Walmart CAP 2 (Meaning, Duties, Pay + More)

The Walmart CAP 2 position comes with a set job description as well as some additional terms and conditions that associates are required to adhere to.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the  “Walmart CAP 2” position, you may be curious to know what it entails. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

What Is CAP 2 At Walmart In [currentyear]?

CAP 2 at Walmart refers to associates whose main responsibilities are to unload trucks during the second shift as of [currentyear]. The associates ensure that working groceries and high-velocity consumables are unloaded from the GM trucks, and once the merchandise is unloaded, associates separate the items into different pallets according to each department before restocking shelves.

If you’d like more insight into the meaning of CAP 2 at Walmart, such as the duties and responsibilities, the hourly pay, and more, keep reading!

What Does CAP 2 At Walmart Mean?

The CAP 2 position at Walmart is for CAP associates who work in the second shift.

To CAP(Customer Availability Process) at Walmart means to facilitate processes that ensure that merchandise is available to the customer.

Thus, Walmart CAP 2 refers to associates who are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of Walmart warehouse inventory systems.

CAP 2 associates ensure accurate maintenance of the inventory management systems by working on inventory exceptions, completing bin audits, and correcting shelf capacities.

What Are The Duties Of A Walmart CAP 2?

The duties and responsibilities of a CAP 2 Walmart associate are as follows:

  • Unloading the General Merchandise trucks and placing the freight on different pallets for staging
  • Stocking merchandise on shelves with new products
  • Operating jacks to move bulk merchandise for stocking
  • Selecting specific merchandise for stocking as per the pick sheets

What Is CAP 2 Stocking At Walmart?

CAP 2 stocking at Walmart involves ensuring that merchandise is offloaded from trucks, separated into different departments, and made available for purchase in the stores.

What Is The Difference Between CAP 1 And CAP 2?

The main difference between CAP 1 and CAP 2 Walmart associates is their line of duty and time of shifts.

As much as associates in both positions work towards the Customer Availability Process (CAP), CAP 1 associates are more directed to in-store duties while CAP 2 associates attend to warehouse duties.

As well, the CAP 1 associates work within the first shift while CAP 2 work in the second shift.

While working in-store, CAP 1 associates at Walmart are more involved in customer service by ensuring that customers are acknowledged, assisted in purchasing decisions and in locating items.

On the other hand, Walmart CAP 2 unloads trucks and ensures that merchandise is separated on different pallets for stocking.

As far as stocking is concerned, CAP 2 restocks items like chemicals, paper, pharmacy products, health and beauty, groceries, and infant consumables among others.

CAP 1 associates may be involved in stocking all frozen and dairy products, including some meat products from 4 am to 1 pm.

What Are The Working Hours Of Walmart Cap 2?

What Are The Working Hours Of Walmart Cap 2?

Since Walmart CAP 2 works in the second shift, they work from 1 pm to 10 pm or 2 pm to 11 pm depending on the store hours for each Walmart location.

What Does A CAP 2 Supervisor Do At Walmart?

The CAP 2 supervisor at Walmart leads a team of CAP 2 associates and ensures that their duties are met.

As well, the supervisor also manages the uploading of track and accurate freight placement for stocking.

Furthermore, the supervisor has to ensure shelves are stocked with new items, old items are rotated and that proper labeling is done on the shelves.

How Much Does CAP 2 Pay At Walmart?

The average pay of a CAP 2 associate at Walmart is estimated to be at $11 but may also range anywhere between $10- $ 15 depending on their seniority and the minimum wage per state.

How Much Does A CAP 2 Team Lead Make At Walmart?

The average pay of a CAP 2 team lead or supervisor at Walmart is $16 but may also range anywhere between $14 and $20 depending on the Walmart store you’re working at.

Does Walmart Drug Test CAP 2?

Walmart doesn’t do drug tests on CAP 2 associates but ensures that they conduct a background check on the employee before or shortly after hiring.

Is Walmart CAP 2 A Hard Job?

Walmart CAP 2 may be considered hard due to the fast work environment and high level of physical work.

In fact, the position has been reported to be physically draining if a shift is understaffed due to the high level of physical activity involved in unloading trucks.

Even so, the position bears good flexible schedules with 1-hour lunch breaks and 2 -15 minute breaks.

Is Working At Walmart CAP 2 Worth It?

Generally, working at Walmart CAP 2 is worth it, as the starting pay for being a Walmart employee is decent and comes along with employee benefits and discounts.

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Walmart CAP 2 are associates working in the second shift who ensure that merchandise is unloaded, separated on pallets, and stocked accurately on shelves.

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