What Credit Bureau Does Lowe’s Use? (All You Need To Know)

Along with fantastic offers and deals, Lowe’s also gives customers the chance to apply for a store credit card that offers a variety of benefits.

But you might be wondering, what credit bureau does Lowe’s use? I did some research into the subject, and here is everything I found out!

What Credit Bureau Does Lowe’s Use?

Lowe’s uses three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, to check customer application eligibility for a store credit card. Lowe’s system automatically selects one of these credit unions to pass a credit check through upon application. That said, customers need a credit score of at least 640 to get any of Lowe’s credit cards.

If you want information on Lowe’s credit bureaus, the process of credit checking for a Lowe’s store credit card, the credit score needed to be eligible, and details on the credit cards, keep reading!

Does Lowe’s Offer a Store Credit Card?

Yes, Lowe’s does offer multiple-store credit cards.

With that, you can apply for one of these cards online or at a customer service desk at your local Lowe’s store.

Also, the credit cards that Lowe’s currently offers are:

  • The Lowe’s Advantage card
  • The Lowe’s Business Advantage card
  • The Lowe’s Commercial Account
  • Lowe’s Business Rewards
  • Lowe’s PreLoad Discover card
  • Lowe’s Lease-To-Own card

Additionally, applicants need their Social Security number, contact information, and other personal details to meet eligibility requirements to be successful.

What Credit Bureaus Does Lowe’s Use For Its Store Credit Card?

Lowe’s automated system will accept your credit card application and then pass your financial details off to one of three major credit bureaus to complete the check.

Then, Lowe’s credit card system will randomly select Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion for the credit check.

However, the credit bureau selected for you is entirely random, and there is no way to choose one of the three bureaus specifically.

Moreover, Lowe’s store credit card is issued through Synchrony Bank, which relies on Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion for quality checks.

Do Lowe’s Do a Hard Credit Check?

Do Lowe's Do A Hard Credit Check?

Yes, Lowe’s does a hard pull on credit checks on all store card applications to determine the eligibility of all store credit card applicants.

That said, a hard credit check involves submitting details (like your name, address, employment status, financial information) and Social Security number for a credit bureau to determine results.

Additionally, you can pre-qualify for a Lowe’s credit card by going through the credit card page on its website.

What Credit Score Do You Need For a Lowe’s Credit Card?

Like most other store credit cards available, such as Home Depot or Target, Lowe’s credit card does require its applicants to have a satisfactory preliminary credit score to be successful.

So, Lowe’s requires you to have a credit score of at least 640 points to be eligible for the Lowe’s store credit card, as determined by the credit bureau’s check.

Due to Lowe’s doing a hard credit check, your score can be negatively affected if your application fails.

How Difficult Is It To Take Out a Lowe’s Credit Card?

While the Lowe’s credit card is definitely obtainable, given that you have the appropriate information and an adequate credit score, it can still affect your credit score negatively.

That said, completing a hard credit check to determine your eligibility for the Lowe’s store credit card can cause some applicants’ credit scores to subsequently decrease by around five to ten points should they be unsuccessful.

Moreover, the serious credit nature of this card means that interested customers should be confident in their eligibility.

To avoid application denial, applicants should ensure that any freezing or blockages to their credit are removed before applying for this store credit card.

What Benefits Can You Get With a Lowe’s Credit Card?

Lowe’s credit cards have several benefits. For example, the benefits of the Lowe’s Advantage card include:

  • 5% off every day or six months of Special Financing on qualified purchases (purchases over $299)
  • 84 fixed monthly payments at 7.99% APR on purchases of $2000 or more
  • Exclusive cardholder events
  • No annual fee
  • Limited offer: new accounts get 20% off a purchase on the same day (up to $100)

The benefits of the other cards (Lowe’s Business Advantage, Lowe’s Commercial Account, Lowe’s Business Rewards card, Lowe’s PreLoad Discover card, and the Lowe’s Lease-To-Own card) include:

  • 5% off every day on in-store or online purchases
  • $20 discounted delivery if the product is paid for with a Lowe’s Business credit card (only applies to Lowe’s truck delivery)
  • Convenient billing and invoicing options
  • 365-day returns
  • 24/7 online account management
  • Exclusive cardholder events

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