Walmart And Ibotta (How Does It Work, How To Use, In-Store, Online, Scanning Receipt + More)

In the past years, Walmart Inc. has been striving to keep up with its “Everyday Low Prices” promise through strategies and programs that help customers save money while shopping.

The recent initiative involving Walmart and Ibotta has sparked much interest among consumers, with most customers wondering- what are Walmart and Ibotta? Here’s what I discovered about the topic!

What Are Walmart And Ibotta In [currentyear]?

Walmart and Ibotta refer to a partnership between Walmart and the cash-back rewards platform, Ibotta, as of [currentyear]. Through this partnership, customers can link their Ibotta and Walmart accounts to earn cash rebates that are redeemable for future purchases, Walmart+ subscriptions, and grocery deliveries. Thus, Walmart customers save money on online and in-store purchases.

If you want to gain more information on how the partnership between Walmart and Ibotta works, how to use Ibotta for in-store and online purchases, scan receipts, and much more, keep reading!

Does Walmart Own Ibotta?

No, Walmart doesn’t own Ibotta. Instead, Walmart and Ibotta are two companies in a multi-year partnership that aims to introduce more digital ways for Walmart customers to save money.

Because of this partnership, Ibotta can showcase new digital offer programs on both the Walmart app and

After that, Walmart customers can access several cash rebates on popular products and ultimately enjoy another dimension of Walmart’s “Everyday Low Price” promise.

Further, the partnership between Ibotta and Walmart allows customers to earn hundreds of cash rebates redeemed into cash.

Then, the redeemed cash is sent to the customer’s Walmart account and can be used for future purchases, subscription into the Walmart+ membership, delivery of groceries, and much more.

As part of the partnership deal, Walmart joined Ibotta Performance Network (IPN), a digital program that enables cash rebates on third-party sites, including recipe hubs, social media, and other platforms.

That said, the partnership between Ibotta and Walmart is expected to drive Walmart’s digital data capacities and eCommerce sales.

Is Ibotta Only For Walmart?

No, Ibotta is not only for Walmart.

Ibotta, a cash-back rewards platform, has partnered with several other retail stores such as Albertsons, Target, Vons, and Safeway, among others, to help consumers save money during purchases.

Also, Ibotta works with over 300 retail stores, movie theatres, restaurants, convenience stores, pet stores, pharmacies, and home improvement centers.

How Do I Use Ibotta At Walmart?

To use Ibotta at Walmart, you need to link Ibotta to your Walmart account before you start shopping.

Then, once you link your Ibotta account to your Walmart account, you can earn cash-back at, Walmart in-store, pick up, or delivery services.

Further, here are the steps to follow when linking your Ibotta account to your Walmart account:

  • On your Ibotta app, open the Walmart retailer page and select “Link Account.”
  • Sign in or sign up for a Walmart account by entering your credentials.
  • Once you sign in, you may be prompted to add credit or debit card details if you have not added them to your Walmart account.

To utilize offers and receive cash-back, you need to add the offers to your Walmart list before you start shopping.

After that, you can use to make online delivery and pick-up purchases. Once you complete your shopping, you can use your connected card to complete the payment.

Also, you can use your Walmart Pay account available on the Walmart app or your credit/debit card to receive cash backs for the selected offers.

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll receive the cash-back added to your account within minutes after your in-store checkout and grocery deliveries.

In addition to this, bonuses may be added according to the time of delivery or pick-up.

Does Ibotta Work With Walmart Online?

Does Ibotta Work With Walmart Online?

Yes, Ibotta works with Walmart online and guarantees cash rebates directly to your Walmart account when you add offers on your list and pay through the Ibotta app.

To receive cash-back for online shopping at, you should visit Walmart’s page through the Ibotta app and complete your shopping on the app.

Further, here are the steps to follow when using Ibotta for Walmart online purchases:

  • On the Ibotta app, click on the “Online Shopping” icon available on the home screen.
  • Select Walmart as your preferred online retailer.
  • Once you have chosen Walmart as your retailer, click on the “Shop”
  • Ibotta app will redirect you to Walmart’s website for you to continue with your shopping.
  • Add items with offers.
  • Once you complete your purchase, Ibotta will update you on the pending cash-back and when it will reflect on your earnings.

How Do I Pay With Ibotta At Walmart In-Store?

You can pay for items while shopping at Walmart in-store and receive cash-back by submitting your receipt to the Ibotta app.

That said, here’s how to submit your Walmart receipts to earn cash-back for Walmart in-store purchases:

  • Add the offers to “Your List.”
  • At the Walmart store, purchase the products on “Your List.”
  • Complete payments for the items and collect the physical receipt at Walmart’s POS system.
  • Using the Ibotta app, select “Redeem” on the navigation bar.
  • Select Walmart to submit the receipt.
  • Take pictures of the receipt. (if the receipt is long, click on “Long Receipt? Add Section” to include the rest of the receipt).
  • Click on “Submit Receipt” to submit all photos of the receipt.
  • Click on “Add # offers.”

If you’re prompted through a pop-up, make sure you have all purchased items ready and scan the barcodes to ensure they count towards your offers.

How Do I Add My Walmart Receipt To Ibotta Online?

You can add your receipt to Ibotta online by scanning the code located at the bottom of the paper receipt when you shop in-store with cash or an unconnected payment method.

Also, if you experience challenges scanning the barcode, you can enter the numbers provided directly under the barcode.

On top of that, it’s important to remember that you need to add the offers to your Walmart list before scanning your paper receipts.

In case of an error, consider trying again after a few hours. Suppose the system says that you have already submitted the receipt.

In that case, it means that your Walmart account is already connected to the Ibotta system, and the cash-back has been remitted automatically.

Does Ibotta Accept Online Receipts From Walmart?

Unfortunately, Ibotta does not accept online receipts from Walmart.

As much as Ibotta accepts receipts uploads, the uploaded receipts should be physical receipts obtained from Walmart POS (Point of Sale).

For Walmart receipts to qualify for redemption, they have to bear the following characteristics:

  • The name of the store
  • Store logo
  • The location of the store
  • The date and time of purchase
  • The total and subtotal
  • Items eligible for Ibotta cash-back

Further, the receipt must be printed at the store and submitted within seven days from the day of purchase.

However, the receipts submitted to Ibotta for Walmart in store purchases must not:

  • Be an emailed pick-up receipt, e-receipt, screenshot, digital receipt, or a receipt printed at home.
  • Be written over, tampered, altered, hidden, folded, cut, tapped together, or obscured.
  • Be a return receipt or a shared receipt.

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Walmart and Ibotta created a multi-year partnership to help customers through cash rebates.

That said, these cash rebates are redeemable and made available to the customers for future purchases.

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