Verizon Cable Box Not Working (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Do you have Verizon Fios but have a problem with your Verizon cable box not working and are looking for potential fixes for this issue?

I’ve been researching this topic extensively and have found several potential fixes for this issue, so read further to learn what I’ve discovered that might help you!

Verizon Cable Box Not Working In 2024

If your Verizon cable box is not working, unplug the cable box from the power outlet, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in as of 2024. You also can check to make sure the cables are correctly connected and securely to the cable box, outlet, and television.

Do you want to know even more potential fixes for the Verizon cable box not working, and have other questions you want answered? If so, don’t stop reading yet, as more tips are below!

1. Unplug The Cable Box & Plug It Back In

One of the easiest fixes if you’re dealing with a Verizon cable box not working is torestart your Verizon cable box by unplugging it for five minutes and then plugging it back in.

Additionally, you want to wait until the cable box has finished loading up before you try to use it again.

2. Make Sure The Cables Are Connected & Secure

You will have several cables running from the cable box to the television and the power outlet, so check to ensure all cables are connected properly and fit securely.

For example, make sure that the coaxial cable is all the way in, ensure no damage to any of the wires running to the television or cable box, and check the HDMI or Ethernet cords.

However, if you’ve found damage on any of the cords, you should replace them to ensure the cable box will work and prevent fire hazards.

3. Restart Your Router

If you want to fix a Verizon cable box not working, you can restart your router to see if that fixes your issues, especially if you’ve unplugged the cable box and it didn’t do anything.

4. Check Your Power Outlets

You will want to check the power outlets to both the cable box and your television if you’ve discovered your Verizon cable box is not working.

For example, you can plug in a lamp or other item into the outlet to make sure it’s working properly, or the power is turned on at the surge protector if you’re using one.

5. Sync The Cable Box & TV Again

You can try to resync your cable box and television to fix the problem, which requires that you turn both the cable box and television off simultaneously.

Additionally, you want to leave both devices off for about two minutes, then turn the cable box back on, and while it’s loading, you can turn your television back on, and it should fix the issue.

6. Ensure HDMI Source Is Correct

6. Ensure HDMI Source Is Correct Verizon

You might be trying to turn your cable on, but you have it set to HDMI 1 when the cable box is hooked up to HDMI 2, so make sure that you’re trying to connect to the correct HDMI source.

7. Check For Verizon Outages

There could be outages with Verizon or Fios specifically, so you’ll want to log in to your Verizon account to see if there was an outage reported in your area.

However, you can use the website to report an outage if you believe that’s the problem or call Verizon to get this information instead of using the website.

8. Wait For Storms To Pass

Storms and rain can cause interference with your cable box, so if it’s storming out or has recently been raining, you can wait for the storms to pass to see if that caused interference.

Furthermore, storms can damage equipment at your location or where the lines are located, which could knock out your cable box, so be mindful of inclement weather in your area.

9. Contact Verizon

If none of the above fixes the Verizon cable box not working, then you’re going to have to contact Verizon to see if a technician can come out and help you.

Furthermore, the issue could be that your cable box is defective or damaged and will need to be replaced, or there is an issue with a cable running to your house.

How Do You Reset Verizon Cable Box?

You can reset your Verizon cable box by restarting both your router and television, which you can do by unplugging the power supply from the cable box, router, and tv.

Additionally, wait a few minutes before plugging it all back in, which should reset the cable box.

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To fix the Verizon cable box not working, you can try to restart your cable box by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in,

In addition, you will want to check the cords for damage, ensure the cords are connected and secure to the cable box and television, and check the HDMI source.

However, sometimes the issue could be an outage at Verizon or caused by storms, so check to see if an outage has been reported by using the My Verizon website or calling Verizon.

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