Walmart iPad Return Policy (No Receipt, Open Box + More)

Walmart sells a variety of Apple products both in-store and online, including various types of iPads such as the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air.

However, if you’ve bought an iPad from Walmart and later decided that it does not suit your needs, you may be wondering – what is Walmart’s iPad return policy? Here is everything I’ve found out about it!

Walmart iPad Return Policy

Walmart accepts returns of iPads purchased in-store or online within 30 days, whereas Marketplace iPads must be returned within 15 days. Customers must return iPads with all original accessories and packaging along with proof of purchase to receive a full refund. 

If you want to learn more about whether you can return an iPad to Walmart without a receipt, whether Walmart charges any fees for iPad returns, and much more, keep on reading!

Can I Return An iPad To Walmart Without A Receipt?

iPads can be returned without a receipt if you are verified by Walmart’s returns tracking program using a valid government-issued photo ID.

Cashiers use this returns program to check whether you have a frequent record of returning without a receipt and if so, to refer your case to the store manager.

Note that you must return the iPad in its original casing with additional accessories such as charging cables, Apple pencil, plug adapters, headphones, and manuals.

Since iPads are worth way more than $35, customers will receive a refund in the form of store credit on a Walmart gift card for returns made without a receipt.

Does Walmart Charge Restocking Fees For iPad Returns?

Walmart does not charge additional restocking or service fees when you register an iPad for a return.

Additionally, Walmart provides free return shipping on any iPads purchased directly from Walmart online.

If you do not have access to a printer to attach the free shipping label, you may visit your local Walmart store to print it for you without any charge.

However, keep in mind that you may have to pay shipping fees when returning to a third-party Marketplace seller.

Can I Return Used Or Open iPads To Walmart?

Can I Return Used Or Open iPads To Walmart?

Walmart will allow you to return iPads that have been opened and used.

However, you must provide the original packaging that shows the scannable barcode with any additional features to receive a full refund.

Additionally, unsealed boxes with slight damage may be accepted, with the final decision resting with the store manager.

You should keep the original packaging until you are completely satisfied with the iPad since Walmart may not accept returns if you have disposed of the box.

In case you received a defective or damaged iPad, Walmart will issue a refund straight away. Note that you might need to reach out to a third-party seller if you purchased the iPad on Walmart Marketplace.

How Long Do I Have To Return An iPad To Walmart?

All iPads sold and shipped by or available in Walmart stores are returnable for 30 days after the date of purchase or delivery.

On the other hand, iPads purchased from third-party merchants on Walmart Marketplace are returnable for a maximum of 15 days.

When shopping online, click on the item and check the ‘Return Policy’ tab in the product description column to learn about the permitted returns window.

What Is The Return Process For iPads At Walmart?

You can return an iPad purchased in-store or online at the customer service desk or Mobile Express Return lane of your local Walmart.

Alternatively, iPads purchased online can be sent to Walmart for free via FedEx or USPS.

To complete an in-store return, simply provide proof of purchase such as an online invoice, packing slip, or store receipt with the iPad intact.

You can initiate a return by mail through your online Walmart account by selecting the iPad you wish to return for a refund or replacement and following the prompts.

After that, drop the return at your local FedEx or USPS location, making sure the package is sealed securely and contains all the original accessories.

Will I Get A Refund When I Return An iPad to Walmart?

Walmart will issue a full direct refund using the method you initially paid with when given proof of purchase.

In-store returns are processed on the spot, and you can expect to see the funds in your account within ten days.

However, online refunds are dispensed once the return has reached Walmart. You should allow 2-3 weeks for the process to complete and for the funds to reach your account.

Similarly, marketplace refunds should begin within 48 hours of the merchant receiving the iPad.

Note that gift card or e-Gift card purchases are reimbursed on the same or another physical or digital gift card, with the funds taking up to 3 hours to appear.

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Customers have 30 days from purchase or delivery to return iPads bought from Walmart stores and Walmart’s online platform. Marketplace-sold iPads are returnable for a maximum of 15 days.

Note that iPads must be returned with all original packaging and accessories. You will have to provide proof of purchase to receive total cash or card refund, or a replacement. You can register returns in-store or via free shipping.

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