Walmart Warehouse Associate (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay Hours, + More)

With the rise of online shopping, Walmart needs workers to help keep up with keeping inventory and running the day-to-day business. So, if you’re looking for extra part-time work or a full-time opportunity, you may be curious about the Warehouse Associate job at Walmart.

Working as a Walmart Warehouse Associate is a demanding job where they do many behind-the-scenes functions. But before you apply, you probably have some questions about the job. Well, look no further! I’ve researched the role extensively!

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Warehouse Associates are vital workers who help process ingoing and outgoing products and other functions as of [currentyear]. Workers spend most of the day in the warehouse or loading docks moving products in and out of trucks for processing. This is a full-time, physically strenuous job that pays $18 an hour and involves heavy lifting.

If you want to learn more about the vital role Walmart Warehouse Associates play in eCommerce for Walmart stores and more, keep reading!

What Qualifications Do You Need For The Walmart Warehouse Associate Job?

If you’re looking for an entry-level position or a more hands-on job, then you might want to consider applying at Walmart as a Warehouse Associate!

That said, being a Walmart Warehouse Associate is a strenuous job that involves a lot of heavy lifting, physical labor, and time spent walking around on your feet.

Therefore, Warehouse Associates must practice proper body mechanics.

As a Walmart Warehouse Associate, you’ll need to be able to lift heavy materials (up to 60 pounds) and quickly move them from one place to another.

Also, Warehouse Associates must work standing for long periods and often with few breaks.

Further, an advanced understanding of packaged and processed products is necessary for this position.

However, it’s important not to focus solely on your experience in this field because a customer service background can help you stand out from the competition during the hiring process.

So, although you don’t need any past work history in logistics or as a warehouse worker, Walmart wants to hire associates who are team players, have a good work ethic, and follow directions.

Though not required, applicants should have an interest in merchandising or retail management knowledge.

Finally, applicants should have experience with inventory control and essential math and reading skills.

What Are The Responsibilities Required For Walmart Warehouse Associates?

As a Warehouse Associate, you may be responsible for one of three warehouse areas: Inbound, Outbound, or Unloader/Loader. 

Depending on the area you’re assigned, you’ll have different required responsibilities related to the handling of Walmart products.

For example, these duties might include things like:

  • Unloading/Loading trucks as they arrive at the delivery bay
  • Processing incoming products
  • Moving products from the warehouse to the store
  • Filling orders for online shipments
  • Packing shipments and checking for accuracy

How Do I Apply For A Job As A Warehouse Associate At Walmart?

When you’re ready to apply for the Warehouse Associate position, you can find full-time job openings by looking on Walmart Careers.

At the top of the page, there’s a brief job description for both the Warehouse Associate job and the related Power Equipment job.

After you review the job descriptions, scroll down a bit more, and you can see available job openings filtered by state, and clicking on the state will give you access to the application.

If the position is still open, you can click on the “Apply” button to access the applicant portal.

If the job is closed, you’ll receive an error message stating that the position has closed or been filled.

For current job openings, you can set up a profile in the applicant portal with your contact information, employment, and education history.

After applying, the Walmart People Lead staff will reach out to the most qualified candidates to schedule interviews later.

What Hours Does A Walmart Warehouse Associate Work?

What Hours Does A Walmart Warehouse Associate Work?

In this position, Walmart expects Warehouse Associates to work a full-time shift, or about 40 hours a week.

Do I Need To Pass A Drug Test To Be A Warehouse Associate At Walmart?

At Walmart, drug testing is a standard and a condition of employment that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Therefore, to be a Warehouse Associate at Walmart, you must be able to pass a drug test.

What Is The Dress Code For A Walmart Warehouse Associate?

Although Walmart has recently relaxed the corporate dress code policy, specific safety concerns encourage Warehouse Associates to wear certain clothing items.

So, while you might not have to wear a uniform, Walmart advises Warehouse Associates to not wear loose, baggy shirts or pants with holes or dangly jewelry.

Also, Warehouse Associates should tie up long hair. To protect their toes, Warehouse Associates should wear closed-toed shoes (either athletic or steel-toed).

How Much Does The Walmart Warehouse Associate Position Make?

Before applying for a Walmart Warehouse Associate position, one crucial thing to consider is the pay.

That said, the average base pay for Warehouse Associates begins at $18 an hour, according to past employees on Glassdoor.

Do Past Employees Think Walmart Warehouse Associate Is A Good Job?

When Payscale asked past employees about working as a Warehouse Associate at Walmart, they gave the job a 3.6 out of 5 stars.

With that, the survey considered four areas: appreciation, company outlook, fair pay, and learning & development.

Overall, the area’s ranking remained consistent aside from high marks given for the company outlook.

Walmart is a progressive company, and its workers understand that it will continue to grow for years to come, which only benefits any Walmart job.

Therefore, when reviewing the star ranking and associated comments, past employees feel like the Walmart Warehouse Associate job is an average retail industry job.

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If you’re interested in a physical job at Walmart that’s fast-paced, then a great place to work would be in the Walmart warehouse as a Warehouse Associate.

That said, Warehouse Associates work a full-time schedule, start by earning $18 an hour, and unload and load trucks for delivery.

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