Walmart Produce Associate (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and if you’re looking for a new job, a Walmart produce associate is a position that’s always available and can be very rewarding.

Therefore, if you’re wondering what a Walmart produce associate does and how much they make, read on to learn more about this position and the information I gathered!

What Is A Walmart Produce Associate In [currentyear]?

A Walmart produce associate is responsible for key aspects of the produce department, such as stocking, organizing, removing expired or damaged goods, following food safety requirements, and sanitizing throughout the department. A produce associate will also answer all customer questions and know details about each produce item within the department to share with customers in [currentyear].

Do you have other questions about being a Walmart produce associate? If so, keep reading for details about hourly pay, how a produce associate ranks as a good job and more!

What Does a Walmart Produce Associate Do?

A produce associate at Walmart is responsible for stocking, receiving, and organizing the various foods and vegetables within the produce department.

As well, produce associates deal with customers, meaning they should always greet customers and have a positive attitude at all times. Other job duties will also include the following:

  • Organizing and maintaining the produce department
  • Regular lifting of boxes of produce onto the carts for stocking ( including possible heavy boxes that you must lift multiple times a day)
  • Making sure inventory is stocked and ensuring that there are no overstocked or out of stock products
  • Controlling shrinkage
  • Keeping updated on products and having knowledge of each product within the department to answer all customer questions
  • Following food and safety guidelines on food safety and handling
  • Ensuring produce is up to the quality standards set by Walmart
  • Following all sanitation guidelines and requirements
  • Using digital tools to improve sales
  • Using handheld tools to make decisions and adapt to new tools as needed
  • Rotating products within the department
  • Ensuring the date and quality control of each product
  • Eliminating waste
  • Collaborating with co-workers, customers, managers, and others
  • Communicating effectively with others and cooperating with other departments

How Much Does a Produce Associate Make at Walmart?

You can expect to make $12 an hour on average as a produce associate at Walmart, although pay can range from $11 to $17 an hour depending on experience, location, and other factors.

However, if you have skills in inventory management, organizing, and customer service, you’ll have a better chance of landing on the higher end of the pay scale.

What Qualifications Does a Walmart Produce Associate Need?

What Qualifications Does a Walmart Produce Associate Need?

You don’t need to have any educational qualifications to be a produce associate at Walmart. However, you’re required to be at least 18 years old.

As well, you may have to go through job assessment and training before you can begin working as a produce associate, which would include on-the-job training and computer learning.

Is Working In Produce at Walmart Hard?

Working in produce at Walmart isn’t difficult and requires no prior experience or education, but you need to be motivated to learn about all aspects of produce to be successful.

Furthermore, since you’re going to be answering customer questions and offering assistance, having an interest and enthusiasm for food and food preparation is going to make the job easier and more enjoyable.

Therefore, if you’re not interested in cooking and know very little about how to store or cook produce, you may find this job to be difficult and overwhelming.

Is a Produce Associate at Walmart a Good Job?

Being a produce associate at Walmart can be a good job to have as long as the management at your location is helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Former and current employees in the produce department at Walmart say that they’ve usually had a team to work with, which helped them complete tasks and made the job more fun.

However, there are several complaints about management, especially when it comes to leadership and poor communication.

Nevertheless, employees state that being a produce associate is not only fun but laid back and not nearly as fast-paced as other departments, such as the deli or cashier departments.

What Shifts Can a Produce Associate at Walmart Work?

Walmart has three shifts for a produce associate, which includes a first shift, second shift, and third shift.

Therefore, this means that there is someone at the store to open, to work during midday, and to close.

Note that the hours for shifts will depend on the store location and needs of that particular store.

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Working as a produce associate at Walmart will require you to oversee the produce department, including lifting heavy boxes onto carts to stock and restock produce as needed, organizing and displaying the produce, and ensuring no expired or damaged items are displayed.

A produce associate also should be knowledgeable about produce or be willing to learn, although no educational background in culinary is required.

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