Verizon Not Receiving Texts (13 Fixes + Other FAQs)

Are you having trouble with Verizon not receiving texts, and you’d like to figure out how to solve this problem quickly, so you don’t miss important messages?

If so, continue reading below to learn about all of the fixes I’ve discovered while researching this topic, which hopefully will help you solve this common problem!

Verizon Not Receiving Texts In [currentyear]

To fix Verizon not receiving texts, you can try to restart your device, toggle Airplane mode on and off, or check to see if your phone has a wireless or data signal as of [currentyear]. Furthermore, if you’re connected to WiFi, you can reboot your router to see if that fixes the problem.

Do you want to know all of the other fixes for Verizon not receiving texts or have additional questions? Well, I’ve got all of the fixes you’ll need below, so read on to learn more!

1. Restart Your Device

To fix Verizon not receiving texts, you can try to restart your device, which is known to be one of the best tech fixes for almost any situation.

To do so, hold down the power button and restart your device, but give your phone a little time to completely reboot before you have someone send you a text to see if it works.

2. Toggle Airplane Mode On & Off

You can try to toggle the Airplane mode on and off to see if that will fix Verizon not receiving text messages, which is easy to do from the quick actions dropdown menu.

However, when you toggle Airplane mode on and off, you want to wait ten or 15 seconds between turning it on and off, and you want to repeat this a few times to see if it works.

3. Check Wireless Or Data Connection

Regardless of whether you’re on a data or wireless connection, you want to make sure you’re connected and have an excellent signal to receive text messages.

Additionally, if your signal strength is weak, it could interfere with your ability to send and receive texts.

4. Move To Another Location

If you’re on data, you might want to move to another location to see if you can get a better signal which could fix problems with Verizon not receiving texts.

For example, if you’re in a metal or brick building, try going outside to see if you have a better signal and eliminate the interference caused by your location.

5. Reboot Your WiFi

You can fix Verizon not receiving texts by rebooting your WiFi if you’re using a wireless connection, which could resolve issues between the router and your device.

Furthermore, you will just need to unplug your router, wait a couple of minutes, plug it back in, let it boot up completely, and reconnect to your wireless network.

6. Take Out SIM Card & Put It Back In

6. Take Out SIM Card & Put It Back In Verizon

If you’re not receiving text messages, you can carefully take out your SIM card, check it for damage, and then put it back in since the issue could be a loss of connection to Verizon.

However, make sure you’ve powered your device off before you take out the SIM card, and try not to touch the gold contacts while making sure the notches line up when you reinsert it.

7. Update Messaging App

Regardless of which messaging app you’re using, one fix for Verizon not receiving texts would be to update your messaging app since the issue could be an outdated app.

Therefore, go into the app store on your device, search for your default messaging app, and open the product page to see if it says “Update” at the top.

Select “Update” and then reboot your device to see if that solves the problem.

8. Update Phone Software

You should regularly update the software on your phone to make sure you’re getting critical security patches, bug fixes, and more, which can hinder your ability to receive text messages.

9. Clear Message App Cache

You can clear the message app cache to see if that will fix Verizon not receiving texts, which is simple to do on any device, by following the steps below:

  • Select “Settings”
  • Go into “Applications”
  • Select “Manage Applications”
  • Select “All”
  • Click on “Messaging”
  • Select “Clear Data & Cache”
  • Restart your device
  • See if you get texts

However, the process for clearing the messaging cache will depend on which device you have, but you can find it under “Settings” and “Apps” regardless of the device.

10. Turn Off Power Saver Mode Or Battery Saver

You may not be getting text messages if you have a power saver or a battery saver turned on your device, so check to ensure those settings are turned off.

Additionally, if you have “Do Not Disturb Mode” or some other similar setting, it could interfere with your ability to get text messages.

11. Delete Unused Apps To Clear Space

To fix Verizon not receiving texts, you can delete unused apps to clear space on your device, which can be a great fix if your phone lacks storage to update.

12. Uninstall & Reinstall Message App

You can easily uninstall the messaging app you’re using and reinstall it, which could work if the problem is with the messaging app, such as a corrupted file or code.

However, if you delete your messaging app, you could lose your messages, videos, and photos, so backup all data you want before completing this step.

13. Contact Verizon

You can contact Verizon Customer Service to see if there is an outage, issue with your account, or another problem that could be interfering with your ability to receive texts.

In addition, Verizon may know of other tips and tricks you can try to potentially resolve this issue.

Why Am I Not Getting My Text Messages On My Verizon Phone?

You’re not getting text messages due to common errors that usually can be resolved by taking out and reinserting the SIM, clearing the app cache, restarting your device, and having a signal.

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To fix Verizon not receiving texts, you can try to restart your device, update your messaging app, perform a system update, or toggle Airplane mode on and off.

Additionally, making sure you have a good signal, rebooting your router, taking out your SIM card, reinserting it, and clearing the app cache can resolve the issue.

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