Verizon Blacklist Policy (All You Need to Know)

If you have Verizon, you might want to know all of the details about the Verizon Blacklist Policy, just in case you get into a situation where your phone is blacklisted.

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What Is the Verizon Blacklist Policy In [currentyear]?

The Verizon Blacklist Policy is that your phone will automatically be blacklisted if it’s reported as lost or stolen, and this is done by using the IMEI number. Additionally, Verizon can blacklist a phone for non-payment, and once a phone is blacklisted, it cannot be used within the United States in [currentyear].

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Blacklist Policy, such as how long Verizon will blacklist a phone? If so, keep reading to learn about that and so much more!

What Does Blacklisted on Verizon Mean?

Blacklisted on Verizon means that the phone cannot be used on the Verizon network or any other wireless carrier, and it most often happens if a phone has been reported as lost or stolen.

However, your phone could also be blacklisted if you haven’t paid your phone bill and have racked up unpaid debt on your account.

Also, Verizon will blacklist the IMEI number, ESN, or MEID associated with the device so that it cannot be activated within the United States.

How Do I Know If My Verizon Phone is Blacklisted?

The easiest way to find out if your Verizon phone is blacklisted is to call Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204.

Furthermore, you’ll want to tell them that you want to check to see if your IMEI number is blocked, and if so, you can ask why it’s blocked to find out how to resolve the problem.

Will Verizon Remove a Blacklist?

Will Verizon Remove a Blacklist?

Verizon has the capabilities to remove a blacklist, according to a customer service representative online.

However, the phone will not be removed from the blacklist until the phone has been found if it was reported as lost or stolen, or until the unpaid balance has been paid off in full.

Also, you’ll have to call Verizon Customer Service if you’d like to get your phone removed from the blacklist, and you may need to provide additional documentation.

How Long Does Verizon Blacklist a Phone?

Verizon will blacklist a phone indefinitely until the conditions are met to remove the phone from the blacklist.

Furthermore, conditions that need to be met first include paying off the bill if it was blacklisted for non-payment, or finding the phone if it was reported lost or stolen by the owner.

Even if you meet the conditions to remove the phone from the blacklist, it doesn’t mean Verizon has to unblock the phone, and it’s up to the company whether or not to remove the blacklist.

Is There a Verizon Blacklist Removal Fee?

Verizon does not charge to remove the blacklist of your device, but if the blacklist was due to non-payment, you’ll need to pay the account off before the phone is removed from the blacklist.

If your device was stolen and you got it back, then you don’t have to pay a fee to have the device removed from the blacklist, but will need to petition Verizon to unblock it.

How Can I Use My Blacklisted Phone Verizon?

Beyond removing the blacklist by recovering a lost or stolen phone, or paying any unpaid balance on your account, you have a few options as to how you can still use your blacklisted device.

For example, there are companies that you can pay that will remove the blacklist by unblocking your IMEI, such as CellUnlocker and IMEI Authority.

However, you should research these companies before you try to use them, since some are scams, others can unlock your phone but it’s still blacklisted, and some use illegal methods.

If you want to try another route, you can try to switch to a different wireless carrier that runs on GSM instead of CDMA like Verizon.

For example, you can take your Verizon SIM card out and switch to T-Mobile and use a T-Mobile SIM card, which may allow you to get around the blacklist.

Additionally, you could choose to just sell your phone back to Verizon, letting them know the IMEI number is blocked, and they can use the phone for parts.

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The Verizon Blacklist Policy consists of Verizon putting your device on a blacklist using the IMEI number, which prevents you from using the device within the United States.

Also, a blacklist occurs most often because of non-payment of your Verizon account, or because you’ve reported the device as lost or stolen.

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