What Are Aldi Special Buys? (Your Complete Guide)

Supermarket chains these days have vastly expanded their product offerings from mere groceries to most anything under the sun. Consumers, in turn, appreciate the convenience of only having to make one stop on their shopping trip.

Grocery chain Aldi has a reputation for just this, but if you’ve never shopped there before, you might have heard the phrase and wondered: What are Aldi Special Buys? Read on for an introduction to your new favorite things.

What Are Aldi Special Buys?

Aldi Special Buys, also known as Aldi Finds in the US, are limited-time, limited-quantity products that get released on a weekly basis. They include food items, as well as non-food items like household goods, car accessories, electronics, and gardening essentials. Stores only receive one shipment of Special Buys for that week.

Additionally, products are released seasonally and vary in price, though they are priced competitively with, and often less than, comparable quality goods from big retailers.

Curious about where you can find them in-store, what to do if you miss one you really wanted or how you can nab one without leaving your house? Here is a complete guide to Aldi Special Buys!

What Kind Of Items Are Aldi Special Buys?

The sky is the limit when it comes to Aldi Special Buys because the variety is so wide.

Aldi Special Buys might include: clothes, shoes, office supplies, outdoor living items, gardening supplies, car accessories, electronics, books, baby supplies, home décor, bath and beauty, pet products, and tons more…

The list truly goes on, and that’s just non-food items!

Where Are Aldi Special Buys Located?

Where Are Aldi Special Buys Located?

Non-food and shelf-stable (think chips, coffee, cookies, etc.) Aldi Special Buys occupy the center aisles of the store for the most part, and they are marked with special red and white shelf tags that say “Aldi Special Buys” at the top.

These center locations are also known on social media groups as the “Aisle of Shame,” so named because they are dangerously enticing.

One could go inside for a single item and leave, shamefully, with an entire cart full of Aldi Special Buys!

Perishable Aldi Special Buys are either tucked in with other refrigerated goods, in the deli meats/cheeses/Take and baked pizza/spreads area, or in the floor cooler for frozen items.

Again, they are marked with special Aldi Special Buys tags, and they could be mixed in with everyday stuff.

Especially large items that aren’t going to fit on shelves, like patio furniture sets, will be dispersed wherever each individual store has room for them.

Luckily, because they are larger, they’re not difficult to find if you give the store a good look-through.

Additionally, Aldi employees are renowned for their friendliness and helpfulness – if you are having trouble finding something in-store, just politely ask!

If they have it, chances are good someone will lead you directly to it.

How Much Are Aldi Special Buys?

Aldi Special Buys vary in price based on the item, but like their everyday products, the prices are quite low, especially compared to similar items on the market, sold even at Walmart or on Amazon.

Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see items selling for as much as half the price elsewhere.

Lower prices, however, does not mean lower quality. Aldi Special Buys, along with everyday items, are cheaper because of the company’s business model, which ruthlessly cuts operating costs and passes the savings onto the shopper.

It certainly helps in the case of Aldi Special Buys that the vast majority of products are private-label, exclusively manufactured by and for Aldi.

When Are Aldi Special Buys Restocked?

When Are Aldi Special Buys Restocked?

Aldi Special Buys are restocked every Wednesday in most markets.

According to Zee Krstic of Cooking Light, who spoke with two Aldi corporate buyers, “more rural locations” which have a different distribution chain, might see restocks on Sundays.

To find out exactly when your Aldi Special Buys are restocked, you can check Aldi’s website. Go to “Weekly Ads” in the top menu bar.

It should tell you what city or town’s ads you’re looking at. If it’s incorrect, you have the option to change it.

Underneath that, it says “Viewing: Weekly Ad” and then gives the valid dates, which will either start on a Wednesday or a Sunday. That’s your answer right there.

The first date is the start of your Aldi Special Buys week, but the end date doesn’t necessarily mean that any leftover Buys will be pulled from the shelves.

If the item doesn’t sell out right away, you could very well have longer than a week to get in there and make your purchase.

To learn more, you can see our full guide on when Aldi restocks.

Can You See Aldi Special Buys Before They Go On Sale?

You absolutely can see the upcoming Aldi Special Buys before they hit shelves. Aldi makes this very easy both online and in print.

To see the upcoming Aldi Special Buys on their website, hover over “Weekly Specials” in the menu bar; a drop-down menu appears, with the option for Upcoming Aldi Special Buys. Click on it and you will see the following week’s goods.

You can also use Aldi’s mobile app. It’s the fourth option down on the main screen, “Upcoming Aldi Special Buys.” You might have to pull down to refresh from the previous week’s.

Finally, Aldi includes little “Sneak Peak” adverts as you’re exiting the store. They’re totally free to grab on your way out.

Does Aldi Bring Aldi Special Buys Back?

You’re in luck – Aldi has been known to bring popular Aldi Special Buys back, though it is by no means a certain thing. Some come back yearly, and some even twice a year.

But some Aldi Special Buys never come back again.

The only way to find out if something is coming back is to keep an eye out for it in their Aldi Special Buys Sneak Peaks, on their website, or on their mobile app.

Aldi’s website states, “We use our Aldi Special Buys program as a way to test new products.

If an item sells well, it could come back as an ALDI Find throughout the year or even be added to our everyday selection.”

That last option is the best possible outcome – and that is why it’s important to make your voice heard at Aldi HQ!

This happened with the wildly popular Stonemill “Who Needs the Bagel” seasoning, which began as a Find and earned a permanent spot on the shelf with their other seasonings. Dreams do come true!

Can You Reserve An Aldi Special Buy?

Can You Reserve An Aldi Special Buy?

You cannot reserve an Aldi Special Buy, unfortunately.

The most practical way to do so would be to call the store, but individual Aldi stores do not list their phone numbers, so there is no way of reaching your specific location to place a hold.

Aldi instead encourages shoppers to arrive as early as possible on Wednesdays to check out new Buys.

There is, however, one way to jump on an item if you have been waiting for it but can’t get to the store early enough.

Provided it’s not a huge item, again like a patio set, the Find will likely appear on Aldi’s Instacart shop (for American customers).

Instacart lets customers buy online and then either pick up curbside or even have purchases delivered, so this is a great option for people who have work in the mornings.

Can You Buy Aldi Special Buys Anywhere Else?

In terms of retail outlets or online shopping sites like Amazon, no, you cannot find Aldi Special Buys anywhere except Aldi stores.

Again, this is because their products are part of their private-label brands.

However, Aldi shoppers have reported seeing high-demand Buys being resold online (presumably by cart hoarders) at sites like Ebay, for much more than their original price.

One example is the infamous Aldi wine Advent calendar, which retailed for about $70 but was resold in one instance on Ebay for $300.

So if you missed out, and you’re willing to research and then pay, just because a Find is no longer available at Aldi, doesn’t mean you can’t find one elsewhere.

Is Aldi Doing Anything To Stop Cart Hoarders?

Per their website, the company doesn’t have any official rules on limiting products per customer, but individual stores can use their best judgment.

If it’s a problem where you live, reach out to your local store manager next time you’re in, and encourage everyone you know who shops there, too.

If you are looking to learn more about shopping at Aldi, you can see our related posts on when does Aldi restocks, the best time to shop at Aldi, Aldi statistics, and 17 reasons why Aldi is so cheap!


Aldi Special Buys, with their limited-quantity, limited-run model, add an exciting element to shopping with this retailer. Check them out in most markets every Wednesday, and get there early (or order via Instacart) to get the best items!

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