Verizon ESPN (How It Works + Other Common FAQs)

If you’re into sports and have Verizon as your mobile carrier, you might want to know about Verizon ESPN, such as if it’s free with Verizon and how it works.

Well, I’m going to tell you everything I’ve found out about Verizon ESPN and answer all of your important questions so keep reading to learn more!

What Is Verizon ESPN In [currentyear]

If you have certain Verizon Unlimited plans, you can get ESPN+ free through the Verizon Disney Bundle promotion in [currentyear]. A lot of customers don’t know about this free offer, but it gives you access to all of the popular ESPN content you want to watch. Additionally, you can also purchase the Disney Bundle as a separate paid subscription offer.

Do you want to know additional details about Verizon ESPN, such as if you need a certain Verizon plan to get this feature? If so, continue reading below to find the answers!

Is ESPN Free with Verizon?

You can get a free subscription to ESPN+ if you have a qualifying Verizon Unlimited plan, which gives you the Disney Bundle for free! 

Furthermore, Verizon is offering this free Disney Bundle deal with ESPN+, to both the 5G Play More Unlimited plan and the 5G Get More Unlimited plan.

You can also get a 6-month free trial of ESPN+ with Do More Unlimited, but after 6 months, you’ll be charged (unless you upgrade your Unlimited plan).

Also, if you have one of the older Play More or Get More Unlimited plans, you can still access ESPN+, and get ESPN free with Verizon, even though those plans aren’t offered anymore.

How Do I Watch ESPN on Verizon?

To watch ESPN on Verizon, you’re going to need to create an account first, which requires you to be the account owner or manager of your Verizon account.

Therefore, if you want to watch ESPN+ on Verizon, you can begin the process of creating an account by following these steps:

  1. Open the My Verizon app
  2. Click on “More” and select “Add-Ons & Apps”
  3. Look for the Disney Bundle section
  4. If you’ve already enrolled, then just find “Upgrade to the Disney Bundle” and “Manage Add-On”
  5. If you need to enroll, then find the Entertainment section, and select “See All”
  6. Find the “Disney Bundle,” and select “Learn More”
  7. Click “Get It Now”
  8. Enter an email that you want to use for the Disney Bundle, and you’ll need to validate that email address
  9. Click to continue to the Disney site
  10. Enter the email that you used in the step above, and select “Agree and Continue” from the Disney website
  11. Select “Login” if you have a Disney account, or setup your account by entering a password and clicking “Continue”
  12. The screen should tell you that your account is a success
  13. Download the Disney+ app onto your iOS or Android device
  14. Select “Login & Stream” from the tab that says “Welcome to ESPN+”

Can You Get Verizon ESPN+ as a Paid Subscription?

Can You Get Verizon ESPN+ as a Paid Subscription?

You can get ESPN+ through Verizon as a paid subscription if you don’t want to upgrade to an eligible Unlimited plan to get it for free.

However, it’ll cost you $13.99 per month on top of your regular monthly phone bill charges, but it’s easy to sign up to add ESPN to your Verizon account if you follow these steps:

  • Log in to your My Verizon account
  • Select “Add-Ons,” and then select “View All”
  • Find the Disney Bundle on the page
  • Select “Get it Now,” and then go through the prompts to add it to your account

Also, it’s important to note that you can only add ESPN to Verizon if you’re the account owner or manager.

How Many Devices Can Stream ESPN+ on Verizon?

If you’re watching ESPN+ through Verizon, only 3 devices can be simultaneously watching it at the same time. However, if it’s a PPV event, then you’re limited to only 2 devices.

Is the ESPN App Free on Verizon?

The regular ESPN app is free on Verizon, but only if you have Verizon Fios or another cable provider such as Charter, Time Warner Cable, Cox, XFINITY, AT&T U-Verse, or Optimum.

Furthermore, you’ll need to log into your Verizon Fios account, or other cable television account that comes with ESPN, if you want to stream ESPN content on your mobile device.

Does Verizon Fios Have ESPN?

Verizon Fios does have ESPN, although it doesn’t come with free ESPN+ like Verizon Wireless.

However, Verizon Fios comes with all of the ESPN channels, so you can watch baseball, soccer, football, boxing, NASCAR, or other sporting events anytime you want!

To illustrate the number of ESPN channels Verizon Fios has, you can find the following ESPN channels on Fios:

  • ESPN Goal Line HD
  • ESPNews HD
  • ESPN2 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 1 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 2 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 3 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 4 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 5 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 6 HD
  • ESPN College Extra 7 HD
  • ESPN College 8 HD
  • ESPN Deportes HD

Therefore, it’s worth purchasing Verizon Fios if you like watching sports, since the ESPN channels offered will allow you to watch all of the sports content you can handle!

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Verizon offers customers of the 5G Play More and 5G Get More Unlimited plans a free subscription to the Disney Bundle, which includes ESPN+.

Additionally, the Do More Unlimited plan offers a 6-month free trial, and even the old Unlimited plans are eligible for this offer. However, if you don’t have an eligible Unlimited plan, you’ll have to pay $13.99 per month to purchase ESPN+, and you must be the account owner to make the purchase.

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