Walmart Orientation (All You Need To Know)

As one of the leading employers in the world, Walmart welcomes thousands of new hires every year, proving it’s an excellent place to work.

After applying to work at Walmart and receiving a job, you may be wondering what the next steps of your employment process will be. For example, what does Walmart’s orientation entail? Here’s everything I’ve learned from past trainees!

Walmart Orientation

Walmart provides a paid orientation for all employees. Additionally, orientation includes a day-long class that introduces company culture, sales training, communication skills, and proper dress attire. Regarding the Walmart orientation dress code, new hires have the freedom to dress casually, as that is what Walmart employees can wear on the job.

Welcome to Walmart; keep reading to discover what exciting things await you during your new hire orientation!

How Long Will It Take For Walmart To Call Me For Orientation?

After sweating through the wait for a job offer, it can be stressful waiting for your new hire orientation to begin.

Unfortunately, contact time depends on your position and the Walmart location that employs you, as each job and location have requirements that must be met before employment begins.

That being said, in most situations, newly hired employees should expect to receive a call from management within two weeks after the background check has been completed. 

Will I Be Paid For Attending Orientation at Walmart?

Since orientation is considered working hours, you will be happy to know that you will be paid. At Walmart, orientation pay is the same amount as your regular hourly pay.

What Do I Wear For Walmart Orientation?

Although you are encouraged to dress to impress for an interview, leaving that suit and tie at home during orientation is okay.

Since Walmart retail locations are casual environments, the dress code is very relaxed. In the past, team members had to wear blue shirts, denim jeans, and the iconic Walmart vest and name badge.

Corporate now allows shirts of any color, jeans, and the easily recognizable Walmart vest and name badge.

Now, even management can wear sneakers because employees walk 8-10 miles during work hours.

With that, feel free to dress casually for your Walmart orientation, as that’s what you’ll be wearing on the job.

Additionally, you can also see our post on the Walmart dress code policy.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me For Walmart Orientation?

What Do I Need To Bring With Me For Walmart Orientation?

Orientation is the time new employees learn about the business and their role within the company.

For this reason, bring a notebook and pen or pencil to take notes. During orientation, a lot of information will be thrown at you rapidly, and you don’t want to miss anything because you didn’t write it down.

Also, during orientation, there are several administrative obligations to complete.

In addition to writing materials, you are required to provide the necessary documentation for your I9 (Social Security card and an ID/Driver’s License).

What Time Does Walmart Orientation Start?

Again, there is no standard procedure that dictates the starting time for Walmart’s orientation. Since mornings tend to be slower because most customers work, retail stores try to have orientation then.

As a result, expect to be at orientation between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon.

How Long Is the New Hire Orientation Process at Walmart?

The new hire orientation process at Walmart typically lasts a week, including the time at the training facility and time spent shadowing friendly coworkers who have been there for a while.

What Happens During Walmart Orientation?

Walmart’s new hire orientation schedule includes a day-long schedule of training and classes, including:

  • Policies and Procedures: (Learning about the company’s policies and expectations)
  • Benefits: (Understanding what benefits Walmart offers and how to enroll)
  • Exercises: (Practicing skills like lifting heavy objects, using a cash register, and other essential activities)
  • Communication Skills: (Dressing appropriately for work, knowing what to say when talking with customers, and more)
  • Sales Training: (Learning the basics of how to sell products at Walmart)
  • Workplace Safety: (Understanding how Walmart works to protect its workers from injury on the job)

How Do I Prepare For Walmart’s Orientation Process?

With this in mind, use your wait time as an opportunity to do a bit of research. Since Walmart is a large company with many employees, it has extensive experience recruiting and hiring people.

Similarly, the best way new employees can prepare for the Walmart orientation process is to know what to expect before beginning.

For example, some of the things you need to learn about before orientation begins at Walmart are:

1. Research the Company and Its Culture

Walmart’s mission statement is “BUILDING A BETTER WALMART, TOGETHER..” So, it would be safe to assume Walmart strongly values its team culture.

Employees at any level are an integral part of Walmart’s continued success. As a result, the Walmart environment is considered welcoming at any level of employment.

2. Learn What Makes Walmart Special In the Eyes of the Public

Walmart is one of the most popular and profitable retailers in the United States.

With that success comes staffing many locations across the country with employees who can deliver excellent customer service.

Because of the emphasis on excellent customer service, Walmart is looking to hire new employees to support its mission to provide customer service that meets its high expectations.

For example, customer service is essential to the public because it builds trust and loyalty, boosts brand image, and helps make the company profitable.

3. Know About the Company’s Values

Because Walmart’s image is so customer-focused, it is no surprise that Walmart’s core values are: “customer first, frontline focused, innovative & agile, listen, inclusive, high performance, accountable, honesty, and fairness.”

Certainly, frontline workers who interact with the public should be expected to exhibit these traits.

4. Understand Positions and How They Work Together Towards Success

Since Walmart is such a large business, it should be no surprise that many different jobs are available at all levels. With that, some positions that you should learn the function for are:

  • Retail cashiers
  • Retail inventory stockers and cart pushers
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Accounting professionals
  • Store management

Due to the team-like nature of Walmart retail stores, it is essential to learn the basic job functions of different workers as they all play a valuable role in location success.

For helpful information, visit the Walmart Careers page.

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