Walmart Student Discount (How Students Can Save When Shopping At Walmart)

Whether they’re heading off to college or starting at a new school, students will need clothes, classroom supplies, and more to see them through the year.

And, since Walmart is known for its low-priced merchandise, you’ll likely want to know if they also offer a student discount. This is everything I could find from my research!

Walmart Student Discount

Walmart does host annual Back-To-School and Back-To-College in-store events, during which students of all ages can make the most of giveaways and promotions. Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer a year-round student discount, however, Walmart does sell competitively priced college supplies.

So, how do Walmart’s in-store student discount events days work, and how else can students save money at Walmart Read on for all you need to know!

Does Walmart Host Student Discount Events?

Yes, Walmart does host in-store student events before the start of each new academic year. Typically, Walmart will host one event for college students and one for school students.

The Back-To-College in-store event is held annually at local Walmart stores across the country.

During the event, each store offers a range of promotions, discounts, and giveaways, so college students can stock up on dorm supplies and classroom essentials at a discounted rate.

Unlike the Back-To-College event, Walmart’s Back-To-School event does not include discounts. Rather, parents can bring their children to participating Walmart stores for a day of fun STEAM activities.

What School Supplies Does Walmart Sell?

While there is no dedicated discount day for discounted school supplies, Walmart sells a wide range of very affordable products for students.

On the Walmart website, students and their parents can browse these well-priced products by grade, with categories including:

  • Pre-K.
  • K to grade 5.
  • Grades 6 to 8.
  • Grades 9 to 12.

Additionally, customers can also browse the dedicated savings section, which includes rollbacks, clearance items, and more.

With discounted products that range from kids’ desks and workstations to mechanical pencils, workbooks, and stationery, it’s easy to stock school students up with low-priced, quality supplies at Walmart.

What College Supplies Does Walmart Sell?

What College Supplies Does Walmart Sell?

The Walmart website makes it easy for shoppers to find great deals on college essentials.

For one thing, there are clearly demarcated sections for different price categories, making it easier for students to stick to their budget. These sections include:

  • $15 and under
  • $30 and under
  • $50 and under
  • $100 and under
  • $250 and under

Products for college students range from notebooks and pocket dictionaries for under $15 to tech, storage solutions, and dorm room décor on offer at higher price points.

Where To Find Walmart’s Lowest Priced School And College Supplies?

Those looking to shop Walmart’s wide range of low-priced school and college supplies in-store should check the prices in nearby Walmart locations if they want to get the best deals.

The reason is that some Walmart stores sell their products at a lower rate, especially if they are located near a competitor’s store.

It is also a good idea to check the price of any products you find in-store on the Walmart website.

Often, you can find the exact same products on offer at a lower cost online. If you do, you can either request a price match at the checkout or purchase the item on the website and select free store pickup.

What Stores Offer Student Discounts?

There are plenty of stores across the US that offer student discounts as standard.

So, if you would rather get your supplies from a brand that offers students more bang for their buck, you can shop with the following stores and many more:

  • Amazon, 50% off Prime.
  • Apple, up to $200 off a new Mac.
  • Best Buy, student discounts available throughout the year.
  • Dell, an extra $100 off selected Education PCs.
  • J-Crew, 15% off in Factory stores and at

Students can also get access to a huge range of impressive discounts when they sign up for paid membership programs such as UniDays and Student Advantage.

If you are a student, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not Target has a student discount and also if Target has a teacher discount.


Although Walmart does not offer a student discount, there are benefits to shopping with Walmart as a school or college student.

Mostly, Walmart sells a wide range of useful supplies at really competitive prices, meaning they don’t necessarily need to provide a discount as well. The chain also hosts annual Back-To-School and Back-To-College events days.

However, for those who would rather shop at a store that does offer student discounts as standard, there are plenty across the US, including big brands like Apple, Best Buy, and J-Crew.

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