Walmart Pre-Order Policy (Must Read Before Ordering)

Pre-orders put customers at an advantage in securing new-release products and give manufacturers a clear idea of how much demand there is. At Walmart, you can pre-order numerous products before the official launch.

But before completing a purchase, you may wonder, what is Walmart’s pre-order policy? Here’s all you need to know before ordering!

Walmart Pre-Order Policy!

Customers can pre-order products such as game consoles, video games, CDs/vinyl, books, collectibles, and more at Walmart. You will be immediately charged if you use a debit card, Walmart Gift Card, Walmart rewards, or PayPal, and credit card users will be charged once the product has shipped.

If you’d like to find out whether you can return pre-ordered goods and how to cancel orders, read on!

How Does Walmart Pre-Order Work?

Pre-orders are predominantly undertaken at In advance, Walmart will announce the pre-order date and release date of high-profile products.

On the day, add the product to your cart and checkout as usual with any applicable discounts.

Quantities of in-demand pre-order products might be capped, meaning you’ll need to wait for the next release or launch if you missed it.

Additionally, Walmart will send a confirmation email detailing your transaction and expected delivery dates.

Does Walmart Pre-Order Charge Immediately?

Funds are charged immediately when you pre-order goods from Walmart with a debit card.

Also, customers who use a Walmart gift card, Walmart Rewards card or PayPal will be charged as soon as the order is placed.

However, credit card users are typically charged once Walmart has received the order and is ready to ship.

So if your credit card expires before the ship date, Walmart might cancel your pre-order.

In most cases, you cannot choose when the money leaves your account so ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank until then.

Additionally, some customers may find that a financial hold has been placed on their account in preparation for payment.

Do Pre-Orders Arrive On Release Day At Walmart?

Walmart aims to deliver pre-ordered goods on the product’s official day of release. Therefore you should receive a shipping notification a few days before this date.

However, Walmart may experience delays at stores or distribution centers when the demand is exceptionally high.

Consequently, pre-orders have arrived 2-3 days after the release in some instances.

What Types Of Products Can I Pre-Order At Walmart?

What Types Of Products Can I Pre-Order At Walmart?

Walmart is one of the best places to turn when a new product hits the market.

Home to a vast range of merchandise, Walmart secures the latest tech, music, and film products.

Here are the types of products you’ll likely find offered for pre-order:

  • Games Consoles: Playstations, Xbox, Nintendo
  • Apple Products: Air pods, tablets, iPhones
  • Video games: Fifa, Call of Duty, Animal Crossing, etc.
  • Music: CDs and vinyl
  • Collectables: Limited edition lines, action figures, electronics
  • Films: DVD and Bluray
  • Books

Can You Cancel Pre-Ordered Items At Walmart?

Yes, you can cancel pre-order products that are still processing. Log on to your Walmart app using the app or online to view your order history.

If the “Request Cancellation” is visible, you are still eligible for cancellation. Alternatively, contact customer services to assist with your request. Orders cannot be canceled once they have shipped.

On the occasion that Walmart cancels your pre-order, any temporary holds to your account will be removed straight away.

Depending on your financial provider, it could take up to 7 days for the authorization to relax held transactions to finalize.

Walmart will alert you via email if they are unable to fulfill your purchase. If you wish to reorder canceled items, you can fast-track access to them through your purchase history.

Can You Return Pre-Ordered items?

According to Walmart’s standard return policy, the return time frame begins on the day of in-store purchase or the date of delivery.

While the typical window is 90 days, most electronics (as listed above) are returnable for just 30 days. Ensure you check the return policy for each item before purchasing.

Pre-orders can be returned as usual in-store at the customer service desk or by free USPS or FedEx mail.

If I Pre-Order Multiple Items At Once, Will Walmart Charge Multiple Shipping Fees?

No, Walmart will not charge multiple shipping fees if your order is sold in separate parts.

The cost of shipping is curated under one order rather than individual items, even if they arrive separately. You’ll receive frequent tracking information via email.

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Customers who pay for pre-ordered goods with a debit card, Walmart gift card, Walmart rewards, or PayPal will be charged immediately. Credit card users will be charged once the item has shipped. Walmart can cancel the pre-order at any time. You can pre-order game consoles, video games, books, collectibles, CDs/vinyl, and Apple products.

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