Walmart Merchandiser (Duties, Pay + Is It a Good Job)

Are you someone that likes to work in a fast-paced environment and loves stocking and organizing products? Have you thought about a job as a Walmart Merchandiser?

If you have questions about the job, you’re in the right spot! I’ll tell you all you need to know about the Walmart Merchandiser job, which can help you figure out if this is the right job for you!

Walmart Merchandiser In [currentyear]

A Walmart Merchandiser makes $12 an hour and sets up displays, organizes merchandise, unloads trucks, stocks inventory, and removes damaged products from shelves as of [currentyear]. Also, Merchandisers put price labels on products, ensure merchandise is clean and neatly laid out, and answer customer questions or direct them to the appropriate areas for select items.

Do you want to know more about becoming a Walmart Merchandiser, such as the skills you need and whether it’s a good job? Keep reading to learn all that and so much more!

What’s A Walmart Merchandiser?

A Walmart Merchandiser is responsible for maintaining the presentation of various merchandise throughout the Walmart store to ensure customers can find what they’re looking for.

Additionally, the Walmart Merchandiser has other job duties, including:

  • Stocking merchandise
  • Organizing merchandise
  • Arranging merchandise
  • Creating and setting up displays
  • Remove damaged products
  • Sign and price merchandise
  • Locate merchandise for customers
  • Greet customers and assist them with purchasing products
  • Resolve customer issues and answer questions
  • Ensuring displays of seasonal items are prominent in the store
  • Rotating products
  • Removing recalled products
  • Help with pickup orders as needed
  • Unloading trucks
  • Moving inventory
  • Stocking freezers

Also, other job duties may become a part of your job as a Walmart Merchandiser, but the previous list is an essential guide to what a Merchandiser does at most retail locations.

How Much Does A Merchandiser Make At Walmart?

On average, a Merchandiser at Walmart makes $12.11 an hour but pay ranges from $11 to $13 an hour depending on factors such as location and previous experience.

What Skills Does A Walmart Merchandiser Need To Possess?

 What Skills Does A Walmart Merchandiser Need To Possess?

While it’s not difficult to become a Walmart Merchandiser, you should aim to possess specific skills and traits that can help you in this job, including:

  • Work well in fast-paced environments
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Can lift boxes and various objects that weigh over 25 pounds
  • Customer-service oriented
  • Comfortable with constant changes
  • Can adapt quickly to changes
  • Are known to be a problem-solver
  • Complete tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Have organizational skills
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Being able to work on your feet
  • Knowing the layout of your local Walmart
  • Have an outgoing personality since this is a customer-oriented job

While these skills will come in handy for a Walmart Merchandiser, they’re not required. But, Walmart is more likely to hire someone with most of these skills or traits.

However, the Merchandiser job at Walmart is an entry-level job, so even if you don’t possess these skills, you can still be hired and go through on-the-job training provided by Walmart.

Do You Need Certain Qualifications To Be A Walmart Merchandiser?

For the Walmart Merchandiser position, no previous educational or work experience is required, and there are no other qualifications required for this position.

However, some stores might require you to have a high school diploma to work this job position or be over 18 years old, but those requirements are store policies and not company policies.

Is A Walmart Merchandiser A Good Job?

The Walmart Merchandiser job is good if you’re younger and want to start a job in retail to gain experience, but it’s not a job you want to stay at forever. 

Additionally, employees have said that it’s a fast-paced job where you’re standing or walking around a lot, so it’s essential to be semi-healthy to maintain this constant on-the-go schedule.

Still, the quick pace of the job is good because it allows you to breeze through each workday, and you’re not just watching the clock waiting for the day to be over.

However, the fast-paced nature of the work can be a bad thing since it can be stressful ensuring that the merchandise is stocked and organized correctly.

Further, Walmart Merchandisers can either work full-time or part-time, so it’s flexible for people with other obligations such as school.

Management at Walmart seems to be poor in many locations, so you may have issues when it comes to taking breaks, scheduling, and feeling underappreciated.

On top of that, management is bad when communicating with employees, although management can vary by store, and not all stores have poor management.

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A Walmart Merchandiser is responsible for unloading trucks, setting up displays, organizing merchandise, and ensuring pricing labels.

Additionally, you’ll be greeting customers, helping customers find merchandise, answering customer questions, and taking feedback from customers.

Also, part of the job is to remove damaged or expired merchandise from shelves and rearrange things, which is especially important in the food department.

While a Merchandiser is a good job for the pay, it’s a very fast-paced job that has you standing or walking a lot, and there isn’t much downtime for this job.

However, a Merchandiser is one of the more general jobs at Walmart that requires no specific qualifications, although having excellent customer service skills and organization skills is handy.

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