Verizon Spam Text (How It Works + Other Common FAQs)

Spam texts are a common annoyance for people all over the world, and they are increasing in frequency, including on major networks such as Verizon.

So, are you wondering what to do if you get a Verizon spam text, and how you can stop them from showing up? Well, continue reading to find out what I’ve discovered on this subject!

What Is Verizon Spam Text In 2024?

Verizon will never send you spam text messages, and the company helps you identify and block these texts by utilizing a Spam Protection feature that you can turn on, or by blocking unknown senders. As well, you can quickly block spam text messages by blocking the number associated with the text through your messaging app in 2024.

Are you interested in learning more about Verizon spam text, such as if Verizon helps with spam texts and how to report spam texts to Verizon? If so, keep reading below to learn all about it!

How Do You Identify Verizon Spam Text?

Verizon will never text you and ask for any account or personal information, which is one way you can tell when the text message is spam, even though it was allegedly sent by Verizon.

Additionally, there are other ways you can identify a Verizon spam text (which is often a phishing text message) by looking for the following:

  • The message isn’t relevant to you at all, (ex. stating that you’ve won a contest you didn’t enter)
  • The message claims immediate action or attention is required
  • Poor grammar, awkward phrases, and misspellings also give away a fake text message
  • The spam text message is coming from a suspicious email address or phone number
  • A link is in the message that seems suspicious (you should never click on links in text messages that you don’t know)

How Do I Stop Spam Text Messages on Verizon?

You can easily block spam text messages on Verizon, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android. If you have an iPhone, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Select “Messages”
  • Scroll to the bottom until you see “Filter Unknown Messages”
  • Toggle “Filter Unknown Messages” on

Additionally, you’ll be able to see the messages from people, even without getting the notification, and you can see these other options by following these steps:

  • Open your Messages app
  • Look at the top of the app for two tabs, and one will say “Contacts & SMS,” and the other is “Unknown Senders”
  • “Contacts and SMS” you can select if you’d like to see the messages from known contacts
  • If you select “Unknown Senders,” you’ll not be notified of the messages, but those messages will be in this section if they aren’t in your contacts

Additionally, if you have an Android device, you can stop spam text messages on Verizon by using the following method:

  • Go into your Message app
  • Select the three dots that are at the top right-hand side of the app
  • Select “Settings” and then “Spam Protection”
  • Find “Enable Spam Protection” and toggle the option on

With Android devices, you also have other spam block abilities, including blocking recent calls, blocking unknown calls, and blocking people from your contacts list.

Additionally, you can manually enter the phone number that you want to block.

Does Verizon Have a Spam Blocker?

Does Verizon Have a Spam Blocker?

Verizon does have a spam blocker called Verizon Call Filter, which is free for both Android and iOS devices. The free version includes features such as:

  • Spam filter
  • Spam detection
  • Spam call log
  • Blocked call log
  • Allow numbers (for iOS only)
  • Neighborhood spoof filters
  • Report spam

Additionally, there is a paid version called Call Filter Plus, which gives you more features and options compared to the free version, including features such as the following:

  • Caller ID
  • Spam risk meter
  • Spam lookup
  • Personalized block list

Similarly, you can purchase Call Filter Plus Multi-Line for $7.99 per month, if you have more than 3 lines on your account that you’d like to use with this app.

Does Verizon Call Filter Block Text Messages?

Verizon Call Filter does block text messages, but to do so, the number will need to be blocked on that device, so it won’t stop all incoming spam text messages.

How Do I Report Spam Text Messages to Verizon?

If you’ve received a text message that you believe is spam, all you need to do is forward the message to Verizon using 7726 to report it, which is S-P-A-M.

However, it’s important to make sure you don’t click any links during the process of forwarding the message to Verizon.

Specifically, just follow these steps to send the text message to Verizon if the message is still on your phone:

  • Forward the text to 7726
  • You’ll receive a message from Verizon asking the “From” address
  • Reply to the text message with that “From” number in the text message body
  • You’ll receive a “Thank You” message from Verizon to verify that the company received your report of spam
  • You won’t get any further communications, although Verizon will begin investigating the report

Additionally, you can also send Verizon the spam message through Verizon Messages if you have that app installed on your device by following the steps listed below:

  • Open Verizon Messages
  • Hold down the suspected spam message
  • Select “Report Spam” from the option menu
  • After you’ve reported the message, you’ll notice the message is deleted from your device, and you’ll receive a notification that it was reported to Verizon as spam
  • You will not be notified of the progress of the investigation

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Verizon makes it easy to spot and block spam texts using the Spam Protection feature, and Verizon also offers a free Call Filter app for both iOS and Android.

Likewise, you can block spam text messages through Verizon Messages, and the default Message app on your device by blocking the associated phone number.

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