What Is Walmart Connect? (How It Works & What You Can Do With It)

Walmart Connect is a media company formerly known as Walmart Media Group, founded by Walmart, offering marketing services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

But, you might be curious about how Walmart Connect works and what specific services it provides. I was curious about the same thing, so I researched the matter in-depth, and here’s what I found out!

What Is Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect is an advertising company owned by Walmart for small to medium-sized businesses as of [currentyear]. Walmart gives companies access to its client base with closed-loop marketing campaigns in-stores, off-site, and digitally. Companies can set up simple ads at self-check lines, on the Walmart website, and at Walmart-sponsored events leveraging Walmart’s recognizable name to promote products.

To learn more about what Walmart Connect is, how it works, and how you can use it to grow your business, keep reading!

What Is Walmart Connect, And When Did It Launch?

Formerly known as Walmart Media Group, Walmart launched Walmart Connect in late January 2021 to broaden its product offering.

Why Should Your Business Work With Walmart Connect?

According to Walmart’s customer research, 71% of its customers report finding a new brand or product while looking on the Walmart website.

Also, another indication that shopping habits have shifted is that one in two shoppers will search an item online before purchasing it.

Finally, ads can be a powerful tool in promoting and selling your products or services.

That said, research has shown that nearly 40% of customers have indicated an ad has influenced them to buy a product.

By working with Walmart Connect, you can get in front of the thousands of customers who visit Walmart stores and visit its websites each day.

Since you’re associated with an established brand, you have the association’s added benefit of consumer trust, which is excellent for a small and lesser-known brand.

How Does Walmart Connect Work?

With Walmart Connect, brands can reach out to customers by expanding their omnichannel presence, creating a seamless shopping experience.

If you’re unfamiliar with omnichannel, it’s a closed-loop system important for customer service, retention, and satisfaction.

That said, Walmart Connect allows smaller businesses to use its solid reputation and easily recognizable brand to reach a larger audience.

To reach Walmart’s customer base, Walmart Connect has three core focus areas: Digital Channels, In-Store, and Off-Site Advertising.

Digital Channels

With Digital Channel campaigns, users can create personalized campaigns for their digital channels.

Then, these campaigns will be strategically placed near the “buy now” button so customers can purchase an additional item before completing a purchase.


When using In-Store platforms, users can provide an omnichannel experience that allows brands to activate in-store TV walls, self-checkout screens, and more.

Later, they may include sampling opportunities such as Walmart Drive-In, Spooky Street (Halloween), and more!


In partnership with The Trade Desk, the world’s leading ad technology company, Walmart Connect can help steer media performance for advertisers outside of Walmart-owned sites.

Additionally, this partnership will launch a new exclusive platform for ad agencies, vendors, and their media to feature Walmart’s extensive database of shoppers and easy-to-use technology.

What Is Walmart DSP?

What Is Walmart DSP?

As previously stated, Walmart is partnering with The Trade Desk to provide a demand-side platform (DSP).

DSP will give marketing and advertising companies access to various industry-leading capabilities like targeted connections, the ability to control multiple channels, and link connections.

Targeted Connections

Using Walmart’s proprietary shopping behavior data, the company can provide advanced marketing solutions to targeted audiences, each with increased precision.

Ability To Control Multiple Channels

With Walmart’s state-of-the-art display, streaming video, mobile, audio, and CTV capabilities, you can now manage multiple campaigns within the same platform.

Link Connections

By leveraging Walmart’s purchase data, online and offline transactions can be measured, allowing the campaign to take specific media tactics to make optimizations and inform future strategies.

How Can I Contact Walmart Connect?

If you’re ready to start advertising with Walmart Connect, you can learn more by visiting its website and filling in the contact form.

Also, another way to get in touch is to send a quick email with your basic information to walmartconnect@wal-mart.com. That said, be sure to include:

  • Your business name
  • Contact name and job title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Tax ID number

What Are Sponsored Products?

When you see your product on the Walmart website, you’ll know it’s because of people like you who chose to purchase it.

That said, Walmart Connect created Sponsored Products to discover and promote relevant products to Walmart customers.

Therefore, being listed under sponsored products helps small businesses draw traffic to their website and attention to products.

How Does My Product Become Sponsored?

If you’re interested in Walmart Connect sponsoring your product, you must participate in the bidding process.

That said, it’s a two-fold process where the most relevant and largest bid wins. First, you must review the eligibility requirements, and all eligible products need to be:

  • In stock
  • Winning the buy box
  • A base item and published

Since Sponsored Products are sold on a cost-per-click basis, you pay when someone clicks on the product or keyword you bid on.

How Do I Create A Campaign In Walmart Connect?

Now that you’re ready to create your first campaign in Walmart Connect, click on the “Campaigns” tab. In the top right-hand corner, click “Create A New Campaign” to get started.


Here you will see two options: Manual bidding or Automatic bidding. Don’t be confused! Manual bidding gives you greater transparency and control.

On the other hand, automatic bidding is used to create a content-driven campaign where Walmart decides when to display your ad based on keywords identified from the product title, description, and other sections of your product detail page.

But, if you want more control over the placement of your ad, choose manual bidding! Once you have made your selection, click “Next.”

Details And Budget

In the “Details and Budget” section, you can set up a budget and date range that works for you.

Run Indefinitely From Start Date

You must unselect this if you have an end date, or your ad will run indefinitely.

Enter Total/Daily Budget

Regarding your total budget, this is the whole budget you have for the ad campaign. Remember, Walmart charges you each time a customer clicks on your ad. 

On the other hand, the daily budget is how much you prefer to pay per day.

How Do I Find A Job At Walmart Connect?

Are you an entrepreneur, software engineer, data scientist, or technologist? Walmart is on the lookout for talented eCommerce stars with an entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious ideas.

Although the jobs continuously change, if you want to review job openings near you, click here!

To know more about Walmart, you can also check our posts on how to pass Walmart assessment, how to use affirm at Walmart, and if Walmart does background checks.


In conclusion, Walmart Connect, formerly Walmart Media Group, is a company that offers a wide variety of marketing services.

That said, it aids small businesses with reaching larger markets by giving them access to Walmart’s customer base and resources.

At Walmart Connect, it has an excellent track record and has been around for a while.

So, if you’re looking for a company to help you with your business’s marketing, then Walmart Connect may be a good choice.

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