Walmart Slogan (What Is It, History, Meaning + More) 

Retailers such as Walmart often have a short and catchy slogan as part of their brand to highlight the unique value they add to their customers’ lives. 

So if you’re a regular Walmart customer, you may be curious to know what Walmart’s slogan is and what does it mean? Here is everything I’ve found about it through my research! 

Walmart Slogan 

Walmart’s slogan is ‘Save Money. Live Better’. The retailer has been using this slogan since 2007, following an update to its branding after 19 years. The slogan highlights Walmart’s core value offering to customers, i.e., they can improve their lifestyle through Walmart’s low prices. 

If you want to learn more about the meaning of Walmart’s slogan, what the first Walmart slogan was, and what the Walmart chant is, keep on reading! 

What Does Walmart’s Slogan Mean? 

The Walmart slogan ‘Save Money. Live Better’ describes Walmart’s history of providing low-cost products to customers to help improve their lifestyles. 

Walmart was created with the idea to help customers and communities ‘save money’ through the low costs of items, which founder Sam Walton used to attract customers. 

Walmart’s low prices are estimated to save customers around $2500 a year per household, a total of $287 billion, making this Walmart’s core value offering to customers. 

This is why Walmart has advertised its prime competitive advantage of low prices through its slogan, which is displayed in all stores and on the website. 

Additionally, the ‘live better’ in the Walmart slogan implies the community work that the retailer participates in, such as the Walmart Foundation. 

What Was Walmart’s First Slogan?  

The first Walmart slogan was ‘Always the Low Price. Always’ indicate its deals and offers in-store through its competitive prices. 

However, Walmart was forced to change its slogan as the National Advertising Review Board found issues with the slogan potentially misleading. 

The complaint came from the local Better Business Bureaus, who described the slogan as implying that Walmart always had the best prices.  

As a result, Walmart changed its slogan to ‘Always Low Prices’ in 1994 to avoid further confusion and has been using its new slogan, ‘Save More. Live Better’ since 2007. 

When Did Walmart Change Its Slogan?

When Did Walmart Change Its Slogan?

Walmart changed its original slogan, ‘Always the low price. Always’ to ‘Always Low Prices’ in 1994 due to the confusion it caused (as described earlier). 

After that, Walmart changed its slogan again in 2007 to its current slogan of ‘Save Money. Live Better’, which it is still using as of now. 

What Is The Walmart Logo? 

Like the Walmart slogan, the Walmart logo has also changed over time. The first Walmart logo was introduced in 1964 with the frontier font and was used for 20 years. 

It featured slogans of ‘we sell for less’ and ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ to advertise the low prices Walmart offers to customers. 

In 1981, Walmart modernized its logo by changing the font and color and dropping the associated slogans. 

After that, Walmart changed its logo again in 1992 to replace its hyphen with a star in dark blue, which can still be seen on many storefronts. 

Finally, in 2008, Walmart changed to its new and current logo, which is a light blue with a spark and is often pictured with its slogan of ‘Save Money. Live Better’ underneath. 

What Is The Walmart Chant? 

The Walmart chant is not an official slogan but is used by Walmart employees as part of training and motivation. 

Every morning, Walmart employees will chant, ‘Give me a W-A-L-M-A-R-T’ and the remaining employees will shout the letters back to them.  

When Walmart was hyphenated at Wal-Mart, employees often wiggle when the hyphen was called. 

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The Walmart slogan of ‘Save Money. Live Better’ has been used by the company since 2007 and represents its desire to help customers save money. 

All the Walmart slogans and logos often represent the retailer’s values of providing low prices, which continues to help it succeed as a leading retailer. 

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