Walmart Apple Watch Return Policy (Opened, No Receipt + More)

When you think of Walmart, you’ll generally associate it with everyday essentials at discount prices. Therefore, you may be surprised to learn Walmart is home to the latest technology, such as high-demand Apple Watches!

Walmart offers some particularly tempting Apple Watch deals across American retail. But if you change your mind, you may wonder whether Walmart accepts returns on such high-demand products. Here is what I discovered!

Walmart Apple Watch Return Policy

Walmart does accept returns of all Apple Watch models within 30 days of purchase if a customer is unsatisfied or changes their mind. When an Apple Watch is returned to Walmart with all accessories, boxes, and receipts, a refund, store credit, or exchange will be given.

If you’d like to know whether you’re entitled to a refund on an unwanted Apple Watch at Walmart, keep reading!

How Do I Return An Apple Watch To Walmart Stores?

To begin your return, you first must be within the 30-day return window, as Apple Watches fall under the “electronics” category (see more below on returning items after this time period).

If you are within the 30 days, you will need to find all your Apple Watch accessories, such as the watch band, charging dock, booklets, and the box if you still have them.

Additionally, if you aim to receive a full refund, it is recommended to bring along your receipt or a copy of the email confirmation if you purchased the Apple Watch from

From here, simply visit the returns desk at your local Walmart, where an associate will process your return.

It also helps to bring the same card you purchased the Apple Watch with as they will need this to process the refund (unless you paid in cash).

Typically, refunds take 3-5 business days to enter your account, depending on your banking institution. 

Can You Return An Opened Apple Watch To Walmart?

Yes, Walmart will accept returns of Apple Watch devices with an opened box within 30 days of purchase.

As long as the Apple Watch is still in its original condition and has not been damaged within the time of owing the device, then you still will be able to receive a refund or exchange.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return An Apple Watch At Walmart?

Do I Need A Receipt To Return An Apple Watch At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart prefers to process returns using a receipt or order number as it is the most reliable proof of purchase.

However, Walmart is usually willing to use a verification process to authenticate your purchase using a government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license.

If your purchase is verified, the value of your Apple Watch will be loaded to a Walmart gift card that you can use in-store straight away or online.

Without a receipt, you cannot receive a total cash or card refund. Cash is only released on transactions worth less than $25.

Can I Return An Apple Watch After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, unlike the majority of Walmart products, Apple Watches must be returned within 30 days as they fall under the electronics category.

However, while Walmart does seem to be very strict about this policy, there are some steps you can take to get a return of your Apple Watch after 30 days if you feel like you have grounds for a return.

How To Return An Apple Watch Online At

Apple Watches shipped and sold by Walmart are super easy to return online.

Log onto using the app or to view your order history and select the Apple Watch you no longer require.

If you placed an order as a guest, you could still submit a return by creating a new account. 

You’ll then choose whether you would like a refund or replacement where possible and receive a printable free shipping label that needs to be attached to the packed Apple Watch.

FedEx and USPS will gladly post your return. Once Walmart receives your return, your refund will begin processing, and a replacement will be sent to the address you initially used.

Most Apple Watches sold by third-party merchants at Walmart’s online Marketplace require the same process.

However, some sellers may need you to pay the shipping fee. Identify your seller at the ‘sold and shipped’ section of each online item.

If you have purchased other electronics with your Apple Watch, you might also be curious to know about Walmart’s return policy for cameras, appliances, headphones, drones, modems/routers, and Cricuts.

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