Walmart Lost And Found Policy [All You Need To Know] 

Walmart prides itself on offering several services to make the everyday lives of its customers that little bit easier.

However, you may be wondering if Walmart currently has a lost-and-found policy and what you should do if you lose an item in a store. Here is everything that I have managed to find out!

Walmart Lost And Found Policy

Walmart typically keeps lost/found items for 90 days in a container at the customer service desk. To claim a lost item like a phone or wallet, a valid form of ID will need to be shown to receive the lost item. Unclaimed lost/found items will be disposed of after 90 days or sent to the relevant address if there is one available.

To learn more about claiming a lost item and more, keep on reading!

What Should I Do If I Lose Something At Walmart?

The first thing that you should do if you notice that you have lost something at Walmart is to call the store (can use the Walmart store finder) that you remember losing your item in.

By calling the store, they will be able to tell you if your item has been handed in. If the store has your item, then simply head in and find the customer service desk where lost items are typically stored.

You may be asked to verify ownership of your items by providing a credit, driver’s license, or utility bill with your name and address on it.

How Long Do I Have To Claim My Lost Items? 

This entirely varies from store to store. As there is no company-wide lost and found policy at Walmart, it isn’t possible to directly tell exactly how long you have to pick up a lost item.

However, most businesses throughout the United States will generally keep lost and found items for around 90 days to give customers ample time to claim.

Once the 90 days have passed, a store may assume that the item will never be claimed, and a decision will be made from there.

Can You Claim A Forgotten Item That Was Paid For At Walmart?

Can You Claim A Forgotten Item That Was Paid For At Walmart?

If for whatever reason, you purchased an item at Walmart and then forgot to take it with you, or otherwise lost it within the store, then you should head to the customer service desk in the store.

Tell the associate behind the desk that you believe you have forgotten a purchased item. From there, they will verify your purchase with a valid receipt.

Walmart has a generous policy, wherein they will fully replace the forgotten item or otherwise issue you a refund.

Can I Claim For Lost Items That Were Ordered From The Walmart Website? 

If you ordered any number of items from the Walmart website and any items are missing, you can claim that item from the Walmart website or app and request a refund.

Walmart may sometimes make multiple shipments for a single order, meaning your items may arrive on separate days. So make sure that you are not still waiting for another package.

To learn more, you can see our guides on Walmart pre-order, whether or not Walmart can check your receipt when exiting, and also a list of Walmart statistics.


Although Walmart does not have a company-wide lost and found policy, most Walmart stores will offer to hold on to lost items and allow customers to claim them within a generous period of time.

Most stores will hold on to the lost property, but it is best to check with your local Walmart to find out how long they will hold on to it. 

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