Walmart Customer Value Associate Job (All You Need To Know)

Are you thinking of starting a new career as a Walmart Customer Value Associate? If you enjoy customer service and provide a valuable customer experience, this may be an excellent job for you!

However, before you take the job, you may be wondering what the job duties are. Follow along to learn more about the eligibility requirements, obligations, and benefits of this position!

Walmart Customer Value Associate Job

Walmart Customer Value Associates are responsible for back-end functions in the Walmart store. These associates must perform tasks with handheld terminals, such as price changes, stocking, working with automated orders, and auditing products. When on the sales floor, the Customer Values Associate must provide excellent customer service and assist Walmart customers in locating merchandise and resolving issues.

If you enjoy working with technology and have exceptional customer service skills, read on to learn more about the Walmart Customer Value Associate role!

What Is a Walmart Customer Value Associate (CVA)?

Customer Value Associate’s roles are similar to a general merchandiser and perform functions like stocking and auditing merchandise.

At Walmart, the primary responsibility for this role is back-end functions such as pricing and inventory.

While on the sales floor, Customer Value Associates assist customers with locating items, scanning barcodes, and more.

Also, they must interact with customers in a friendly manner while maintaining Walmart’s customer service goals.

What Are the Skills Necessary For Walmart’s Customer Value Associate Role?

To become a Walmart customer value associate, you need to be at least 16 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have a valid driver’s license.

Additionally, to be a Walmart Customer Value Associate, you need to interact with people in different ways, have excellent communication skills, and provide solutions to customers without any delays.

When interacting with Walmart Customers, it is helpful to have personality traits like empathy, strong communication skills, listening ability, good organizational skills, and handling conflict without getting emotional.

As with other positions at Walmart, previous retail experience is a plus. However, Walmart will give you the training required to become an associate.

Before a job offer is extended, applicants will be tested on basic mathematics, reading, and writing.

Given that this position requires handheld scanners and other electronic devices, a basic understanding of technology and troubleshooting skills are helpful.

Additionally, it is helpful to possess the following skills for the Walmart Customer Value Associate role:

  • Ability to stand for up to eight hours a day
  • Ability to walk long distances during an eight-hour workday
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Ability to stoop, lift products, and climb ladders
  • Ability to work in noisy, fast-paced environments
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail and react quickly

Following Walmart’s initiative to be a diverse workplace, the Customer Value role can be filled by individuals with disabilities.

With that, there will be reasonable accommodations made to ensure that disabled associates can safely perform essential job functions.

You can find more information on Walmart’s website’s careers page!

How Do I Become a Walmart Customer Value Associate?

How Do I Become A Walmart Customer Value Associate?

Walmart offers many opportunities for people who are interested in becoming a Customer Value Associate.

To apply for a position, you can visit the Walmart Careers website or your local Walmart store.

With that, the company offers both part-time and full-time positions to qualified applicants.

Also, Walmart provides opportunities for students, military veterans, and anyone interested in finding a fulfilling job.

What’s the Job Application Process Like at Walmart?

Once you have found the correct position at Walmart, you need to complete an online application or stop by your local store.

If you apply online, begin by clicking on the “Search for Jobs” button at the top of the Walmart careers page.

From here, you can use the search function to find the target role in the desired location.

When you enter Customer Value Associate, you will be provided the job description and qualifications for the position.

After reviewing the job description and qualifications, interested applicants will need to click the apply button.

Then, a pop-up will appear that enables you to auto-fill your application with a resume, apply manually, use a previous application, or log in to LinkedIn.

Once your profile is created and submitted, your application will undergo a review process that includes background checks and drug screening.

After hiring managers complete reviewing applications, qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

What Questions May I Be Asked in My Walmart Customer Value Associate Interview?

Since Walmart Customer Value Associates must be able to both work with Walmart customers and perform warehouse functions, Walmart Customer Value Associate interviews may include questions like:

  • If a customer is placed on hold for an extended time while working on their inquiry, how will you keep them calm?
  • What do you feel describes excellent customer service?
  • Describe a situation in the past where you had to deal with a demanding customer. How did you handle the problem, and would you do anything differently?
  • How would you handle the situation if you were unable to resolve a customer inquiry?

How Much Do Walmart Customer Value Associates Make?

Customer Value Associates make an average hourly wage of $14 an hour, ranging from $12 an hour to $16 an hour, depending on the level of experience and skill set.

For example, a lower hourly wage may come with less responsibility and more training, while higher wages can come with more responsibility and less training.

What Is the Dress Code For Walmart Customer Value Associates?

Employees at Walmart locations are expected to dress appropriately to suit their jobs.

Since Customer Value Associates work on the sales floor and in the warehouse, their dress code is different from the dress code for other staff members.

In support of Walmart’s commitment to having a casual work environment, associates can wear casual clothes like dark pants or blue jeans without holes and solid shirts.

Also, Walmart associates are provided a Walmart vest as well.

Overall, Walmart Customer Value Associates are recommended to make considerations with their clothing. Since they work in the warehouse with machinery, loose clothing is discouraged.

Additionally, Walmart Customer Value Associates are encouraged to closed-toe shoes with a steel toe.

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