Verizon Privacy Policy (All You Need to Know)

If you’re concerned about your privacy and have a cell phone, it’s important to read the specifics about the privacy policy of the carrier you’re using, such as Verizon.

Continue reading below to learn all about the Verizon Privacy Policy, and I’ll be able to answer all of the important questions you have!

What Is the Verizon Privacy Policy In 2024?

The Verizon Privacy Policy goes into great detail about what information Verizon collects, how Verizon uses and shares that information, and the rights you have as a consumer in 2024. Verizon also lists the recent changes made to the Privacy Policy at the top of the page, and tells you how you can opt-out of certain information being used.

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Privacy Policy, such as if Verizon spies on customers? Keep reading to find out that answer and a whole lot more!

What Information Does Verizon Collect?

Verizon is known to collect and obtain a lot of information on customers that use their products and services, including the following:

  • Credit information
  • Interests and hobby information
  • Social media information if you engage through social media with Verizon
  • Demographic information
  • Device information
  • City and state details
  • How you use Verizon services and programs
  • Billing and contact information
  • Location of your device
  • How you use the website and app
  • How the devices and the network works you’re using and connected to

Does Verizon Share My Information?

Verizon does share your information with vendors, partners, and within the Verizon company itself, which is spelled out in the Full Verizon Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, Verizon shares your information for reasons such as the following:

  • Offering you promotions
  • Give you details about products and services
  • Market services to you based on credit information
  • Providing and repairing products and services
  • Sharing information about your device if you have 5G to both app developers and system providers
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Aggregate reporting
  • Partner services and products
  • Comscore and Nielson audience information for Fios (including what you’ve watched and on what device)
  • Assistant services or directory publisher services (which includes your number, name, and address)
  • For Caller ID or other similar services
  • Complying with law enforcement
  • Credit card agencies
  • Collections agencies
  • When auditors or regulators request information

Do Customers Have Choices in Verizon Privacy Policy?

Verizon does allow customers to make choices on how their information is used, and in what situations the information is used and shared for marketing purposes.

Additionally, you can choose to opt-in or out of the insight programs and advertising programs, as well as have choices on whether your information is used for verification.

Does Verizon Spy on Customers?

Does Verizon Spy on Customers?

Verizon says it collects information on you so that it can offer you better products and services based on your interests, so it’s reasonable to say that Verizon is spying on customers.

Further, Verizon has automatically enrolled customers into a new program called the Verizon Custom Experience, which you will have to opt out of if you don’t want your information collected.

Verizon Custom Experience will collect a variety of information from you, including browsing history, apps on your device, apps you use, your contacts, and location information.

Does Verizon Respect Privacy?

According to Verizon, it does respect the privacy and personal information of customers.

However, by automatically opting customers into the Verizon Custom Experience, it appears that this is not always true.

How Do I Opt-Out of the Verizon Custom Experience?

If you want to opt-out of the Verizon Custom Experience program, go into the My Verizon app, and then select that gear icon at the top.

Also, you’ll need to go to “Preferences” and then select “Manage Privacy Settings.”

From there, find “Custom Experience,” and toggle it off to opt-out of the program.

Can I Delete Verizon Custom Experience Data?

You can delete the data that Verizon has on you through the Verizon Custom Experience program by selecting “Custom Experience Settings,” and then clicking on “Reset.”

However, it’s unclear if Verizon deletes that data or what it does with that data once you’ve hit the “Reset” button, but Verizon states that information is deleted at that time.

How Do I Opt-Out of Verizon Privacy Policy?

It’s easy to opt-out of the Verizon Privacy Policy by logging in to the My Verizon app, and selecting “Privacy Settings.”

Or, you can go to the My Verizon website and select “Privacy Preferences.”

Additionally, this is where you can go to change your privacy settings and choose to opt-in or out of certain programs and services.

How Long Does Verizon Keep My Information?

Verizon keeps your information on file until you no longer have a relationship with the company, and will then retain all of your personal information for a certain time after you’ve left.

Furthermore, Verizon retains your information so that it can comply with lawful and legal requests, to ensure proper business records for auditing, and in case any complaints are filed.

However, Verizon doesn’t state how long your information is retained, but it does say it will be retained until those purposes are no longer needed or required.

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Verizon’s Privacy Policy states that customers have choices on how and in what situations their information is used, and that the company shares information with partners and vendors.  

However, Verizon has automatically opted in customers to data collection such as Verizon Custom Experience, which collects a lot of personal information about you and your device.

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