Verizon Booster Not Working (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

If you’ve found your Verizon Booster not working today, you’re probably looking to find some of the best possible fixes for this problem.

I’ve been researching this topic and have discovered several great solutions below, so keep reading to learn what I’ve found!

Verizon Booster Not Working In [currentyear]

To fix Verizon Booster not working, try to restart the device by turning it off, waiting a few minutes, and turning it back on as of [currentyear]. Additionally, you can unplug it from the wall, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in. To reset the Booster, push the “Reset” button on the back of the device.

Do you want to know other fixes for Verizon Booster not working and have additional questions you want answered? If so, continue reading because I’ve got all that and more to share with you!

1. Restart The Verizon Booster

One of the most basic ways to solve Verizon Booster not working is to restart the Booster, which can clear errors with temporary log files.

However, you want to wait at least three to five minutes from when you turn off the device to when you turn it back on.

2. Unplug The Booster & Plug It Back In

You can unplug the Verizon Booster from the power outlet, wait about five minutes, and plug the device back in to see if it can fix your problem.

Additionally, this will help clear out log files and potential errors causing a connection issue between the Booster and your phone.

3. Check The Cords

You must check all of the cords to the Verizon Booster to ensure there is no damage, such as frayed ends, that could be causing an unstable connection.

In addition, check to make sure that the cords are plugged into the device securely and that it’s not loose, which could disrupt the connection.

4. Check Your Power Outlet

You want to make sure that your power outlet is in working condition if you’ve noticed Verizon Booster not working to make sure the problem is with the Booster and not your outlet.

Therefore, you can plug another item, such as a lamp, into the outlet to ensure it’s getting power.

5. Reset The Device Using The “Reset” Button

There is a button on the back of the Verizon Booster labeled “Reset,” and you can use a safety pin to press the button and hold it down for 30 seconds.

Further, the reset button will reset the device back to the factory mode, so you’ll lose any settings or preferences, but it’s a great way to solve Verizon Booster not working.

6. Move Closer To The Device

If you have noticed Verizon Booster not working, it could be because you’re not close enough to the device and are out of range, so you need to move closer to see if that solves the problem.

For example, the Booster requires that you be within 15 feet to work, so move closer and dial #48 to see if you have a signal. 

Also, you should wait about five minutes between moving closer to the Booster and dialing #48 from your device to give your device time to be registered by the Verizon Booster.

7. Ensure The Ethernet Is Plugged In

7. Ensure The Ethernet Is Plugged In Verizon

A lot of people forget that the Verizon Booster needs to have an Ethernet cord running from the router or modem to the Booster.

Therefore, check the Ethernet cord to make sure it’s plugged into both devices and that the Ethernet cord is secure and appropriately inserted into both devices.

8. Check Or Disable The Firewall

Your Verizon Booster not working could be caused by your Firewall, so you want to check your Firewall settings and see if it’s blocking the Booser.

Also, if you can temporarily disable your firewall to see if that fixes the issue, that would be an excellent way to potentially fix the problem.

9. Contact Verizon

If none of the above fixes help with your Verizon Booster not working, then you may need to contact Verizon for further assistance.

For example, you may have a Booster that is not compatible with Verizon or your Internet service, or you may have a defective or damaged device if you purchased it from Verizon.

How Does Verizon Booster Work?

A Verizon Booster works by taking a signal from outside of where it’s at, collecting the signal, amplifying it, and then rebroadcasting that signal inside of the location where it is located.

Does Verizon Provide Free Signal Boosters?

Verizon usually does not provide a free signal booster to customers unless you’re having issues getting a signal inside your house.

Therefore, if you just want a signal booster to try it out and see if it works, you’ll have to pay for the Booster, but it’s free to use and register with Verizon.

Do WiFi Boosters Increase Internet Speed?

WiFi Boosters will increase your Internet speed and get rid of many dead zones from inside of your house.

For example, if you have a second floor and have noticed the signal is very weak and your Internet is slow, a Verizon Booster can improve the signal and speed up your Internet.

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If you’ve found Verizon Booster not working and you’d like to fix it, try to restart the booster, unplug and plug the Booster back in after a few minutes, or reset the Booster from the back.

Additionally, you can check to ensure your outlet has power, that all of the cords are plugged in and working, and that your Booster is connected with an Ethernet cable.

Also, it’s a good idea to stay within 15 feet of the Booster so that you’re getting a good signal, and you want to disable or check Firewall settings to make sure it’s not being blocked.

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