Walmart Furniture Return Policy (Assembled, Damaged, No Receipt + More)

Walmart’s everyday low price guarantee not only applies to the retail store’s groceries and household items. Walmart also sells a wide array of furniture at a price not many stores can compete with!  

But let’s say you buy Walmart furniture and change your mind about your purchase. You may be curious about Walmart’s furniture return policy. For example, how long do you have to make a furniture return at Walmart? 

Look no further for information about Walmart’s furniture return policy. Here is everything I discovered about the retail store’s return process!  

Walmart Furniture Return Policy

Walmart accepts furniture returns within 90 days of purchase. If it is opened, you can return furniture at Walmart, but it must be undamaged and unassembled with all the original parts. You do not need a receipt to return furniture but must bring a government ID if you do not have one. 

To learn more about returning furniture at Walmart and how the retail store refunds your money, keep on reading! 

How Long Do You Have To Return Furniture From Walmart?

Walmart has a pretty lenient return policy considering the number of products they offer their customers.

With that, Walmart gives you 90 days from the date of purchase to return a piece of furniture (this includes all furniture items such as desks, dressers, tables, chairs, nightstands, TV units, coffee tables, etc.).  

Additionally, you have 90 days if you want to exchange a piece of furniture you bought from Walmart. This furniture return policy applies to online or in-store purchases at Walmart.  

However, if you purchase a piece of furniture from a Walmart Marketplace Retailer, the return policy differs from the 90-day policy.  

Do You Need A Receipt To Return Furniture At Walmart?

No, you do not need a receipt to return furniture at Walmart.

However, if you have your receipt, the return process goes much smoother. When you have a receipt, Walmart will refund you the original payment amount.  

For example, if you pay with a debit card, your purchase amount is refunded back onto the card. However, if you pay with cash Walmart will either give you cash back or a Walmart gift card.  

If you do not have a receipt when returning furniture, you must present a valid government-issued photo ID.

Additionally, if the furniture costs less than $25 and you do not have a receipt, you can get a refund without a receipt.  

If the item costs over $25 and you do not have a receipt, you can exchange the item or receive store credit at Walmart.

If a Walmart manager feels customers abusing the return policy, they have the right to deny any returns.  

Can You Return Opened Furniture At Walmart?

Are There Exceptions To Walmart’s Furniture Return Policy?

Even if you open the furniture you purchase from Walmart, you can still return it.

Additionally, you can return the piece of furniture to any Walmart location if you originally purchased the item from a brick-and-mortar store.  

The return policy for Walmart furniture purchased online is more flexible than for furniture items purchased in-store.  

Can You Return Assembled Furniture From Walmart?

Unfortunately, you cannot return furniture that is already assembled to Walmart stores.

If you assemble the furniture and wish to return the product, you must take it apart.  

Ensuring you include all the parts that come with the furniture purchase is essential.

Additionally, if you try to return furniture at Walmart without all the pieces the purchase initially came with, Walmart will deny your return or exchange.  

Can You Return Furniture From Walmart Through The Mail?

If you buy furniture online from Walmart, there are 2 different options to return the product.  

For example, you can return online furniture purchases from Walmart in-store by visiting the customer service area, as you would with in-store furniture purchases.  

Additionally, Walmart allows you to return online furniture purchases through the mail.

To do so, log in to your Walmart account and locate your past purchases to print out a shipping return label.  

If you have an oversized piece of furniture, you will need first to contact Walmart customer service to arrange for freight shipping.

Depending on the item’s size, you may be responsible for the cost of return freight shipping.  

Are There Exceptions To Walmart’s Furniture Return Policy?

Are There Exceptions To Walmart’s Furniture Return Policy?

Although Walmart’s furniture return policy is pretty flexible compared to other stores, there are a couple of exceptions to this policy. One exception is Walmart’s return policy concerning mattresses.  

If you purchase a mattress from an in-store Walmart location or online, it must be in its original and unopened packaging to complete a valid return.  

The second exception to Walmart’s furniture return policy is for online items from third-party Marketplace sellers.  

If you do not know whether or not you can return your furniture sold from a Marketplace seller, you need to contact the seller directly to see if they accept returns or exchanges.  

Can You Return Damaged Furniture At Walmart?

To return or exchange furniture at Walmart, the product must be in its original condition.

However, if you order a piece of furniture online and it is delivered to you damaged, Walmart does accept a return.  

But if you break the furniture, you cannot make a return.  

How Does Walmart Refund A Furniture Purchase?

Walmart makes the furniture return process as simple as possible and does the same when refunding your money. Your refund is applied to the original method of payment you used to buy the piece of furniture.  

If you pay for your furniture with cash or a check, you will receive your refund in cash.  

If you originally paid with a credit card but cannot present the same credit card when making a return, do not worry; Walmart still refunds your money.  

Instead of refunding your money onto the credit card, Walmart will give you a gift card for the same amount as the original purchase.  

For debit card purchases, Walmart either refunds your money back onto the original card, in cash, or with a Walmart gift card for the amount of your purchase.  

Finally, for furniture purchases made with a gift card, Walmart either issues you a new gift card or restores the purchase amount to your original card.  

When you return furniture bought with a gift card online, it may take up to a week for the amount to be refunded to you.  

What Kind Of Furniture Does Walmart Sell?

What Kind Of Furniture Does Walmart Sell?

With its furniture selection, Walmart makes redecorating your new apartment or sprucing up a specific room easy and affordable.

With that, the retail giant carries several different categories of furniture, including: 

  • Desks 
  • Office chairs 
  • Bookshelves 
  • Folding chairs and tables  
  • Beds 
  • Dressers 
  • Mattresses 
  • Cube storage 
  • Nightstands  
  • Futons 
  • TV stands  
  • Couches  
  • Accent chairs 
  • Coffee tables  

Not only does Walmart make furniture shopping affordable, but they also offer stylish, in-demand designs that will add a modern touch to your living space.

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Walmart allows furniture returns and exchanges in-store or online within 90 days of your original purchase.

Additionally, Walmart refunds your money in cash, onto your debit or credit card, or with a gift card.  

For a furniture return to be valid at Walmart, the item must contain all its original parts and be in its original condition.

However, if you buy an item online and it is delivered with damage, Walmart does accept a return.  

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