Verizon MiFi Not Working (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are you having issues with your Verizon MiFi not working and wondering what the best fixes are for this problem? Do you have other questions you need to be answered?

If so, continue reading below to learn what I’ve discovered while researching this topic, and hopefully, one of the below resolutions will solve your problem!

Verizon MiFi Not Working In 2024

If your Verizon MiFi isn’t working, you can try to unplug the MiFi and plug it back in after a few minutes to see if the issues resolve as of 2024. Additionally, you can restart your device or the MiFi to see if it’ll work. Also, check your antivirus or security software to ensure it’s not blocking the MiFi.

Do you want to know other potential fixes for Verizon MiFi that might help you solve this problem for good? Well, read on to find the complete list of fixes I’ve researched for you!

1. Unplug MiFi & Plug It Back In

One of the easiest ways to fix Verizon MiFi not working is to unplug your MiFi and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in.

2. Remove The MiFi Battery & Reinsert It

You can also remove the battery from the MiFi device and wait a few minutes and then put the battery back in to see if that will get the MiFi working again.

3. Check Your Cords

You want to make sure that the cords are connected to the MiFi device and that there is no damage to the cords, such as holes or frayed ends.

Furthermore, damage or holes in the cords could cause it not to work properly, and if the cables aren’t pushed all the way in, you won’t get a connection either.

4. Check Your Outlet

Sometimes the issue isn’t with the MiFi device at all, but it’s with the power outlet you’ve plugged it into.

Therefore, plug another device into the power outlet to ensure it’s working correctly and getting power so that you know it’s the device.

5. Check & Disable Antivirus

Your antivirus software could be causing interference and not allowing the connection to the MiFi device, so if you can temporarily disable it, you might find that was the issue.

6. Charge Internal Battery

If the internal battery is not charged, it could cause the device not to pair correctly, so check the battery life and charge the battery completely before trying to pair it again.

7.  Make Sure The SIM Is Installed & Connecting Properly

The MiFi will need a SIM card to connect to the Verizon network, so you need to make sure that a SIM card is installed in the device and installed properly.

For example, the SIM card could have become dislodged and lost the connection internally, so you can take out the SIM and put it back in to ensure it’s properly installed and connected.

8. Uninstall VZ Access Manager

8. Uninstall VZ Access Manager Verizon

You may want to try to uninstall VZ Access Manager from your computer and then reboot your device to see if that fixes the issue of Verizon MiFi not working.

9. Ensure MiFi Has Been Activated

If you just purchased the MiFi and noticed it’s not working, it could be because you haven’t activated it yet, which is required for the device to work and connect to Verizon.

Furthermore, look on the back of the MiFi for the MEID information, and then go into your Verizon account and add the device using the MEID if it’s not showing up under your devices.

10. Reset Your MiFi Device

One potential fix for Verizon MiFi not working is to reset your MiFi device, which will cause all of your custom settings to be wiped and restore the device to factory mode.

To reset your MiFi device, you’ll need to follow the simple steps below, and it could fix your MiFi device once and for all:

  • Type “my.jetpack” into the device’s browser
  • Open the “Settings” Menu
  • Find “Factory Reset” and select it
  • You will be asked to choose “Yes” to confirm
  • Check to see if your MiFi works after the reset

11.  Clear Space On Your Device

You may need to clear space on your device to get the MiFi working, especially if you have used a lot of data storage on your phone.

For example, if there are apps you don’t use anymore, you can uninstall them to free up space or clear items out from your trash bins in your camera and other locations to see if that works.

Additionally, many phones have a section within “Settings” where you can clear disk space and unused apps, so you can also use that method to create space on your device.

12. Contact Verizon

If you’ve still found your Verizon MiFi not working, contact Verizon to see if there is an issue with your device or your account blocking access.

For example, you may have received a defective product and need a new one, or there is a limitation on your account for past due charges that you’ll need to pay first.

Why Did My Verizon Jetpack Stop Working?

There are several reasons why your Jetpack stopped working, including that the outlet you are using doesn’t have power, the device is defective, it needs to be charged, and other issues.

What Does Blue Flashing Light On Verizon MiFi Mean?

If you see a blue flashing light on your Verizon MiFi, it means it’s in sleep mode, but it is still getting power and turned on.

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If you want to fix Verizon MiFi not working, you can check the power outlet to make sure it’s working, check cords for damage and a secure connection, and reboot the device.

Additionally, you can try to charge the internal battery to see if that works, unplug the MiFi and plug it back in after a few minutes, or reset your MiFi back to factory settings.

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