What Are 711 Slurpee Flavors? (Full List)

There is perhaps nothing more iconic as the 711 slurpee. Therefore, this company takes very good care of this popular product.

To keep its slurpees fresh, 711 regularly releases new flavors. Often, these are promotional and available for a limited time. However, there are some permanent flavors as well. For a complete list of flavors, keep reading!

What Are 711 Slurpee Flavors In 2024?

711 slurpee flavors change constantly as of 2024. Therefore, it is fairly difficult to make a comprehensive list of all flavors. Furthermore, flavors may vary by region and season, as often there are summer-only specials. However, some flavors do stick around for all seasons.

For a complete list of flavors, take a look at the list below!

What Are 711’s Slurpee Flavours?

1. Vitaminwater XXX

Branded as the healthy slurpee option, this flavor has no added sugar and 50% fewer calories than other options out there.

However, it is not terribly sweet, as you would imagine, and doesn’t taste like most of the other flavor options.

Therefore, for those cutting back on sugar, it may be a good option.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is absolutely one of the more popular flavors that 711 produces.

Generally, this flavor is great for those that like the soda-version of Coca-Cola, as it tastes very similar. It is also lightly carbonated, which is reminiscent of the actual soda.

3. Pina Colada

This flavor has been around for some time. Therefore, it is one of the most popular at the store.

The taste is fairly similar to an actual pina colada, however, there is a more artificial tinge to this slurpee that the cocktail usually doesn’t have.

For this reason, if you’re sensitive to “artificial” flavors, you may not like this drink.

Still, this flavor is known for not being overly sweet, which cannot be said for all slurpee flavors.

4. Cherry

One of the most traditional flavors, cherry is well-loved by many. It is one of the iconic flavors, so it is regularly present at most 711’s.

Furthermore, this is also a sweeter flavor, and it can taste a bit like a snow cone.

However, some reviewers found that it was a bit too artificial, which took away from the enjoyment.

5. Peach Perfect

5. Peach Perfect 711

The peach flavor is not the most popular option. However, it is noted to be less artificial and sweet than other flavors.

Therefore, it may be a good option for someone looking for something a bit less artificial and a bit more refreshing.

It does not taste like artificially flavored candy and tastes more like real peach.

However, some did complain that the taste is a bit too natural. It isn’t as strong as other flavors, which some may consider to be a disappointment.

6. Blue-Raspberry Slurpee

Blue raspberry has always been one of the chain’s most popular flavors. It is balanced but has a significant tangy note that puts it over other flavors.

Furthermore, it has zesty flavour and tastes like citrus – not necessarily like raspberry.

Additionally, it is slightly carbonated, but not overly which customers love.

7. Mountain Dew Major Melon

If you like Mountain Dew Major Melon, then you will probably like this flavor. It tastes extremely similar but is less carbonated.

However, that doesn’t seem to be such a big deal with this flavor, since it is more fruity and blends itself well to a slurpee.

It does taste artificial, but that is exactly what mountain dew tastes like. Therefore, it holds true to its original inspiration.

Furthermore, many like that this flavor is not as sugary as some of the others as it tastes more refreshing and less like you’re drinking syrup.

What Are 711 Exclusive Flavors?

711 regularly releases exclusive flavors that you can only get for a limited time.

Additionally, sometimes these flavors are only available at certain locations. It all just depends on the exact promotion.

For this reason, it is highly recommend that you keep an eye out for exclusive flavors.

However, since they change regularly a list of them cannot be provided at this time.

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Despite the fact that slurpee flavors do vary by season and location, there are some that are dependable and practically always there. For instance, most 711s always have the blue raspberry or cherry flavor.

Additionally, for those who really love slurpees, you may want to keep an eye out for exclusive flavors. Therefore, while these are sometimes announced, your best bet is to simply watch the flavors that become available.

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