Walgreens Mission Statement (Core Mission & Analysis) 

Nowadays, retail chains are under considerable pressure from customers to adopt values and aims that positively impact wider society instead of negative ones. 

So if you’re a regular Walgreens customer, you may be curious to know – what are its mission statement and values? Here is what I’ve found out about this! 

Walgreens Mission Statement

Walgreens’ mission statement is “To champion the health and well-being of every community in America”. This reflects the role Walgreens plays as a healthcare retailer and its dedication to customer service. Similarly, the Walgreens Boots Alliance’s mission statement is ‘to help people across the world lead happier and healthier lives.” 

If you want to learn more about the Walgreens slogan, Walgreens’ vision for the future, and what Walgreens’ core values are, keep on reading! 

What Does The Walgreens Mission Statement Mean? 

Walgreens’ mission statement relates to its role as the second-largest pharmacy chain in America after CVS.  

The immediate reference to health and well-being represents the key areas Walgreens specializes in and is done to advertise to customers about this expertise. 

Additionally, the verb ‘champion’ bolsters Walgreens’ reputation as a specialist and leading figure in healthcare, indicating to customers that they are the best ones around. 

The urge to serve ‘every community in America’ further implies Walgreens’ desire to expand and continue to grow its business. 

Note that there are currently 9,021 Walgreens stores in operation, with plans to continue to develop and open new stores. 

What Is The Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Mission Statement? 

Walgreens is notably part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, which also has its own mission statement, i.e., ‘to help people across the world lead happier and healthier lives.’ 

The Walgreens and Walgreens Boots Alliance mission statements mirror each other through repeated references to health care and helping their customers. 

While the Walgreens mission statement targets every community, the Walgreens Boots Alliance describes helping people across the world. 

Choosing to have similar mission statements for both companies reinforces not only each retailer’s individual goals but also indicates their unity as the Walgreens Boots Alliance. 

What Is The Walgreens Vision Statement? 

The Walgreens’ vision statement is ‘to be America’s most-loved pharmacy-led health, well-being, and beauty company’. 

In line with its mission statement, Walgreen’s vision statement also looks to grow the company to serve all of its customers. 

What Are Walgreens’ Core Values? 

What Are Walgreens’ Core Values? 

Walgreens’ core values include respect, integrity, and candor, which it states guide its actions.  

Walgreens is also passionate about its people and communities and wishes to act with commitment and passion. 

As part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, Walgreens also encompasses the core values of its larger company collaboration, showing its core value of partnership. 

The Walgreens Boots Alliance states that its values, vision, and purpose is for trust and respect and to use its integrity and actions to do the right thing. 

Additionally, the Walgreens Boots Alliance’s core values include care for its people and customers and commitment and passion for providing it.  

Other than that, inclusion and innovation are also key to the Walgreens Boots Alliance’s core values. 

What Is The Walgreens Slogan? 

The Walgreens slogan is ‘Trusted since 1901’, which was previously ‘at the corner of happy and healthy’ until it was eventually changed in 2017. 

Note that the slogan represents the origin of the Walgreens business when the first owner Charles R. Walgreen Sr, purchased the first drugstore and began the Walgreens franchise. 

What Is The Walgreens Motto? 

The Walgreens motto of ‘On your way to well’ was often associated with its slogan, ‘at the corner of happy and healthy’.  

However, since 2017, Walgreens no longer uses this motto within its stores. 

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The Walgreens mission statement of ‘To champion the health and well-being of every community in America’ indicates its desire to continue providing various services across the country. 

Walgreens ensures that its mission statement, vision statement, and core values are all intertwined to present itself as one of the leading healthcare retailers. 

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