What Are 711 Slurpee Machines? (Who Makes Them, Cost + More)

Just about everyone in the United States (and beyond) knows what a Slurpee is. These iconic drinks have been around since the 1960s and are some of the most drank slushies around.

Just like the drink, the machine has also become iconic. So much so many people have wondered if they can purchase one for themselves. If you’re addicted to Slurpees and wondering about the machine that’s behind them, keep reading!

What Are 711 Slurpee Machines?

711 slurpee machines are a licensed version of the ICEE machine, which was invented in the 1950s and have been continually used in 2024. After ICEE machines became popular in gas stations, 711 licensed the machine and began pumping out Slurpees after making some minor edits. The machine today is basically an ice cream freeze and a soda machine combined.

For more interesting information on this machine (as well as if you can get one yourself), take a look below!

What Machine Does 711 Use for Slurpees?

Omar Knedlik built a rudimentary ICEE machine in the late 1950s from various scrap parts. 711 currently uses the ICEE machine, which it leased from Knedlik in 1965.

Over time, the ICEE machine became a gas station icon of its own.

Furthermore, 711 also uses this machine for its slurpees – after they licensed the design.

This machine has not actually changed much over the years. However, it has slowly gotten smaller as new technologies have allowed pieces to get smaller.

How Much Would a Slurpee Machine Cost?

Since Slurpee machines are your average ICEE machine, you can purchase one as a consumer.

Furthermore, this machine may not look exactly like a Slurpee machine, but the internal mechanics will be the same.

The price ranges significantly for these machines as you can purchase very cheap options for about $50.

However, some machines can cost as much as $2,000. It all depends on your needs and the size that you’re looking for.

Moreover, the average price is around $380 for a basic consumer machine. Of course, the actual Slurpee machines used by 711 are large and therefore, quite expensive.

How Does 711 Make Slurpees?

How Does 711 Make Slurpees?

Slurpees are made the same way you make a slushie. Furthermore, the Slurpee machine is very similar if not identical to most slushie machines out there.

Therefore, the slurpee machine is fitted with a barrel that is surrounded in refrigerant, which is the same way your fridge stays cool.

Next, the Slurpee mixture is pumped into the barrel, where it begins to freeze. Then, it is scraped off the sides by an arm to form the ice crystals.

Furthermore, part of the formula includes a high amount of sugar, which prevents the mixture from freezing completely.

Therefore, the mixture can sit in the machine for an extended period of time and never become frozen.

Of course, they designed it that way on purpose so Slurpee’s are available all the time for customer’s.

Additionally, the actual bulk of the machine is a bit like a soda machine. When you use the button to dispense the flavor, it mixes carbon into the mixture, which carbonates the drink.

Frozen drinks usually don’t have carbonation, so this is a bit of a unique feature to the slushy.

Furthermore, the carbonation helps the drink be smoother.

What is in a 711 Slurpee?

711 slurpees are largely artificial. They are not made with health in mind, which becomes pretty clear when you look at the ingredient list.

The ingredient list does change a bit from flavor to flavor, and the sugar free-flavors will also have a different ingredient list.

However, the first ingredient is usually carbonated water followed by sugar. Therefore, there is a lot of sugar in these drinks, both for taste and to prevent the mixture from freezing.

Other ingredients include flavorings, preservatives, and colors. Food acid is often included as well, which acts as a preservative and enhances the flavor.

However, it does depend on the exact flavor you choose to get.

How Much Sugar is in a 711 Slurpee?

There is a lot of sugar in these Slurpees – most of the time. Sometimes, 711 will come out with a diet flavor that has less sugar, however, these flavors are usually high in artificial sugar.

Furthermore, the exact amount of sugar depends on the flavors and size you get. A big gulp size can have over 100 grams of sugar depending on the exact flavor.

Smaller sizes have less sugar, however, they usually still contain around 25 grams.

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711 Slurpee machines are extremely iconic. However, they are also very simple, therefore, these machines are an ice cream freeze combined with a soda machine.

They freeze the mixture in a large barrel, turning it into a slushie mix. Then, they inject carbonation into the mixture when you pour it into your cup. In this way, it produces a carbonated slush.

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