Does Walmart Do Cash Back? (Limits, Fees + More)

If you need a little extra cash in your pocket, several retail stores allow you to get cash back when you make a purchase. 

As one of the world’s leading retail stores, you may be curious about Walmart’s cash back policy and if there is a limit to how much cash back you can get per purchase. Here is all you have to know before receiving cash back at Walmart! 

Does Walmart Do Cash Back? 

Walmart customers can get $20-$100 cash back per debit card transaction and can request cash back up to three times a day. Additionally, there is a $20 maximum amount cash back for checks and $120 for Discover Credit Cards. Cash back denominations at Walmart are $20, $40, $60, and $100.

To find out if Walmart stores have ATMs and whether or not Walmart cashes checks, continue reading to discover all the information you need! 

Is There A Cash Back Limit At Walmart?

Because each Walmart cash register has limited amounts of cash, there is a limit to how much cash back you can receive per purchase. 

Additionally, the type of payment method you use also affects the amount of cash back. For example, the cash back limit for debit card purchases is $100. 

For purchases made with checks, the cash back limit is $20. 

When receiving cash back at Walmart, you usually get cash back in multiples of $20, which means you can either get $20, $40, $60, $80, or $100 per transaction. 

If you want more than $100 in cash back from Walmart, you will have to use the ATM or go to multiple registers and make separate transactions. 

Does Walmart Charge Fees For Cash Back? 

For most payment forms, you will not be charged a fee to receive cash back.

However, Walmart representatives recommend checking with your local store to see if they charge any fees. 

To receive cash back at Walmart, you must make a purchase to do so. Otherwise, you will have to use one of the ATMs in the store. 

When Can You Get Cash Back At Walmart? 

You can get cash back at Walmart anytime during regular store hours. T

o find out when your local Walmart is open, use the store locator by typing in your zip code. 

How Do You Get Cash Back At Walmart?

How Do You Get Cash Back At Walmart?

Getting cash back at Walmart is incredibly simple and only requires a few steps. Whether you go to a regular or self-checkout, you can get cash back. 

First, ring up your items at the register as you normally would. After inserting your card, make sure to complete the transaction as debit. 

If you select credit on the machine and are paying with a debit card, you may not be able to get cash back. 

The machine will prompt you to choose whether you want to continue with the transaction or get cash back. 

Select ‘Yes’ for cash back and select your desired amount. Finally, confirm your purchase with your PIN. 

The card you use for the transaction will be charged for the value of your purchase plus the amount of cash back you select. 

What Is The Best Way To Get Cash Back At Walmart? 

The quickest way to receive cash back is by using a debit card.

Additionally, a debit card allows you to get up to $100 in cash back, $80 more than the amount you can receive using a check. 

If you want more than $100 in cash back and do not want to use an ATM, your card may be flagged for fraud if you try to use it multiple times within a short period. 

Can You Get Cash Back At Walmart With A Credit Card? 

At Walmart, most credit cards cannot get cash back when making a transaction.

However, if your credit card can receive cash back, the transaction will be treated as a cash advance. 

Cash advances are subject to fees, and the interest immediately starts accruing like other credit card transactions. 

One type of credit card that always allows cash back is the Discover Card with its ‘cash over’ program. The Discover Card will not charge any fees with a cash back transaction. 

To be safe, it is best to check with your credit card company to find out about any potential fees and other terms and conditions. 

How Do You Get Cash Back When Paying With A Personal Check At Walmart? 

One aspect of Walmart that attracts so many customers is the various acceptable payment methods, including personal checks. 

When you are at the register and ready to pay, tell the cashier you are paying with a check and would like cash back. 

To pay for products at Walmart with a check, you need to show a valid government-issued photo ID. Then, make the check out for the purchase value with an additional $20 for cash back. 

To protect against fraud, the cashier will scan your check using a verification service. 

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Walmart allows you to receive cash back at the regular checkout lines and the self-checkout stations as long as you are making a purchase with a debit card or a check. 

Most credit cards charge a fee to receive cash back, except the Discover Card. 

Additionally, Walmart allows customers to cash checks and withdraw money from the in-store ATMs, which do not charge any fees. 

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