Walmart Return policy After 90 Days [All You Need To Know] 

If you need to return an item to Walmart but are outside the 90-day window, you might be wondering if it’s still possible to return items to Walmart after 90 days.

Below, you will see our full guide on Walmart’s policy towards this and what you can do if they deny your return. Let’s get started!

Walmart Return policy After 90 Days

Walmart’s official policy only allows returns to be made within 90 days of purchase. However, it is up to the discretion of the Walmart manager to override this policy and allow returns after 90 days which only occurs in very rare and special circumstances. If a return is processed after 90 days, customers will only receive store credit.

To learn more about what you can do to return an item to Walmart after 90 days, keep on reading!

How To Return A Product To Walmart After 90 Days

If you have a product that is just outside the 90-day window of returns, there are still some methods you can try to get a return. But they do require some effort…

The first method is to escalate the situation up the management chain when at the Walmart customer service desk. One thing to note is that this really only works if you have a receipt to show your proof of purchase.

If you are talking to a Walmart floor staff member, firstly request to speak to a supervisor, then a store manager if neither of them is willing to give you a return.

If you are speaking to the Walmart store manager and still have no luck. You can then announce you will call the Walmart corporate headquarters and make a formal complaint against the store.

Generally, by this point, the store manager will try to avoid any further escalation and give you your return.

Obviously, this can turn into a tense situation, so it is always best to be polite, yet forceful when making your request.

Additionally, if this method did not work, you can also visit other Walmart locations as some stores are more lenient on giving returns after 90 days.

Can I Return An Item To Walmart After 90 Days, Even Without A Receipt?

Yes, Walmart stores can, on occasion, allow items to be returned without a receipt after 90 days.

Walmart managers are able to, by their own discretion, choose to accept an overdue return without a receipt.

However, this is far less likely to be accepted than if the customer has a receipt, as the store will want to avoid the risk of potentially refunding an item that may never have been purchased at a Walmart store.

If your return is accepted, it may take some time, as the staff of the store will need to fully verify your original purchase of the item.

Are There Items That Cannot Be Returned At Walmart? 

Walmart will gladly take back most items if returned. However, there are some items that cannot be returned under any circumstances, as well as a few limits on the eligibility of other ordinary items.

Walmart will not accept the return of:

  • Perishable items. If a perishable item is not of good enough quality that is up to the customer’s standards, then the customer can opt to receive a refund or replacement. The item cannot be returned and placed back on store shelves. 
  • Software delivered by email, and video game cards. These items can only be used once, digitally. Thus, they cannot be returned, refunded, or even price-dropped. 
  • Gift Cards are completely non-returnable or replaceable. Customers should be sure that any gift cards are completely used before throwing them away.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Refund From Walmart? 

Walmart will offer refunds on a large number of items. The funds gained from pursuing a refund should usually reach a bank account within 3 to 5 days of the initial request.

Money will be returned to the card that an item was originally purchased with. 

Before returning an item to Walmart, you can also become familiar with their policies on returning computers, products without boxes, clearance items, and the Walmart makeup return policy.

Conclusion: Walmart Return After 90 Days 

Walmart will accept returns after the ordinary 90-day period for returns has elapsed. However, this is usually an exception made at the discretion of the store manager, so a return made after 90 days may not always be accepted.  

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