy” message could be fixed if you move locations if the error message is happening if you’re getting weak cell phone reception, such as if you have one bar.

Furthermore, the worse your cell phone signal is and the fewer bars you have, the more likely that you’ll receive this message since no cell phone towers will be able to place your phone call.

4. Restart Your Phone

You could try to restart your phone to see if that fixes your connection issues or if there was a momentary glitch in your reception.

However, make sure you turn your phone off and back on a couple of minutes apart, and allow your phone to fully load up before you try to make an outgoing call again.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode on & Off

To fix your Verizon circuit connection, you can try totoggle the Airplane mode on and off a few times, which can help reset your connection, and it works more often than not.

6. Place Your Call Out of Peak Hours

The “all circuits busy” message can happen during peak times since there could be traffic overload on the network.

Therefore, if the phone call isn’t important, you can just fix the issue by waiting outside of peak times to place your phone call to give your phone a chance to connect to a cell tower.

7. Take Out & Reinsert Your SIM Card

If the error message is happening when you place any phone calls, then take out your SIM cardand reinsert it to see if that fixes your connection to the Verizon network.

However, check your SIM to make sure it’s not damaged, such as cracks or smudges, which can cause interference to the Verizon network.

When you reinsert the SIM card, you want to make sure you’re not touching the gold contacts and that you’re lining up the notches on the SIM with the notches internally.

8. Use a Different Device

8. Use a Different Device Verizon

You may want to try to use a different device to make the phone call, which could let you know whether your device is the issue, including damage that is preventing phone calls.

For example, if you have another Verizon phone you can use that to see if it’s specific to your phone, the Verizon network, or the other service operator.

You also can try to use a non-Verizon device to see if the phone call goes through, which lets you know it could be Verizon or your phone.

9. Disconnect & Reconnect to Data

You can try to disconnect and reconnect to the Verizon network by turning the data off and back on to fix the issue.

Also, wait a minute in between turning cellular off and back on to allow the phone time to adjust before you try to make the phone call again.

10. Check for Outages

The issue causing Verizon all circuits busy could be caused by an outage with Verizon, such as a cell tower down and it’s causing disruption connecting to the Verizon Network.

However, if an outage is an issue, there is nothing you can do except wait for Verizon to fix the problem, which could take a while depending on what the issue is, such as broken equipment.

11. Contact Verizon

If all of these fixes haven’t resolved the “all circuits busy” error message, then you should contact Verizon Customer Service for further assistance.

What Does “All Circuits Are Busy” Mean?

If you’re getting “all circuits busy,” then it typically means there are no lines to handle your phone call, although it could mean overload on the phone lines and you’ll need to make the call later.

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Verizon’s “all circuits are busy” message means that there is not a free line to handle the outgoing call, which could mean it’s the Verizon network, such as overload or poor signal.

However, it could be an issue with the other person’s provider, and it’s best to just try the call again later or try other numbers to figure out which is the most likely cause.

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