When Does Aldi Restock? (Your Full Guide…)

Aldi has the distinction of both maintaining stock of the most commonly used pantry and grocery staples, as well as rotating a variety of seasonal items.

Seeing those different items every time you visit Aldi can be a little confusing, if not downright disorienting. When does Aldi restock their shelves? I’ve got answers for you!

When Does Aldi Restock?

Aldi stores do their most highly anticipated and comprehensive restocks on shelves every Wednesday. This is when the latest batch of ALDI Finds goes out and the new sales and specials for the week on grocery and pantry items begin. It’s the same day all throughout the entire U.S.

If you want to learn more about Aldi’s restock practices and discover when to get the best deals and freshest produce, read on!

What Does Aldi Restock Once A Week?

Once a week Aldi restocks their ALDI Finds products. These are limited-edition and limited-time-only goods and groceries that get their own special aisles in the store.

Come Wednesday mornings, the new Finds have been put on shelves and are ready for purchase.

Additionally, Aldi runs parallel featured sale items, like the Weekly Fresh Meat Special.

You can expect these to be newly stocked and at their peak freshness on Wednesdays, and you can equally expect them to sell out quickly.

What Does Aldi Restock More Than Once A Week?

Aldi actually receives new produce shipments daily! The stores start a new, super-low produce sale on Wednesdays to clear old stock out for the next shipment (think 69-cent avocados or one dollar pineapples!).

If an item you want is on the super-low produce sale for the week, you might want to wait a day or two for the next restock to get the brand new items that will last longer at home.

Or, according to one employee, dig. The oldest stuff gets put on top so it will sell faster.

A manager at one Aldi verified this and also added that you can try touch: If an item feels cool, it has just come from the truck. Room temperature produce has been out at least overnight.

If you visit an Aldi store with any regularity, you will see the produce section being restocked on an ongoing basis.

So rest assured, Aldi takes the freshness of its produce very seriously.

How Do I Find Out What Aldi Has In Stock?

How Do I Find Out What Aldi Has In Stock?

If you’re wondering if Aldi still has an item you saw in their sales ad, you might be tempted to call them up and ask.

Unfortunately, Aldi stores do not have individual phone numbers. There is only one customer service number listed and therefore no way of reaching a specific store to inquire.

There are two ways you can try and find out what is in stock, though.

Per Aldi’s website, the official way to see if something is in stock is to visit the store and look (or ask a sales associate).

This is not the most convenient method, as most people want to know if something is there before they make the trip.

The other method is slightly more convenient but not foolproof. You may have heard that Aldi has partnered with online shopping company Instacart. The app keeps close tabs on stock, but it’s not perfect.

Still, items no longer available are marked “out of stock” and may not even be searchable.

Another hack you could try is to create a grocery list on Instacart and then move to check out.

If an item is running low, Instacart will prompt you by telling you just that, and then prompt you to pick an alternative just in case.

Though not completely error-free, this will still let you know if an item is there and if you need to hurry to get it before it sells out.

Does Aldi Let You Reserve Items?

Aldi does not let you reserve items. As mentioned, there is no way to call individual stores to place a hold. Nor is there any way to reserve items via Instacart.

If you want an item, like an ALDI Find, you will have to get there early on Wednesday, when the restocked Finds are up for grabs.

Otherwise, you could try politely asking an employee when they think an item will be stocked, and then endeavor to get there as close to that date/time as possible. Aldi employees are famous for their amazing customer service, so be nice and they’ll help you out.

Will Aldi Restock ALDI Finds After They Sold Out?

Aldi does not restock ALDI Finds after the last one has been purchased. They are very limited edition items, and some of them can sell out in hours (the $40 compost bins come to mind).

However, all is not lost if one store is sold out. There are over 2,000 Aldi stores in 36 states, and many cities have multiple locations. Don’t hesitate to try another store for an item you really want!

Again, you can try checking for availability ahead of time (or even purchasing outright) via Instacart.

Just be aware that larger items (like patio sets) might not be available via the app, because delivery would be impossible if your shopper has a small car.

When Does Aldi Restock Their Hot Deals Section?

New Hot Deals are restocked every Sunday.

Hot Deals are deeply discounted Aldi items, like ALDI Finds, that each individual store is attempting to move out quickly — and they usually succeed.

Hot Deals get their own shelf space, marked with red Hot Deals shelf tags, whereas regular tags are yellow or white.

If you want to see what new Hot Deals are available, aim for Sunday or a few days after. Any later than that, and you might miss out, especially if you were waiting for something in particular.

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Aldi’s most anticipated and comprehensive restocks occur on Wednesdays, with new ALDI Finds and specials. Additionally, new produce shipments come in every day of the week to ensure maximum freshness. For specific items, it never hurts to ask an employee.

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