Verizon Winback (How It Works + Other Common FAQs)

Verizon is one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States, and has multiple departments to meet the needs of customers and expand its outreach.

Do you know what the Verizon Winback department is and how it can offer you cool rewards? Well, read below to find out what I’ve discovered about this department and what it does!

How Does Verizon Winback Work In 2024?

Verizon Winback is a specific department within Verizon that does anything it can to reach out to former customers and bring them back into the Verizon network in 2024. The type of promotional offer will vary by the customer, but oftentimes it’s at least $100 in the form of a credit card/ Mastercard.

Do you want to know more about Verizon Winback, such as who gets the Winback offers and what types of offers you might receive? If so, continue reading to learn all about it!

How Does Verizon Winback Work?

Verizon Winback is a department within Verizon that’s aimed at getting customers to switch back to Verizon, after porting out to another carrier, by offering special deals and promotions.

Sometimes the Winback department will try to call you or email you to come back, and you’ll have to respond to those communications to get into the Winback program.

However, if you’re not contacted within a few weeks, then you’ll have to be the one to initiate the conversation and try to get the Winback deals.

What is the Verizon Winback Period?

According to former customers online, Verizon Winback will work if you’ve been outside of Verizon for 49 days or less.

Therefore, you want to try to contact Verizon Winback within a few weeks of canceling and porting out your service to have an opportunity at the promotions and credits for Winback.

What’s the Phone Number for Verizon Winback?

Verizon Winback doesn’t have a direct line, so you’ll have to call the Verizon customer service number at 1-800-922-0204 and ask for the Winback department.

Additionally, you can call customer service and ask for retention or say “cancellation” through the automated system, and try to get a hold of Winback that way.

What Promotions Does Verizon Winback Offer?

The promotions for Verizon Winback will vary by customer, so there is no set credit or promotion for everyone, althoughcustomers have reported Winback offers such as the following:

  • $300 towards a new smartphone
  • $200 Mastercard gift card
  • $150 credit on your account
  • $100 credit on your account
  • Free activation

However, these are only some of the Verizon Winback offers the company has made available, and your offer could be higher or lower than those previous customers have mentioned.

How Can I Find Verizon Winback Offers?

How Can I Find Verizon Winback Offers?

From what former customers have mentioned online, Verizon Winback offers are likely to be sitting in your email account within the 49-day window of porting out.

Generally, customers report seeing these emails within two weeks of canceling their service, and it’s not unusual to get the Winback emails within the first few days of porting out.

Therefore, you should keep an eye on the email account associated with your old Verizon line, and read any emails coming from Verizon that’ll likely be part of Winback.

Additionally, Verizon Winback could also get a hold of you through a secondary phone number associated with your old Verizon account, such as a landline telephone number. 

Are Verizon Winback Offers Personalized?

Verizon Winback offers appear to be personalized for each customer, which is one reason why there is no standard across the board as to what the Winback offers will be.

Furthermore, Verizon creates promotions and special offer packages for each customer depending on what the customer likes, dislikes, and services the customer previously had.

For example, if a customer was upgrading their phone regularly, Verizon might offer that customer $300 towards a new device, or a $200 Mastercard to help offset costs of a new phone.

Do All Verizon Customers See Winback Offers?

Unfortunately, not all customers that left Verizon and ported out will see Winback offers, and there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason as to who is contacted and who is left out.

Winback offers have existed for customers that have only one line and have a low monthly phone bill, and Winback offers also have been available for those with higher monthly bills.

However, the Verizon Winback program has some luck involved, since the department simply cannot reach out to everyone that left Verizon and chose to move to another carrier.

Therefore, if you’ve left Verizon and haven’t received any Winback offers through your email, it’s best to contact customer service and ask to be directed to the Winback department.

Why Does Verizon Have a Winback Program?

Verizon takes trying to win back former customers seriously, as seen with its guide on how to win back customers.

Additionally, a survey highlighted in the guide brings up the fact that 70% of people that left a vendor did so because of poor customer service, which is partly why Verizon Winback exists.

In this guide, Verizon lists steps to take to win back former customers, including tips such as identifying why the customer left, which is done by reaching out to them.

Furthermore, Verizon acknowledges that making changes or finding solutions to the problem and correcting issues can win back customers, even by just making small changes.

The guide also talks about apologizing to the customer for the problems they encountered that caused them to leave, which is all part of the Verizon Winback program philosophy.

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Verizon Winback is a department within Verizon that aims to bring customers back after they’ve canceled their services. For example, Winback will reach out to customers, offering a $200 Mastercard or $100 credit and free activation, often through email.

However, you must have canceled your services within 49 days to be eligible for the Winback offers. Note that not everyone will receive Winback promotions, though it never hurts to call and ask.

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