Walmart Customer Service Manager (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

If you love working around people, enjoy solving problems, and want to get into a managerial position? Have you thought about applying for a job as a Walmart customer service manager?

We’re going to get into all of the details of the Walmart customer service manager job, including job duties, pay, and other relevant information so keep reading to learn all about it!

What Is A Walmart Customer Service Manager In [currentyear]?

A Walmart customer service manager is responsible for every aspect of the customer experience inside of Walmart in [currentyear]. This includes handling refunds, resolving customer complaints, directing customers to product locations, getting feedback from customers, and doing anything to improve the customer experience. Overall, customer service managers are vital to the smooth operations of each Walmart store.

Do you want to know more about becoming a Walmart customer service manager, such as what skills are required and whether it’s considered a good job? If so, keep reading below to find out the answers!

What Does a Customer Service Manager Do at Walmart?

A customer service manager at Walmart has multiple job duties and responsibilities, including the following:

  • Greet every customer with a smile
  • Identify and resolve customer complaints
  • Help customers locate merchandise
  • Assist customers with decisions on items to purchase
  • Maintain a safe environment for customers and staff
  • Promote various services and products offered at Walmart
  • Represent the company in an appropriate and respectful manner
  • Understand the problems within the store and find appropriate timely solutions
  • Stay updated on all products coming into the store
  • Offer refunds to customers when it’s the right choice
  • Provide resolutions to order errors
  • Recruit and train new customer service representatives and fire bad customer service representatives
  • Communicate with customers through phone, email, suggestion boxes and interviews
  • Find areas of Walmart that need improvements
  • Use social media to respond to customer complaints
  • Coordinate with management on new ways to offer higher quality customer service
  • Resolve price disputes from customers
  • Make sure all customer issues are handled properly in all departments of the store
  • Respond to mail for all departments within the store
  • Teach other departments the best way to respond to customer complaints
  • Oversee the cashiers and designate their break times

Listed above are just some of the biggest job responsibilities and duties that a customer service manager has at Walmart, and additional tasks may be a part of your job on top of these tasks.

How Much Does a Customer Service Manager Make at Walmart?

How Much Does a Customer Service Manager Make at Walmart?

A customer service manager makes $15.39 an hour on average, although pay ranges from $13 an hour to $20 an hour depending on experience level.

What are the Skills Required for a Walmart Customer Service Manager?

You will need to possess certain skills to be a qualified candidate for the Walmart customer service manager position, including the following:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective time management skills
  • Understand the operations of Walmart and each department
  • Proficient in resource management
  • Have experience in retail
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Be perceptive of social situations and cues
  • Have common sense and logical reasoning

What Hours Does a Walmart Customer Service Manager Work?

Customer service managers work a lot at Walmart, and work at least 40 hours a week, if not up to 50 hours each week for overtime. In fact, mandatory overtime is commonplace all-year-round.

However, during the peak holiday season, it’s not unusual for a customer service manager at Walmart to work 60 or 70 hours each week, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

In addition, the shift schedule is rotated so that managers work overnight sometimes, in the mornings, and then a rotation in the afternoon.

Is Being a Walmart Customer Service Manager a Good Job?

A customer service manager position at Walmart is not considered to be a good position by many employees, due to the high-stress situations you have to deal with on a daily basis.

For example, customers can be very rude and nasty, even if you’re listening attentively and trying to address their concerns, which has been known to negatively affect employees who deal with such customers on a regular basis. 

Employees have stated that they were also treated poorly by upper management, were overworked, and had witnessed blatant favoritism when it came to promotions by management.

However, several people enjoy their job as a customer service manager, because it’s a fast-paced position that offers opportunities for overtime on a regular basis.

Therefore, those who enjoy working with customers and have an outgoing personality may derive more benefits from this position.

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A Walmart customer service manager is crucial for the daily operations of each store, and does everything they can to provide the best experience to customers entering the store.

Their duties involve handling all refunds, customer complaints, customer returns, collecting customer input, and supervising customer service staff. They will also train new hires and fire workers that aren’t adhering to proper customer service policies.

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